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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Outsource Data Entry Services and Reduce Costs

Outsource Data Entry Services and Reduce Costs

India is known for its efficient and cost effective data entry service companies. As the Internet is expanding its horizon, companies from all over the world are flocking to India and outsourcing data format jobs to different companies. There definitely has to be a strong reason behind the same. Every business needs relevant information and data from trusted sources at a nominal cost. Companies in India have made cost effectiveness their forte and thus offer the best services to their clients around the world at an affordable cost.

One of the main reasons for outsourcing these tasks to India is that you get the aid of extremely qualified experts at an exceptionally low cost. This services can very well be outsourced to India without you having to worry about the quality of work you will receive. The data-entry professionals in these companies are skilled in their work and can help you manage business related data without any errors. Their specialists are well equipped with the latest technologies, both in hardware and software, and thus they can offer you the best results.

The various types of data entry services that you can avail from India are offline and online entry, image entry, entry of e-books, surveys, catalog entry, entry of legal documents, entry of insurance claims, database entry, text entry, accounting, entry of manuals, PDF conversion, HTML conversion, XML conversion and many others such services.

This type of work is a critical part of every organization and has to be done cautiously. Therefore, before outsourcing your data entry services, check for the credibility of the company by reviewing its past records, and customers feedback. Outsourcing services can definitely help you reduce cost and allow you to use your time and employees for more productive work. Important thing is that even outsourcing needs proper care and verification so that you don't have to face any confidentiality and quality issues in future.

This article is written by Abhinav Singh and provided in courtesy of data entry, offering affordable data entry services.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Reduce the Bounce Rate on Your Website

Reduce the Bounce Rate on Your Website

The definition of bounce rate can be explained by a user exiting a website on the same page they entered, without navigating to any other pages within the website. Essentially, your visitor entered the website but didn't explore any other pages before leaving.

The actual bounce rate is calculated by the total number of visits to one page divided by the total number of website visits, and generally a good bounce rate is considered to be anything less than 30%.

If your bounce rate is higher than this, you don't need to worry straight away. Consider the purpose of your site - if you run a news/article website for example, there is nothing to suggest that your users aren't completely happy; maybe they found what they were looking for and then left. Such is the nature of a news/article website; I think it is entirely feasible that a user could only view one page before leaving.

Then there are technological aspects to consider. If your website uses frames, for example, and your main content is loaded in a frame that tracking code is not placed on, you are going to be seeing a significantly higher bounce rate. Similarly, if your website consists mostly of Flash, bounce rate is not going to be tracked at all.

Bounce rate stats are probably most important for people running e-commerce websites. It gives an insight into how valuable the content appears to the end-user and what immediate impact your landing pages have. If your bounce rate is high and your sales are low, there are probably a few good reasons for this...

Perhaps your copy is unprofessional and users are not convinced? Perhaps your design is lacking in the desired imagery? Perhaps you're using an overbearing colour scheme?

There are fundamental tricks in getting your users to stay and explore further. Here are some that have proven effective for my clients:

Clear navigation - let the user know where they are and what other information is available
Clear headings - if I'm searching for rechargeable batteries, I'm going to want to see this on the page I land on
Related pages - using the above example, I know there are many different brands of rechargeable batteries, but if you don't give me links to your product ranges I'm certainly not going to look myself
Visual design - if I land on a page that looks like it was thrown together by a drunk baby, I'm probably not going to take you very seriously and will be hitting my back button immediately
Graphical experimentation - people like to hover, click, drag and generally play with pages. Try experimenting with image rollovers, slideshows and generally engaging the user with the design.

These points when done correctly can improve your bounce rates, which ultimately will lead to better consumer confidence, better usability and heightened conversion rates - whether you're looking for sales or leads. Good luck!

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Cool Google AdWords Content Network Traffic Strategies - Simple Ways to Reduce Your Bid Prices

Cool Google AdWords Content Network Traffic Strategies - Simple Ways to Reduce Your Bid Prices

One of the best ways to make more money from the Google AdWords Content Network is to make sure you reduce your bid prices! If you can reduce your bid prices and keep the same levels of traffic, you are going to make a lot more profit and have a lot more success with this source in your market. In this article I want to show you exactly how to do this the easy way.

Why You Can Reduce Your Bid Prices And Still Keep The Same Traffic Volume...

One of the things that people don't realize about using the Google Content Network is the fact that you can actually pay less money on a per click basis for your traffic and still maintain the same daily volume if you know what you are doing.

You have to realize that Google wants to make sure they can get more and more people to click on your ads and come to your site. So if you have the highest click through rate in your market, they are going to reward you by giving you more impressions on your ads and reducing your click through rate.

The reason is because if you are getting a 10% click through rate on your ads and everyone else is getting a 2% click through rate, you are making Google five times the amount of money that everyone else is making them.

They only make money when people click on your ads! So that means they are going to want to show your ads more than they will show the other advertisers ads. They will make more money from you and because your click through rate is so high, it shows them that you are more relevant as well.

Because of this they will drop your cost per click rates in order to reward you for doing this.

Here Is How You Can Reduce Your Bid Prices...

First - Make sure you focus on maximizing your click through rate.

The better job you do at getting a higher click through rate, the more visitors you are going to get to your site and the more money you will make for Google.

Second - Make sure you stay away from running your ads on sites that are going to give you bad traffic.

The reason is that if you use sites that are going to send you visitors that will not buy from you, you'll end up getting a low click through rate and you will waste a lot of money.

So make sure you weed out the bad sites that your ads are showing on and only run them on the good ones in your market so you can maximize your results.


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Friday, July 28, 2017

Google AdWords - How to Reduce AdWords Advertising Cost and Get More Clicks

Google AdWords - How to Reduce AdWords Advertising Cost and Get More Clicks

Google AdWords is a very effective channel to market a product or service. You will list your ads on Google and only pay when someone clicks on your ads. To list your ads on Google, you need to bid on keywords that are related to your business.

For some keywords, the cost per click is not cheap. This is the reason why some marketers shy away from advertising on Google. But, there are solutions to this. With effective Google AdWords management, you can reduce the cost of your AdWords campaign without getting lesser clicks. The question is: how do you do it?

First of all, you must understand that Google AdWords values a lot on relevancy. By increasing the relevancy of your campaign, AdWords will award you with a Great Quality Score. With this, you will pay lesser per click than your competitors. This means that with the same budget, you can now stretch your advertising dollars and achieve more clicks in return.

To get a great quality score for your AdWords campaign, there are 4 important things that you must do:

1. Bid on relevant keywords. Do not use keywords that are generic and irrelevant to your business. People that are typing these keywords are usually not very targeted and therefore will not be interested in what you are offering. In this case, you will get a lot of impressions but little clicks. This will affect the CTR of your campaign and your quality score.

2. Increase the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) of your campaign. With higher CTR, you are telling Google that your campaign is relevant to what people are searching for. With this, Google will award you with better quality scores. One tip to increase CTR is to write compelling ad texts. Also, always split test your ad texts so as to achieve the best possible CTR for each ad group.

3. Group your keywords into relevant ad groups. Organizing keywords into the right ad groups can really help you to achieve better quality score and CTR. For example, if you offer air conditioning services, keywords like air conditioning servicing and air conditioning repair should be in separate ad groups. Although the meaning of these keywords are similar, it is best to separate them into different ad groups so as to achieve higher quality score and CTR.

4. Use relevant landing pages. Point your ad text to relevant landing pages. Do not point all ad texts to the home page. If need be, create unique landing pages for specific keywords to increase relevancy.

By following these tips, you can achieve higher quality score and CTR for your AdWords campaign. With great quality score, the cost per click will get lesser and your budget will get you more clicks.

Cheow Yu Yuan is the co-founder of OOm, an online marketing agency providing Google AdWords Advertising service.

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