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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Google Search Redirects to Other Sites? - Easy Fix!

Google Search Redirects to Other Sites? - Easy Fix!

There is no scenario more frustrating for a computer user than having your Google searches redirected to other sites. In the article below, we will discover an easy fix when, instead of leading you to the site that you specifically need to visit, a search engine like Google sends you somewhere else.

Whether you are a student doing some school-related research, an employee who needs to prepare a report or an individual who simply wants to search for a bit of information, the easiest way to do so is to do a quick search on Google. Although there are other search engines like Yahoo and Bing, Google still manages to capture most of the market.

But what if, instead of leading you to the sites that you specifically need to visit, your Google search redirects to other sites? An easy fix that you can do is to discover the reason behind the redirection of your search, and then look for a solution to address the problem.

Possible Reasons for the Redirection of Your Google Searches

The best first step that you can take when looking for a Google search redirect fix is to discover the possible reasons for the redirection of your searches in the first place. One possibility is the presence of a Browser Helper Object which is a DLL. It allows developers to customize and control Internet Explorer and do some pretty unscrupulous things with your computer – like steal your passwords or corrupt your personal files.

The way that it happens is once Internet Explorer starts, it reads the registry to locate any installed BHOs. When a new browser window is opened, a copy of the BHO is created and then the copy is destroyed once the window is closed.  Such malicious BHOs are the ones controlling the web browser, which in turn makes Google redirect to other sites.

So What's the Easy Fix when Google Searches are Redirected?

If you are looking for a very easy and quick fix for google redirect, this Google Redirect Virus Fix will help you a lot!

You can take your pick from two options: manual or automatic removal. For the manual removal, you need to scan through your program files, look for strange-looking .exe files and perform some complex adjustments with your registry folder.  However, manual removal is not recommended for the non-techies, because there's a possibility for your computer to end up in worse shape than when you started attempting to fix the problem. 

The second option is to perform an automatic removal. Simply look for an automatic removal tool that deals with the possible Google redirect virus that your computer has contacted.  Not only that, but the tool should help protect your system from future harm as well.

When Google search redirects to other sites – an easy fix that you can perform is to either remove it manually or automatically. The latter is a much more desirable option for the non-techies, because the tool will help heal your system and prevent any future ‘infections' from occurring.

Don't fall into the trap of having unscrupulous developers steal your personal information remotely – fight them off with automatic virus removal tools! Follow this blog and Remove Google Redirect Virus like it was never present in your computer. Protecting your computer is your responsibility and Google Redirect is really easy to fix provided you have the right removal tool!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Google Search Redirects To Ad Sites? - Remove This Trojan

Google Search Redirects To Ad Sites? - Remove This Trojan

Google has become the staple search engines for many computer users these days, and it has indeed been one of the most useful tools in everyone's web experience.

Unfortunately though, many unscrupulous individuals have exploited the popularity of Google search to make it a launch pad for selfish and destructive purposes. So if you've encountered being redirected to ad sites when you do a Google search, then you have probably been successfully invaded by an annoying Trojan horse called Google Redirect Virus.

What is a Trojan?

If you're familiar with the Aeneid, which part of Greek mythology, which lies between the story of the Iliad and the Odyssey, you'll find the story of the Trojan horse. The Greeks basically constructed a horse they gave to the Trojans, who thought the horse was a sign of surrender from the enemy who were laying siege to the city. In truth the horse was hollow and contained soldiers. When everyone else wasn't looking the hidden soldiers snuck out and opened the gates to the rest of the Greek army.

And that's basically how a Trojan operates – it masquerades as something else to it gets access to your system, and then destroys everything from the inside. Trojans, like viruses, have a range of destructive functions, such as redirecting your Google searches to ad sites.

Why we get Trojans

For most people Trojans gain access to their system because they don't know that they are Trojans in the first place – which is sort of the point of the virus. But everyone must remember that part of computer and Internet use is always taking steps to be safe.

One is to never download or allow unknown files from unknown senders access to your system. You may suddenly get an email that says it's urgent, but you don't know who sent it to you and why you received it. The rule of thumb is to delete it – it's always the more prudent choice to play everything as safe as you can. Another is to take care regarding the websites you visit – many offer promotions and discounts, but are in truth introducing harmful malware into your system. Best limit your Internet activity to trusted sites only.

Taking steps to remove Trojans

It is possible to Remove Google Redirect Virus easily. Fortunately there is a solution to your problem if in case your system gets infected with this redirect virus. There are software solutions you can easily download from the web that can fix your problem and restore your system to normal. What's more, many of these Trojan cleaners can also keep your system safe and protected from further attacks. It is essential for every computer use to have the right protection on their computer.

These programs are also easy to use, simply follow the prompts and instructions to clean your system of the Trojan infection, and you're good to go. The same goes with preventive maintenance for your system – usually the program just runs in the background and works without interrupting you. You'll only be notified from time to time when something needs you attention, but in the general run of things, these software Trojan cleaners and protectors are largely maintenance free.

To get rid of this redirect virus, simply follow this Redirect Virus Removal blog and get your Google search functioning normal again. This blog suggests a very easy 5 step Removal of Redirect Virus which you can carry easily and solution is guaranteed to work.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Answer To Why Does My Google Search Redirects To Other Sites

Answer To Why Does My Google Search Redirects To Other Sites

It is indeed true that we can get viruses and malware from unreliable sites. These viruses would work gradually in destroying the files in our system. If you have a reliable virus detection software, you can keep your computer safe from such malicious attacks. However, do you know that there is a recent virus that your antivirus would not determine at all? It is called the Google Search Redirect Virus.


It was not so long ago since I first noticed that my Google search redirects to other sites. I just noticed that my searches would often bring me to irrelevant sites that would open a lot of pop-up windows and contain advertisements everywhere. It was really an annoying experience because I wanted to get the results I want in a flash; instead, it took so much time for me to finally get through the information that I need. One of my techie friends told me that what I am experiencing is actually a virus. It looks harmless at first; but just like any other virus, it contains malicious codes that change our Windows files.


The Google Redirect Virus hijacks our Google browser and makes us miss the searches we make. This is the reason why I suddenly lost control over my search results and would be taken instead to random sites that contain more viruses. Not only that, I was also disabled from changing some of my browser configurations. My homepage was changed and I couldn't modify it. My browser also started blocking virus removal websites.


Before, I am not aware of what's happening but I found out later that this kind of virus can be caught from screen savers, MP3s, videos and other stuffs that we download from the net. Some sites may look legitimate but the truth is they contain malicious codes that were meant to bring chaos to our system with an approach that looks innocent. Good thing I was able to get a Redirect Virus Removal Program that eventually took away all traces of this virus in my browser.

Karen shops frequently and loves to tell her experience to the world. She is a full time student and resides in beautiful Colorado. Read more about Removing The Redirect Virus.