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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Reading Inmotion Hosting Review When Creating A Wordpress Blog

Reading Inmotion Hosting Review When Creating A Wordpress Blog
If you are selecting the right company, base it on your wants and needs. Choose something that is based on support, bandwidth and price. The hosting company should have a support features. It should have wordpress features. This is a platform where you can publish your thoughts and a lot are choosing this because of its appeal and it user friendly. The content management system is often selected by bloggers. Based on inmotion hosting review, they are hosting word press. This company has been in the business for years especially in web hosting. For those who need help, customer service is their best feature. It can said that their products are very cheap and in case you need help phone and email support are within your reach.

They also offer four plans that you can choose from so that you can find something that is perfect for your needs. Opt for personal web hosting plans that are very affordable. This is perfect for small hosting needs which are great for personal websites. Large hosting services would get virtual private server and dedicated server. Inmotion company has a web hosting community where you can join forums and discussions that can offer solutions if you have problems. This is also where you can ask questions about various topics like tips and techniques about web hosting.

Saving money is easy especially with the inmotion webhosting coupon. Discounts are given to those who selected longer period of hosting and upgrading of hosting plan. With this you can get huge savings. Definitely this is the best way to save money for business with budget. You would need to utilize it so you can choose a web hosting company perfect for your requirements.

Wordpress hosting is the thing that makes this company popular. Web designers and web developers are on the verge of developing plugins and templates for wordpress. You need to select a web hosting company out of this. If you are planning to make this a business, choose a company that would make things easier. With this web hosting service, you will be confident about relying on this webhosting service provider. This is a company that can help you in creating good blogs.

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Phrases That Pay - A Look at the Way Search Engines May Be Reading Your Website

Phrases That Pay - A Look at the Way Search Engines May Be Reading Your Website

Phrase based indexing and retrieval (PaIR)

Internet Search Engines strive to provide the most relevant results for user's queries. In determining what results to present to user, they will have made assessments against many thousands or even millions of criteria. One of the areas looked at is that of semantically similar or related phrases. Phrase-based indexing and information retrieval is an algorithm used to identify the most semantically relevant results from a set of data.

When we enter a query into a Search Engine, we are typically entering more than one word - a phrase consisting of 2, 3, 4 or 5 words. If that phrase was to be interpreted in Boolean context, then the information that we would get back from our query would be largely irrelevant to the intended query. This is because each word would be judged on its own merit and is there would be no attempt at semantically grouping the words in our query in order to match and retrieve relevant information. So for example if we were to enter the words London Eye, we would get a raft of results relating to London and then equivalent raft relating to eyes. The focus of the result set would unlikely be that of the landmark Ferris wheel that is a popular tourist attraction and often referred to as the London Eye.

Phrases for ranking

This is where phrase-based indexing can really help. It works by using phrases to index, rank, search and to define web page content. It uses an algorithm to find groups of words or phrases that are related. Related phrases are ones that are commonly used in discussion on a topic. They are the phrases or expressions that are expected to be used within the content of such a discussion.

In PaIR, not only are distinct phrases identified in content, a subset of information is also obtained. The subset details related phrases, those that are is considered semantically similar to the primary phrases identified initially.

Good and bad phrases

Distinguished phrases identified from content are further refined into good and bad phrases. A good phrase is one that meets certain criteria. These criteria include that the phrase may be found in a minimum number of documents and that the phrase occurs a minimum number of times overall. Another important criterion is whether a phrase occurs an expected number of times. There is an expected frequency built in the algorithm against certain phrases. The absolute values of these frequencies are known only by the Search Engine writers themselves. Phrases are grouped into good and bad.  The good phrases are further subdivided into distinct groupings. Distinct groupings include the phrase represented in different formats within a page. This may include for example those within header tags, emboldened text or those used as anchor text for external links.

Frequency matters for SEO

One of the important criteria is of whether a phrases relevant or not is whether it occurs and expected number of times. There is an expected frequency built for certain phrases. So when a user enters a query, the algorithm will identify phrases present within it. It will look at those phrases and identify related phrases. The combination of the semantic groups in the lists is used to build the result sets and to refine and condensed those results to return only the most relevant and appropriate to the query.

Phrases can be enhanced by the algorithm, for example if a user enters United States there will be a weighting system that would suggest United States of America could be relevant in answering this query.

Where a user enters more than one phrase on the query, it will broken down into sub queries with the first query being matched against primary distinct phrases and the second query matching against related phrases. The two of them are combined to produce and weight the result set.

 Phrase based footprints

Phrasing can also be used to eliminate duplicates within indexed documentation. Consider a document from which distinct phrases and related phrases have been analysed. The algorithm may take the first five distinct phrases and consider those the most relevant for the document. These would define a footprint of the document so that on subsequent index updates of that same document, this footprint could be compared to determine whether the document has changed.

 Phrasing and Google

It is likely that PaIR is being used by Google and the other Search Engines. If you want to rank well it pays to consider phrasing your content in such a way that you include relevant, distinct and similar phrases throughout your documents so that the Search Engines find what they are expecting.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Reading Road Maps

Reading Road Maps

I'm the navigator when we rent a vehicle and ramble on our travels, so reading road maps is something I've gotten fairly good at.

Why make an effort with a road map when you can use the latest GPS equipment? Well, for one thing, road maps give you the big picture. Lay a map out on a table, and you can see the whole country or region. It makes planning your trip simpler.

And what about when you're on the road? Can't you just program the GPS and forget about it?

GPSs are OK, but they do have their down side. They may take you right through a busy city instead of going around it. The GPS chooses the "shortest route". It may not be the fastest...

May I contend that a navigator reading road maps sometimes comes in handy?!? We had this happen trying to find the Des Moines Airport in Iowa recently... Reading the roadmap and ignoring the GPS, we avoided driving through the city.

We had foreign friends who recently relied on their GPS to find their motel just outside of Yosemite National Park. The GPS insisted that their motel was 11 miles into the forest..... twice! TWICE they drove through town... right past their motel and into the forest. The third time, they started reading road maps and looking for themselves instead of relying on the machine, and guess what... They had driven right past their motel those first two times, just staring at the GPS... had they looked on the side of the road, there it was!

Sometimes you can get by with a map that isn't really a road map! We were traveling in Mali, West Africa one time with a car and driver. He was a very good driver... that's what we had asked for... which is whole different story....

So yes, he was a very good driver, but he had not traveled the country. When we left Mopti, he turned the wrong way. I was following along on our National Geographic map of the country, and it looked to me like he had turned the wrong way for Bandiagara. At first he said he was on the right road, but when he stopped to ask. Sure enough, we were on the right road.... going the WRONG way. Good thing I know something about reading road maps!

In the U.S. you will find that major roads are numbered with odd numbers going north and south... and even numbers going east and west. As freeways bend around cities this might look confusing. Look out to destinations beyond the city you are close to... that way you can tell whether you need to get on the northbound or southbound direction.

Traveling in Europe and other countries, maps will sometimes tell you the direction you're traveling by naming major cities the highway is going to. Again, look out beyond that small section of the map toward the edges, so you'll know which turn to take.

Major roads are in bolder lines, small roads are in thin black lines. Those small "black line" roads are scenic and fun to travel, but reading the road maps and finding your direction is more of a challenge to the navigator. We contend that if you get used to reading road maps, you can get anywhere!

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