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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Increase Blog Traffic - 7 Reasons Why Google Analytics Can Bring More Blog Readers

Increase Blog Traffic - 7 Reasons Why Google Analytics Can Bring More Blog Readers

Google Analytics can be a powerful ally helping your increase blog traffic. It gives you information you need to study your blog visitors actions. Armed with this information you can repeat the steps took to get the targeted traffic. And bring more of the same traffic to your site.

Below are 7 reasons why this is such a valuable tool...

1. Feedback - You will be able to get daily feedback on your blogging efforts. You will know how many people arrive, where they came from and how long the stuck around. This valuable information will tell you what content resonates with your readers, and what doesn't.

2. Keywords - A good program like Google Analytics will show you the keywords people used to find your blog. Letting you know if the keywords you are targeting are the right ones. It will also tell you about ones you didn't know about.

3. Unique Visitors - This category will tell you how any unique visitors are arriving at your site. You will be able to view your results on a daily basis, weekly or any date range you choose. It is great to be able to look at long term trends as well as short term.

4. Source - Traffic sources lets you know how people are finding you. It breaks down into 3 categories. Direct, referred and Search engine are the 3 sources of traffic Google Analytics measures.

5. Bounce rate - Bounce rate is simply checking where people are exiting and entering your site. If they are just landing & leaving from the same page. It means they do not want to explore further into your website.

6. Time On Site - You get to see how long folks are spending on your blog. This is a good measurement of the stickiness of your content. The longer they spend on your site usually means the better they like your content. Giving you more opportunity to make sales or get visitors to join your list.

7. Page views - This will tell you if visitors are looking at multiple pages while they are visiting. One good measure of your blog is seeing how many pages people are reading. Of course the more the merrier. 

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Cartoon Maps Attract the Attention of Readers!

Cartoon Maps Attract the Attention of Readers!

Cartoon Maps...

Most of you might not be familiar with the term cartoon maps but might have actually encountered them several times already. By definition, a cartoon map is an illustrated map of a certain place, be it a city or a town. The difference of cartoon map from all the other kinds of maps is that it contains caricatures and illustrations of landmarks, people, transportation, and everything in between. Cartoons are meant to catch and hold the attention of its target audience with its colorful illustrations and funny, sometimes witty, depiction of events or situations.

Maps are powerful advertisement materials. Because they are fun, colorful, and non-threatening, people respond to them positively. A good cartoon map also entertains its viewers while making its message stick to their memory for a long while. For those who want to attract attention to their business or service, cartoon maps can provide the ideal solution.

I have had ample experience in making cartoon maps. I have designed some pretty simple ones and some huge, complex ones. And I have dealt with all kinds of people from varied industries and sectors. This has allowed me the flexibility to cater to whatever creative demands the client has.

As usual, the process starts with the client telling me all that they need me to do. They do this by sending me a brief, detailing me with all every specifications they want. Cartoon maps may be built around a central theme or a central place, or might just feature several businesses that need to be promoted. Random activities may also be depicted, to provide humor or visual interest, whichever the client specifies. Depending on the complexity and size of the project, I will make the preliminary sketches on the soonest time possible. The client gets the first look and may ask to tweak a detail or two. When approval for the whole image is given, the final product is made and delivered.

The advantage of making cartoon maps is the seemingly infinite possibilities derive from it. Apart from observing relative accuracy of landmark and street placements, virtually anything can be done and included in it. Clients can choose to make caricatures of people they wished to be emphasized in their cartoon maps. Illustrations depicting business goals or organization goals can also be done. Maps can be informative or downright funny, depending on whatever concept or message the client wishes to be conveyed. Cartoon maps may contain texts to further enhance its informative quality or none at all.

As promotional strategy goes, cartoon maps are not only effective, they are also cheap compared to traditional promotions. They don't take weeks to plan and finish. It is because of this affordability and convenience that has made cartoon maps quite popular when it comes to visual promotions.

Having long-term experience in this profession has also allowed me to produce high quality products. This means no confusing or ambiguous image or illustration. You will truly get what you pay for, and more. I can guarantee a product that not only draws eyes but maintains the viewer's interest, too.

Richard Duszczak has been a freelance cartoonist for nearly 30 years, drawing cartoon maps, cartoons for educational books, motivational and training, advertising, PR, magazines and the web.
Cartoon Studio Limited
Tel: +44(0)1246 209034
"Working to make you and your clients smile!"

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