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Monday, October 30, 2017

Search Engine Optimization - How to Maximize the Backlinks Click Through Rate

Search Engine Optimization - How to Maximize the Backlinks Click Through Rate

Promoting websites to increase the online sales is as important as promoting your products on TV or other media. The marketers who has experienced the online marketing outcome, they are always up to the industry trends to make up their web products as per on going development.

There are many ways to promote your web products online, like email marketing, CPM marketing (pay per impression, usually you pay for 1000 impression of your ad), pay per click (PPC), social media marketing (pay per click, cpm and content marketing), social bookmarking (book marking your important URLs or developing contents like Squidoo Lenses or Amplify or clipmarking and then reciprocating the links), press releases, article submissions, web directory listings, business directories listings.

In general, we used to divide the above activities into two main categories,

"Search Engine Marketing" 
"Search Engine Optimization"

But if you review the various marketing strategies you will find one common thing in all the activities is "Link Building" links pointing towards your own website to increase your keywords Ranking in the various Search Engines.

Various opportunities lies on the web to get the back links as discussed above, the important thing while back linking your website is to use the compelling and to the point associated text or description so that you will get a good Click Through for your overall links on the internet.

Most of the SEOs or the self SEOs they only bother to get maximum links back pointing but they never give importance to the description or the associated text that actually serve to increase the CTR of your links.

Let us take an example of Google AdWords Advertising, Google AdWords places ads on the right side of the page or top of the page of search results, While running an AdWords Advertising campaign you design the campaign in the following manner, select the keywords, write an add, plan your bids or budget, you also plan for countries or locations to display the adds.

While your advertisements are online the most important factors that influence your CTR is "the add placement and the text of the ad", If your text ad is not perfectly matching with user search query or text ad is some how loose or not grabbing the attention of the user, there are maximum chances that users will not click your ad.

Remember: Internet users are searching for right information and you are the one providing the information to the internet, If your information are not catchy or compelling you will not get any response from the users. While building the links, the most important thing is you have to leave the impression on the users and force them by impressive piece of information or writing to get clicked.

Your back links are an assets and you need to build your assets very carefully. On internet you will have abundant opportunities to build good links but remember don't loose the opportunity just by writing improper description. Social bookmarking web 2.0 properties are thousands out there to get the back links.

Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Consultant, a well known figure in the Pay Per Click Marketing field and copywriting skills and has a great experience in successfully completing over 100s projects in the niche mainly through freelance assignments. Content based SEO skills are yet unparalleled and helped a lot of internet marketers and search engines professionals.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Reduce the Bounce Rate on Your Website

Reduce the Bounce Rate on Your Website

The definition of bounce rate can be explained by a user exiting a website on the same page they entered, without navigating to any other pages within the website. Essentially, your visitor entered the website but didn't explore any other pages before leaving.

The actual bounce rate is calculated by the total number of visits to one page divided by the total number of website visits, and generally a good bounce rate is considered to be anything less than 30%.

If your bounce rate is higher than this, you don't need to worry straight away. Consider the purpose of your site - if you run a news/article website for example, there is nothing to suggest that your users aren't completely happy; maybe they found what they were looking for and then left. Such is the nature of a news/article website; I think it is entirely feasible that a user could only view one page before leaving.

Then there are technological aspects to consider. If your website uses frames, for example, and your main content is loaded in a frame that tracking code is not placed on, you are going to be seeing a significantly higher bounce rate. Similarly, if your website consists mostly of Flash, bounce rate is not going to be tracked at all.

Bounce rate stats are probably most important for people running e-commerce websites. It gives an insight into how valuable the content appears to the end-user and what immediate impact your landing pages have. If your bounce rate is high and your sales are low, there are probably a few good reasons for this...

Perhaps your copy is unprofessional and users are not convinced? Perhaps your design is lacking in the desired imagery? Perhaps you're using an overbearing colour scheme?

There are fundamental tricks in getting your users to stay and explore further. Here are some that have proven effective for my clients:

Clear navigation - let the user know where they are and what other information is available
Clear headings - if I'm searching for rechargeable batteries, I'm going to want to see this on the page I land on
Related pages - using the above example, I know there are many different brands of rechargeable batteries, but if you don't give me links to your product ranges I'm certainly not going to look myself
Visual design - if I land on a page that looks like it was thrown together by a drunk baby, I'm probably not going to take you very seriously and will be hitting my back button immediately
Graphical experimentation - people like to hover, click, drag and generally play with pages. Try experimenting with image rollovers, slideshows and generally engaging the user with the design.

These points when done correctly can improve your bounce rates, which ultimately will lead to better consumer confidence, better usability and heightened conversion rates - whether you're looking for sales or leads. Good luck!

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Three Proved Tactics To Come Up With Google Adwords Adverts For Greater Conversion Rate

Three Proved Tactics To Come Up With Google Adwords Adverts For Greater Conversion Rate

If you’re looking for some of the most targeted traffic on the net, then PPC and Google Adwords can help you out. So that’s what we’re talking about today, how to write stronger ad copy for better results. It’s not hard to make money online when you know what’s to be done.

If you’re not familiar with split testing, then you need to know that doing it will determine your success, or lack of it. But it’s not just testing in and of itself, you need to write good ad copy so your tests will be meaningful.

Even if your campaign is giving great results as of now, you should still keep testing to bring out better results. You must always distinguish yourself from your competitors. Perhaps you heard somewhere that you can do well, or get by, if you just look at successful ads and copy them. How is it possible to set yourself apart, and be unique, when your ad is exactly like someone else’s. Yes, learning how to write great ad copy can be done with the help of other ads, but you should never copy them outright. Of course you can always test it and see for yourself; nothing wrong with that. Of course you can be almost lazy and almost copy other ads word for word. It’s a gamble because it may decrease overall click throughs only for yourself. Unique ads perform better, but no matter what you can always do your own testing. Everybody wants to make money on the Internet but only those who take action can do it.

Your ad copy needs to include at least one great benefit because people want to know what they will get out of your product. So try making a list of every benefit you can think of, and then choose a group of the best ones to test. You need to offer the benefit that speaks the loudest to your target market. Don’t know the difference between features and benefits? No problem, go to Google and do a search on it and learn.

The Adwords ad copywriting tips we’ve talked about will only be as effective as you’re willing to make them; keep taking action and continuing to learn. The ability to kick-out great ad copy on demand takes work and effort, so do stick with it and eventually you will see results.

Web Design And SEO As An Affordable Fixed Rate Package

Web Design And SEO As An Affordable Fixed Rate Package

Web design is something that should be looked into thoroughly by anyone looking to create a professional online presence for their business. It is something that should not simply be rushed into with any company that comes along offering their services. You should always check everything out and do as much research as is physically possible on your niche/market before having your website developed. You need to look into the level of competition that is currently out there for your chosen Google search term and not only judge how easy it will be to get to the top of the rankings but also judge how you can get a web design team to create a website much better than your competition.

By much better, we do not simply mean much better looking and easier on the eyes. Of course, your web design team need to develop something that will catch the reader's eye and fill it with useful and helpful, yet promotional material content. However, you should also ensure that you, as a business, are offering something a little extra than the other companies are. In order to do this, you first need to list exactly what you and your closest competitor are offering. Then, try to price match or beat them on price wherever you can. Also, if at all possible, you should then add something else into the mix by offering a special deal to the first 50 customers etc. This gives the impression that you are a bigger company than you actually are too.

When choosing the web design company that are to work for you, it is sometimes best - especially is this type of business is brand new to you - to work closely with a web design company in your local area. There are many "offline" web design companies out there that can offer their services and this way, you will always be able to put a face to a name when speaking to them, you can always simply pop in to check up on your order and you are at absolutely no risk of an internet scam. Unfortunately, those new in business are the most likely to be scammed out of their hard earned money by online predators out to rip people off. Therefore, always take extra precaution and only ever hand any money over to a company when you have researched their background thoroughly right from the beginning.

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