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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Rss Content Builder Rapidshare

Rss Content Builder Rapidshare
Add An RSS Feed To Your Web Pages In 4 Easy Steps!
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Login to Your Control Panel

Choose an RSS Feed

Customize the Look of Your RSS Feed

Paste the RSS Code into Your Webpages
Its That Simple to Add Breaking News to Your Site with RSS Content Builder

* Publish News feeds on Your Website Easily & Instantly
* Provide fresh regularly updated content to your visitors
* Improve your web page SEO
* Increase visitor retention
* Encourage repeat visits

Finding and Publishing Fresh Content for Your Visitors Just Got a Whole Lot Easier.

In 15 minutes your website could be displaying fresh themed content from RSS News Feeds around the web. Breaking News will update itself automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Youll never have to lift a finger and youll be offering your viewers valuable and highly relevant stories.

Its Simple Add A Few Lines of Code on Your Web Pages and the News Headlines Will Self Update Every Day!Grab A Copy Click


RSS in Javascript format is readily available from most RSS Publishers but what they do not tell you is that Javascript is not search engine friendly. What that means is search engines do not read Javascript. Any thing placed on your web pages in javascript format will not be read by the indexing search engines.

RSS Content Builder Offers Feeds in Both Javascript and PHP. So you have a choice.

PHP is a search engine friendly scripting language. Adding RSS feeds to your web pages with PHP will provide fresh content for the search engines to pick up and rank you for.

PHP is server side scripting. That means it is parsed on the server before your page loads in the browser.

To the visitor and to the search engines PHP scripts are not noticeable. When PHP is combined with RSS feeds it is a pretty powerful concept. With PHP and RSS you can add other peoples content to your web pages and the search engines will see it and think it is part of your website!

That free RSS content when placed on your web page with PHP will essentially become a part of your web site and bring you more traffic. That is why we recommend that you add the feeds to your website with PHP instead of Javascript whenever you can.Grab A Copy Click


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