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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Profiting From Adsense Ready Sites

Profiting From Adsense Ready Sites

Let’s talk about using Adsense ready sites to decrease your
workload and increase your revenue.

Adsense ready sites are websites that are ready for you to upload
to your server and start making money on right away. While they
vary from package to package, most have similar features.

For instance, Adsense ready sites should be already search
engine optimized. That means that they have custom meta tags,
H1 tags, and title tags. They should also have a Google sitemap
and approved Privacy Policy as part of the package.

Then there are the ads themselves. Adsense ready sites should
allow you to input your Adsense code and have fully working ads
ready to go. Many also allow you to make money from Clickbank, and Amazon
referral programs as well.

Each page should have a static file name. And, the pages should
cross link to each other to maximize their SEO value.

Some Adsense ready sites come complete with articles. For
others, you have to write the content yourself or you can use
Private Label Articles. Still others sites randomly pull content from RSS feeds
and from article directories so that the visitor will have a fresh experience
each time. Make sure you know exactly what you are getting before
buying an Adsense ready site.

You should try to have at least three phrases on each page that
Google can “grab a hold of” to make ad placements. One of the
quickest ways to lose your shirt is for Google to not be able to
place any ads and display public service ads instead.

If you want to make Google Adsense money, you have got to
chase higher paying keywords.

As you build websites, you will find that some Adsense clicks are
only worth a penny or two while others bring in a couple of dollars.
Highly competitive high dollar industries like insurance and
personal injury law tend to be best.

When in doubt, use the Google Adwords keyword tool to
determine whether advertisers in the industry are spending a large
amount per click.

In addition to supporting Google’s Adsense program, some
Adsense ready sites have other monetization methods. For
instance, many incorporate products from the popular Clickbank and
Amazon sites which also requires a simple sign up rather than approval for
each product you promote.

You can find individual made for Adsense sites as well as
packages in one download. Most Adsense sites will cost you
a small amount. I have seen several site packages that sell for about
$ 147 for the complete package which includes many with articles
already on them.

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