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Monday, December 18, 2017

Dropship Mysteries - What is a Product Feed?

Dropship Mysteries - What is a Product Feed?

Product feed is the product list that contains information usually for an ecommerce website.

When you look through search engines about a particular ecommerce site, you will find information that gives you product comparison and information on a website. This information that is given is known as product feed Which you can set up your own.

Here are a few steps that will help you do so.

-One of the easiest ways is by downloading the customized Microsoft Excel sheet template that several sites offer you. These are easy to use, and can be customized according to your requirement.
-It can also be built easily by using the spreadsheet program like Excel or even a text editor like Notepad. You can even use a script that can generate a file automatically. One such tool that is widely used to create is XML
-Once you're ready with your product feed you can upload it either through your browser or File Transfer Protocol. The FTP option is the best if you are looking at automating the transmission of it.

There is a thin line of difference between product feed and data feed.

While the lists information of products in a special formation, data feed on the other hand is a mechanism for structured data used in real time applications and the internet. Product feeds are however are hugely important for e-commerce as well as internet marketing sites.

What is XML?

XML is known as extensible Markup language. It is nothing but a bunch of rules that is necessary for encoding documents in an electronic format.

It is considered to be a very flexible text format and therefore used extensively for creating structured computer documents.

What is RSS?

RSS which is a form of product feed is what belongs to the web feed family, so that regular work is published and updated over the internet.

A few examples would be news headlines, blog entries, and video and audio that is put up in a standard format etc.

Product feeds are used extensively over the internet, and its use will continue to grow.

This is because websites that sell products like ecommerce sites generally store information about their products in this files. They are extensively used in ecommerce sites, news sites, shopping portals and search ads. Since these sites need to be updated constantly with real time data and information about the ads, and products sold.

Since It allow for real time updation about products to be sold on an ecommerce website, it is the best form of structural data for dropshippers and resellers.

They rely heavily on product feeds as their websites need constant updation of product information like pricing, item description, number of items sold etc.

Choosing one for your website needs to be articulately done.

Since there are thousands of product feed codes and text formatting codes available, choosing one that suits your specific requirement is imperative.

Make sure that what you choose can be customized to your requirement. Also make sure that it is easy to use, since you will be adding in information on a regular basis.

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Flat Product Market Success Of Its B2b Expertise

Flat Product Market Success Of Its B2b Expertise

According to Ovid Consulting research shows that domestic Flat Panel TV Occupy the TV market has reached Qi Cheng, of which large-size display products, flat-panel technology has made more than Jiucheng market share. China's color TV market has basically completed the traditional flat-panel TV technology to the emerging transformation and upgrade, full access to flat-panel era.

Domestic brands rely on many years of brand foundation, professional team, products and depth of the channel, in the retail market remains flat time (B2C) the dominant force, however, in the business market (B2B) is some other scene. With Matsushita , Samsung, LG, Philips, represented by foreign brand is the market leader, Ovid consultation survey data show, foreign giants not only in the B2B market holds major market share is higher in the high-profit market, Tier market, multinational application market in the " Monopoly "Sexual advantage. B2B that the market is still in the strategy of domestic brands not only follow-up period, the market was lackluster, more importantly, there is the market share occupied by" low quality, low cost-effectiveness, competitive strategy excessive focus on price competition " characteristics.

Then, B2B market, the key to success is what? Highlights the lack of domestic brands, and why do?

Professional: FPDB2B market key to success

B2B market, although relatively small (less than 8.0 billion in 2009), but can not easy to get, B2B market has widespread applications, mostly industrial customers, product application is not simply "plug and play "Therefore, there are completely different from the B2C market rules of the game," professional "is the B2B market, the key to success, but mainly in the professional B2B professional Sell And service organizations, professional B2B products, professional B2B channel model and structure.

1, professional organizations

B2B market because of its clients and application characteristics, must be distinguished from the retail business systems B2B professional organization whose professionalism reflected in the marketing, sales, technical and service support for other aspects. Such as Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Philips substandard brand, are set to have an independent B2B systems, marketing and product management, headquarters and other departments across the country set up several branches (usually about 5, corresponds to the national five regions), large-scale brand and even within the by product will be divided into PID (public display) and TV (business With TV ) 2 groups. Professional B2B business organization not only in setting a separate department, but on the strategic objectives include independent, vertical management headquarters and branch offices, independent financial and personnel, or even independent technical support and service support system, sum , is a small but complete professional, independent system.

Only professional B2B organizations can go to a better implementation of B2B business commitments and strategic objectives. Otherwise, there will be no emphasis on the B2B market and can be used can not do it, do business system while B2C and B2B, energy dispersion, B2B market of inadequate resources, and many other ills, the end result is the B2B market, of course, poor performance, little achievements.

2, professional products

B2C more emphasis on the appearance of flat products, multimedia integration capabilities, and price and other factors, B2C product development is changing. However, the intact product to take to do B2B B2C market in many professional applications and special working environment will face a shortage of competitiveness (such as command and control, digital signage and other applications). B2B professional products and TV by application is divided into two directions PID, PID B2C products and general product differentiation, mainly in: a better display performance (brightness, contrast, vertical screen play, Shuaping, etc.), greater environmental adaptability ( such as high temperature, 24 hours a boot, dust, etc.), software control interface, splicing applications. Professional PID products Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp And other foreign brands have a more extensive product line.

In the professional TV product, the main application of Hotels TV and commercial TV, foreign brands and domestic brands have a more complete product line, but the difference is, foreign-brand TV products and more independent than professional models in B2C, while domestic brands in the B2C model is based on appropriate adjustments and altered.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

How Does Your Product Page Measure Up?

How Does Your Product Page Measure Up?
Your product page is an incredibly important part of your website. It is really the showroom floor and the salesperson wrapped up into one place. Your product page has to make teach the potential buyer about your product, point out the benefits, create enough visual appeal to show off the product and close the sale with the pricing or other features. That is a tall order but it is necessary. Use our evaluation tool to monitor how you are doing.

Page Organization
It is a big help to make your page very organized and very consistent.
Are all product pages similarly organized?
Are the pages uncluttered so viewers can find the right action buttons?
Does each product page contain links to contact information, terms and conditions, guarantees and so on?
Is there a search box on every page?

Product Image
Your customer can not walk into your shop and pick up your product. That means they can not feel the smooth finish, notice the great shine, appreciate the vivid color, recognize that it is just as beautiful on the back as on the front, get a sense of how the size will fit into their home, be impressed with how heavy and substantial it is and so on. You will need to use product images to accomplish most of these subtle evaluations that are taking place in a bricks and mortar environment.

Do you have a crystal clear product image? Be sure that the image is not blurred and that the lighting is sufficient to show the true colors.

Do you have either multiple images so the product can be seen from all angles or do you have an interactive function that allows the product to be turned and magnified?
Do you show the product in all of the available colors?

You need to both paint a picture and convey relevant information in your description.
Do you describe what the viewer is seeing in the product picture?

Is each product description unique? (versus the same tired spiel with a word or two changed)

Do you provide the right information including weight, materials used, sizes and colors, personalization options, pricing differences associated with options?

Call to Action
Have you asked the viewer to buy your product?
Do you show availability?
Do you show delivery options and estimated delivery date?

The pricing needs to be clearly distinguishable from the rest of the content.

Is the pricing obvious?
Are all fees disclosed so there are no surprises?
Do you have the ability to add sales and other pricing promotions to the page?
Do you provide international pricing or conversion?

Customer Reviews
Nothing sells a product better than a customer who gives it a positive review.

You should always supply options for people who need to think or who may be poised to buy more.

Do you have a save for later option?
Do you provide information on related products on the same page?
Do you have a printer friendly option?

Small changes on your product change can create big jumps in conversion rates.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Product Listing Ads Campaign On Google Adwords

Product Listing Ads Campaign On Google Adwords
Product listing ads can be created in any ad group. Product listing ads depends on information provided in your product feed. To setup product listing ads, you need to link your campaign to your Google Merchant Center to see the Product Listing ad. Product listing ads are available only for google search and some search network sites. (it may take up to 12 hours from the time you update your settings for your product listing ads to appear).

Steps to set up product listing ads:

1.Link your AdWords Account to Google Merchant account.
2.Sign in to your AdWords account.
3.Create a new campaign where you'd like to create product listing ads. Make sure that the campaign includes "Google search" under Network settings. Product listing ads are only available on and some Search Network sites, so the campaign must be opted into one of these networks in order for these ads to run.
4.Under Ad extensions - Products, select a linked Google Merchant Center account to associate with your campaign.
5.Click Save and continue.
6.Create your first ad group within this campaign on the next page. You can either create a product listing ad only by selecting the Product listing ad radio button, or you can create a product listing ad in addition to a text ad. Youll add the "All products" product target by default on this page.
7.Click Save ad group.

To set up product listing ads in an existing campaign, first make sure the campaign has a Google Merchant Center account associated with it. You can then create a new ad group within the campaign, and the ad group will include a product listing ad and the "All products" target by default. You can also add these manually to an existing ad group from the Ads tab and the Auto targets tab, respectively. For more details visit google adwords support.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Search Engine Optimization And Conversion Tips For Product Pages

Search Engine Optimization And Conversion Tips For Product Pages
Many e-commerce sites have hundreds and hundreds of product pages, but very poor utilization of what is actually a powerful search engine optimization, link building and sales resource within their site. The product page is the last point before a consumer makes the decision to buy, and just as in the atmosphere of an ordinary shopfront, purchasers are looking for very specific things. Even if your website has heavy competition for the particular products you sell, there are some fantastic ways to ensure that your website is the one that gets the clicks, and that people ultimately make the decision to buy on. And here's a tip - it has very little to do with whether your products are priced lowest.

Informative/creative titling
When people are flicking through newspaper headlines or blog posts, they use the title as the only indication of what they might want to read. The same is true of products in an e-commerce store. However, you do have be careful - a balance between precise description and creativity can be difficult to achieve. In search engine optimization terms, a domain with good credentials coupled with a precise match to a search term will get the closest to number 1 position. However, link building is also an integral part of search engine optimization, and people are more likely to link to creatively or compellingly titled items. Additionally, search engine ranking optimization is little value without associated conversions - you'll need to do some A/B testing using your web analytics package to determine which title represents the best balance.

In a physical store, customers can pick up a product, turn it around and check it out from every angle. The stores that offer the closest approximation of this on the web are often the ones that get the best conversion rates; people are inherently fearful of wasting money on a product that might not be appropriate, and extra visual information helps to alleviate that fear.
Additionally, if you do your own photography of in-demand and widely sold products, there's a likelihood that people will ask to license them; another platform to assist with link building and therefore search engine optimization.
Precise, functional descriptions

The description is the second most important part of your product page, after the images. Descriptions should fulfil several criteria for good search engine ranking optimization and link building potential, as well as for good conversion rates:

- They should include all of the important technical information that the packaging does

- They should include any information that people would usually ask a salesperson, if they were in store

- They should include an explanation of the benefits of this product

- They should include NO non-specific praise words - 'stunning', 'gorgeous', 'effective'

- They shouldn't mention the price - this should be displayed elsewhere, and people will either mistrust or skim over any discussion of how it compares to other stores
Include user-generated content

This can be comprised of ratings and/or reviews, and most importantly should not be censored. A single poor review in amongst five good reviews is actually worth more than those five good reviews ... because it helps people to trust in the neutrality of the reviewers.

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