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Friday, November 10, 2017

Graphic Print Promotion For Charity

Graphic Print Promotion For Charity

There are numerous charities for children all over the world. Children's charity activities include feeding, tutorial and education, shelter programs, catechism instruction, rehabilitation, and gift donation programs. These groups are non-profit, non-stock organizations that need to raise funds through marketing and promotion. Given very limited marketing funds, they commonly promote arts and crafts work of their children and sell them as gifts. The profit is used for the charity's programs.

Various art activities are conducted with the children in order to develop their creativity skills. The classes also serve as therapy through art, as there have been studies that art has the capacity to heal. These classes produce various artworks such as drawings, paper Mache ornaments, collages, paper lanterns, paintings, and bookmarks. The products are converted into graphic printed materials given away during the holiday season. Examples of these printed materials include:

Greeting cards - Greeting card printing is one way in which charities raise funds for children. Charities print greeting cards and sell or give them as gifts to sponsors, benefactors, and honored guests of children's charities. Subjects of the cards include a variety of themes depending on the child's imagination. Customized greeting cards can be printed using the services of online printing companies.

Posters - Posters are powerful and creative materials used by children's charities to promote their causes. Subjects also include children's artworks. Charities also launch poster design contests as promotional activities for charity. Poster themes can focus on the overall theme or mission of the children's charity. Wholesale poster printing is offered by online printing services at reasonable prices.

Stickers - Children's charities also make use of stickers as printed marketing materials. Stickers can feature an eye-catching graphic print together with the charity's name, logo, and theme. They can feature contact information including a website for global, real-world access of information. Bulk orders of stickers can also be printed using the convenient services of online printing companies.

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

How Good is Your Graphic Design Agency at Buying Print?

How Good is Your Graphic Design Agency at Buying Print?

I'm a big advocate of design agencies buying print for their clients (obviously!) but this still has to be based, as all things commercial, in providing value for money.

It makes sense from the clients' perspective that instead of having to work with multiple suppliers that their agency, as far as it is capable, provides an end-to-end supply solution.

Unfortunately, many graphic design agencies focus exclusively on the creative elements and look for the least hassle when providing the print - what does it matter as long as the quality is good and we receive our % handling fee on top? This leads to the ongoing use of 'pet' printers who tend to be conveniently located, ask 'how high?' when requested to jump to it and provide a good quality product.

So what's wrong with that you may ask. The problem is twofold:

1. Printers are canny. They'll price competitively to win the work, gain the client's confidence and then walk up their margins as time goes by and the focus has moved away from price
2. The agency is failing its client by not ensuring that the print supplier is the most suitable for the job

I'm in the fortunate position that whilst my company is a graphic design agency, my previous experience in marketing communications has been gained in the pragmatic supply processes of print management, overseeing the production, assembly and distribution of marketing materials including providing stock management and 'pick and pack' services. As a result of which my agency does provide a true marriage of skill sets so that focus is placed on all elements of the supply and not just the creative.

Our approach to print and distribution, therefore, is based upon engaging suppliers who are definitely the most 'fit for purpose' and who are commissioned on a job-by-job basis.

Assuming you have already established your supplier portfolio through a pre-defined evaluation process, then in our view, the selection of the specific printer requires a two-stage process:

1. Determine through evaluation of the product which 'type' of printer is needed. By this I mean that by defining the product's dimensions, pagination, colour content, run-length and finishing requirements you can assess which suppliers within your portfolio have the most suitable machine configuration to supply this type of work, and
2. These contenders are asked to provide competitive quotations, based upon the product specification, against which the lowest priced bidder can be selected with confidence because of the nature of this selection process

By utilizing this approach and in the certainty that the print supply to your customer is both top quality, by any measurement criteria, and best value, I'm sure all clients would see it is wholly justifiable to be charged an additional fee for this service.

Andrew Forshaw spent 11 years with R R Donnelley of Chicago, which was at that time the world's largest commercial printer. A Chartered Accountant by profession Andrew held line management roles in each of finance, manufacturing and sales, which as Account Director, included responsibility for BT White and Yellow Pages, SAS, Swedish Telecom and British Airways. Subsequently he has worked in marketing communications servicing clients such as IBM, AT&T, Hitachi Data Systems, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Rightmove and Yorktest.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

How to Print Your Own Money by Blog

How to Print Your Own Money by Blog

Currently lot of people face problem of how to have extra income. The world economic condition put situation become worse like higher unemployment rate, price increasing, lot of companies outsource the work to other countries etc. It becomes hard to have a good life with the stable income and increasing of expense. If you know the right knowledge, you can print your own money by utilize blog in internet.

A blog is a website which can be updated anytime with a simple process. While an ordinary website is a static site, blog is a dynamic site because you can always change the content, layout and the theme. Internet business creates a very good business opportunities because:

1. The business can be managed anytime and anywhere in the world as long you have internet connection.
2. The business need low start up capital
3. There is no barrier to entry the internet business
4. Your market is the world
5. The market opportunity is unlimited
6. You have unlimited potential income to reach
7. Most of the internet business process can be outsourced and can be automated
8. You have no expense for inventory, shipping and product creation

People make money from blog by:

1. Sell advertising space in their blog
2. Sell their own product in their blog
3. Sell other people product in their blog

Blog creates good opportunity because you can put everything under the sun as your posting. The right ways to print your own money are by:

1. Focus on specific topic
2. Utilize the right keywords in the blog
3. Attract traffic by writing some articles in article directories
4. Leverage the web 2.0 to gather the traffic

You can start a blog with the topic relate to your:

1. Interest
2. Passion
3. Hobbies

It is fun to fill the blog relate with your interest, passion or hobbies. You will enjoy the process of make your blog become interesting.If your blog have lot of traffic everyday, then you will have a very wide opportunity to print your own money.

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Optimise On Your Printing Solutions with Managed Print Services

Optimise On Your Printing Solutions with Managed Print Services
An organisation is a complex entity that has several processes. To be really profitable, and survive in a world of cut throat competition, it should real focus only on those activities that are its core competencies. This means, that the organisation should focus on activities that it believes are its greatest strengths. It should outsource the rest of the other activities, that it does not really have much knowledge about, but are essential to the functioning of the organisation. One of such activities is managing the print media. Core competencies of Modern organisations Modern organisations have a large number of employees, and each is assigned his own official computer. Often there is a need for printouts and Xerox copies, and so printers are shared across the organisation through networks. However, the maintenance of these networks is a very tiresome process. It is usually hard to decide which architecture to use, especially when IT infrastructure and maintenance is not the organisation’s core competency. Commercial printing services Enter Managed print services . Essentially, this means that the entire task of managing hard copy print devices – like scanners, printers, fax, and Xerox machines will be managed on a shared network by an external vendor. You can outsource this task to a company that is really good at it. It will save you a lot of money in terms of resources and efficiency. Since these companies are good at handling such functions, they will be able to do so at a much lower cost than yours, even after factoring in their margins. Stages of customer-vendor relationships Business print services are the latest to join the outsourcing bandwagon. These companies provide printing solutions to a vast number of clients through an infrastructure based on cloud computing. Print managed service providers vary in their abilities, size and the hardware and the software that they support. There are also different stages through which your organisation could adapt to your managed print services vendor. In the initial stages, they focus on gaining control over the entire network of hard copy print devices of your organisation. Depending on the size of your organisation, this can happen through a series of steps or a complete launch. In the nest phase, they will work on streamlining their processes and making them much more efficient to gain cost optimisation and the highest possible efficiency. In the final phase, they will focus on improving and redesigning the hard copy print device processes, so that they can help your organisation’s business processes become much more efficient and fluent. Thus, by using the services of a commercial printing service, you will be able to gain higher efficiencies. You need not waste the company’s resources on activities that are not really its forte. You can now focus on activities that really make your organisation superior among its competitors.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Using Digital Print to Propel Your Marketing ROI Down the Tracks of Profitability

Using Digital Print to Propel Your Marketing ROI Down the Tracks of Profitability

Does your company's direct marketing return on investment lead the way in the organizations profitability statement like the engine of a train? Or is it more like the caboose bringing up the rear. A combination of digital print and direct mail marketing ideas can turn that ROI around.

Think of your direct marketing return on investment as a train. The idea of your train is to transport a potential client from point A to point B with minimum fuss and maximum profit. Each car is attached to another making it simple and easy to carry your message. If all your train has is engines, the message can get stalled trying to go off in different directions.

In the world of one-to-one marketing, targeting your clients with personalized direct mail marketing delivers more responses and results in more sales. Giving it the ability to be personalized using digital print and its variable data capabilities increases the chance of response and results.

Coordinating media and methods designed to elicit a response from a prospect in order to develop a client relationship needs to include more than an interactive website. How better to do that then measuring marketing results with the ability to send each recipient a personalized direct marketing piece?

Leek and Leek are a medical benefits company with locations around the southwest. Each location offers not only a general package of assistance but also packages specific to each regional office. Within each office are multiple client representatives whose job requires that they market directly according to their specialty.

Using a blend of databases of current clients, past users and psychographic data lists Leek and Leek employees are capable of using the abilities of digital print and direct mail to market their services efficiently. Their booklets and letters are personalized opening a line of communication from the very first moment it is received. The appearance is of obvious quality indicating the recipient is dealing with professionals. There is no need for massive amounts of storage to stockpile pre-manufactured marketing supplies. Most of all there is no more waste of material when something changes or a new employee joins the team. Nothing is printed until it is needed.

Today Leek & Leek company executives can spend their time investigating new and economical benefit packages for their clients instead of spending massive amounts of time, and dollars, to consistently redesign the business's marketing materials.

Marketing organizations that offer mixed media options, similar to Leek and Leek, put together strategies that can be customized based on specific business needs. Companies today with multiple offices, sales channels, or representatives are using the web-to-print capabilities of digital print to expedite the distribution of materials while maintaining control over corporate brand, content, and design integrity. In addition, back-end system integration can provide comprehensive budget tracking, reporting, and detailed statistics.

The next time you are looking to begin a new marketing campaign, think like an engineer. Look at different medias to see which are a perfect fit to keep you on track for the best ROI.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

What is Digital Print Media?

What is Digital Print Media?

The importance of demand in any market has exercised great influence in the power of decision making for all the important people involved, those entrepreneurs, marketers, financial advisors, accountants, so on and so forth. It is not just the quantitative aspect that matters but also the qualitative dimension that plays a huge part in shaping the general image of a particular product and in some cases, a particular market and industry.

In other words, demand is a solid platform for any course of action on part of the decision makers. Taking the example of the printing industry, the advent, an overwhelming one indeed, of advancements and developments have been a regular happening in attribution to the paradigm shifts in technology.

For instance, digital colour printing pertaining to the short run, has become a major factor of influence as far as the present scenario of the printing industry suggests with its findings, the summary of which is provided by the research and development departments. This trend of researching is becoming a particular necessity for survival in the corporate culture.

Throwing further light on the concept of digital print media, be that ink jet or electrostatic or even direct laser technology, a huge diversity of printers have been developed to suit the customary needs of the customer. This has promoted creativity and as a natural consequence, an increase in demand, as this gives the target market of the printing industry an opportunity to employ the phenomenon of mass customisation in the sign, photographic, labeling, advertising, or desktop publishing industries.

It is indeed a marvel that these printers are capable enough of printing directly from digital data. These printers achieve this feat while avoiding any involvement of plates and films. This provides an added edge to these printers in comparison to those printers that have plates and films.

This added advantage defines itself in terms of short runs along with the minimisation of set up times and of course a much greater degree of cost effectiveness as well as time saving to a great extent. This decrease in the cost of production and this time efficiency promotes further room for research and development that could go a long way in further advancements for providing more innovations in the printing industry.

In the course of digital printing, some of the players in the industry are offering plastic substrates for printing with the help of digital presses. This optimisation is inclusive of chemical coatings for ink as well as stabilisation of a thermal nature in order to prevent any kind of shrinkage, curling, or distortion of the film during the course of the printing process. In addition to that, chemical coatings are also vital for the toner anchorage to the substrate.

The cost of synthetic media is definitely higher than the cost of paper. Nevertheless, for the sake of durability, plastic is used. Overall, digital print media is emerging out to be quite a popular option in the market and the industry has become so advanced in attribution to technological developments that people are willing to pay a higher price in exchange for an increase in number of choices and innovations.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wide-format Digital Inkjet Printing Industry And Print The Course Of Development Principles -

Wide-format Digital Inkjet Printing Industry And Print The Course Of Development Principles -
Changing the current printing market in China and increasing competition, but also full of opportunities, including large format printing is a promising market. Some report that, in the commercial printing company can provide all potential value-added services, large format printing is the most potential, is also the most easily overlooked opportunities.

HC screen Special Indian network Carried out in a variety of large format printing material Print Demand more and more Advertisement Companies, design studios, poster posters, indoor and outdoor POP advertising and retail display of logos and business applications have needed large format technical support, and many commercial printers are missing in the field of large format printing for large gains.

1, wide course of development of printing technology
Five or six years ago, many people predicted, the impact of digital printing technology, screen printing will soon disappear. But today, screen printing is still vibrant, business is booming. This in the end is a temporary phenomenon or prophets who prophecy itself is wrong?

1. Digital printing continues to grow
Digital printing process of the growth rate and growth not as an expert in the 90's as predicted, but we do see the power of wide-format digital printing is growing. 5 years ago, the forecast is the reason why failures, because the wide printing market forecast is that it is really difficult to form a market, it is the companies use different images for the various hybrid technology to the field of customer service. To predict, you can not only observe the number of existing users, but also must identify and analyze non-users and potential users of digital printing equipment.

2. Wide format digital printing growth only in the individual printing company
From the new rate established in the printing shop of view, with wide-format photographic image printing lab, labels, etc. in the workshop and copy shop reached its peak between 1985-1990, has been in decline in recent years. Look at digital printing, digital printing will be found only continued to grow, but there is no wide-format digital printing press just a few years ago when the growth is faster to install Bale. To this trend with the data obtained from the government compared to that, although the European image markets continue to grow at a rate of 15% per year, but the wide-format images, and printing and screen printing suppliers who were slow decline in the total number of . This lack of market trends

skills, innovation, digital technology or financial company is extremely unfavorable to the declining competitive position. In the past, those who engage in simple production printing, image lab and label companies can rely on control of the local small market, get some old customers, but to the era of digital prepress technology determine who is the winner of wide format printing images. Professional image studio, copy room, screen printing or label manufacturer, to win customers. But digital printing different, since all these images using digital pre-press markets, communications and imaging technology, whether in the traditional areas are still in the new field should be competing.

3. Foreign Market Analysis In Europe and the United States, these problems will continue to shape the wide printing equipment and consumables market itself and its structure. Many manufacturers and suppliers of printing process has been envisaged as a non-technical, a lot of the new company will produce, numerous existing printer wide format digital printing will be used as a natural expansion of their company direction. This seems to lead to a huge market, but the market is water-based ink and expensive.

Slow inkjet machine images related industries, but also seems to lead to all the local services market, but that does not seem realistic.

Wide format printing companies have traditionally found themselves than to start digital printing seems to facilitate the development of new companies. And when the existing users to increase and re-investment, the purchase of machinery types for different meanings. A simple rule is to be successful with different capabilities wide-format digital printing volume of business. This is to increase the included machines with production capacity that can be directly printed on conventional substrates rather than expensive special substrates machines. This trend will inevitably lead to a number of companies had to reduce the number of expected production volume of substrates to meet the actual demand. The actual needs of the current level has reached twice, if not lower production will result in a large number of product mix.

In short, the digital revolution, it has been the traditional supplier of wide format printing, such as screen printers, image studio and label printing shop such a huge impact. With the progress of the times and the technology matures, the future of digital printing is an inevitable trend of development.

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