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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pirate Panda Or Princess - You Decide

Pirate Panda Or Princess - You Decide

If you are planning a kid's party for the first time, you may be feeling a little nervous about what to expect! After all, kids today are so different from when you were young aren't they? Don't bank on it! Children of all generations simply enjoy dashing about with their friends, enjoying tasty food and playing games. So don't feel put off by the thought of having a gang of noisy primary school children dashing around your home!

Firstly when planning your party, think about venues - if the age group is under ten you could hold it in your home for a small group - or head to the garden for a summer party - or you could hire a venue such as a hall, specialist games warehouse, or maybe at a local restaurant or fast food place where party options are included. If you choose to save money and go for your home, or a local hall, then it's time to think about decorations and food. If you go for a party package with a professional party organisation such as a bowling venue, fast food restaurant or adventure games warehouse, chances are they'll do all the organising for you - for a fee of course!

When looking at decorations, consider if there will be a theme. Perhaps you want to hold a pirate theme party for young boys- or a princess party for girls. If so, think about the invites you'll send out - customise them to follow the theme and suggest whether there's a fancy dress code attached. Also look at decorations such as balloons, banners, coloured confetti and sparking ribbons - all to create the party atmosphere! If there is a fancy theme you could offer face painting as one of the main attractions! Pick a theme such as jungle animals, butterflies or space aliens and your young guests can arrive in fancy dress - with you and some other willing adults on hand to use face paints to create their full looks and get the party into full swing!

Face Paints may strike fear into your heart as you remember the thick waxy crayon varieties of old that stuck to faces, clothes and soft furnishings forever, but don't fear - the latest generation of face paints are water based for easy removal! They don't clog young skin or irritate them as they are now hypo- allergenic. They are also non toxic and come in a wide range of colours and textures - including sparkly glitters, iridescent powders and a huge range of tints and block colours for professional finishes. You can also get special face paints kits for your parties, to make your theme even easier to create - for example:

Pirate Theme Pack

This is the perfect pack for a pirate party - and will paint up to ten dastardly pirate faces with beards and black eye patches! All of the face paints are easy to remove - luckily - and will definitely crank up the noise level as a group of small boys are transformed into menacing pirates!

For prettier looks! The Butterfly Theme Face Paints Pack

Equally for girls you could try the Butterfly Theme Face Paints Pack, which contains everything needed to transform guests into beautiful colourful butterflies, with enough for ten images.

These face paints will really go down a storm and get everyone excited. You can then round everyone up to play some party games - try to find twists on old favourites that link into your chosen theme - you can find great party game ideas on the internet for use! Then think about food and drink - you'll need a buffet of small and easy to eat small things which won't get all over the carpet or damage the face paints masterpieces! Think of things such as small sandwiches, fruit pieces with a chocolate dip, cakes, crisps and drinks in small plastic cups that aren't easy to tip over in case small people get overexcited! You might want to designate an area outside on blanket for eating, and play themed music during the party too - pirate themed for a pirate face paints party, or more gentle if it's a butterfly theme!

You could also pick a celebration cake that linked into your chosen theme too - for example pirate or butterflies, or a wide range of other themes such as jungle, super heroes, Disney characters or monsters!

These ideas should hopefully spark off some creative thoughts for your next party, so have fun planning and remember that to relax and enjoy it too - rope in other family members to help so you can relax and have fun at the same time. Happy partying!

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