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Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Art Of Planning Internal Layouts For Wardrobes

The Art Of Planning Internal Layouts For Wardrobes
Contemporary wardrobes are available in an endless array of designs, but choosing the look is the easy part - much more important is planning the internal fittings & making sure every spare inch is used & the result is an efficient storage space.

First, make a list of everything in your existing wardrobe, detailing how many of each different type of garment you have, for example long dresses, shirts, trousers etc. Make a note of how much space they are currently using, & whether its hanging or shelves. You are undoubtedly replacing your wardrobe because you need more space, so think about how much more of hanging & shelf space you would like.

Then its time to look at the other items you will want to store, for example handbags, underwear, socks, knitwear, scarves, belts, hats & handbags & ties. Count the number of shoes & boots you have & think about whether they can go on a shoe rack or whether they need to be stored standing up.

Finally, decide what other pieces you would like to put inside it, spare pillows, blankets, sheets & pillowcases, & make a mark by any that you dont need to get to very often. Would you like drawers for makeup? Somewhere to put your hairdryer?

If you are planning on using your wardrobe to replace other pieces of bedroom furniture then that space needs to be taken into account too.
Once you know the number of items of clothing you have and what are they are you can start the next phase.

If you dont already, you will need to know how large your new wardrobe is going to be, so measure up the area you will put the wardrobe in, allowing for skirting boards, light switches, windows & doors. Dont forget to measure your ceiling height, as its best to have as tall a wardrobe as possible.

Now its time to put pen (or pencil) to paper & start planning the internal design. Using squared graph paper, draw the outline of the wardrobe, measuring to scale & make it an easy to use & remember one, like 1 square = 10 centimetres. You will need to understand what size the cabinets of your chosen wardrobe are, but as a rule of thumb a sliding door cupboard is 1 to 2 metres, a single cupboard with hinged door 50 centimetres & a double cupboard with hinged door is 90 centimetres. If you dont know what size cupboards you will have it might be good to get some professional help, or look online at wardrobes to see what size each cabinet is likely to be. Do bear in mind that cabinets can be divided in half vertically, good if you want lots of drawer & shelf space (small shelves are useful for handbags) coupled with a smaller rail for extra long hanging garments.

Tip: Use a pencil to draw in the rails, shelves etc as they will change as you go along!

Height wise a cabinet can accommodate a clothes rail for long clothing or 2 rails for shirts/tops/skirts, with room underneath. There is also usually room to put a shelf near the top for non-everyday items. Instead of a rail you could have a pull out trouser rail where trousers are hung folded over, & a rail right up the very top of a cabinet with handle a so you can pull it down to get the clothing on it best for special occasion clothing only though. Most cabinets are at least 2.2 metres tall, & some go up to 2.8 metres. As a rule of thumb allocate 90 centimetres of height per rail of shirts/skirts/tops & for a trouser rail, & 1.2-1.5m per rail of long dresses, coats etc.

There are plenty of smaller but very useful storage options you can have fitted in between rails, for example a pull out shelf with dividers for ties or a shallow pull out basket for light folded items.

Then its time to look at storage for your folded items (knitwear, jeans, underwear etc) & accessories like hats, handbags etc. Almost all new wardrobes are ordered with at least one internal chest of drawers at the bottom. These are usually good value & very practical, but not everyone wants to use these drawers for every day items, as they are usually not very deep. If you would prefer to have drawers higher up some wardrobes hanging drawers as an option, or you could have pull out wire baskets, especially useful if you want to see whats inside before you open them. These are also better for bulky items as they can be quite deep.

Wardrobes usually come with a shelf and two hanging rails per cabinet, & extra shelves are easy to get & very useful. Most people use the first shelf near the top of the wardrobe for storage of spare duvets etc & hang the top clothes rail from it, especially as they wouldnt be able to reach a clothes rail that was hung at the very top of the wardrobe. Further shelves are always useful, but be aware that they are 60 centimetres deep, so unless there is a large clear area above them its difficult to see the contents, especially if they are not far apart, so they can often be a false economy. Instead its better to look at pull out shelves, drawers & baskets as they can store a lot more in a smaller space!

Some of the new Italian wardrobes also have a few really useful specialist storage options. Such as pull the wire racks for shoes. They take up a metre of the height, but as they are fitted to the sides & are only about 20 centimetres wide (at most) there is room on the bottom of the wardrobe next to them. Each one can hold three rows of shoes and they are 60 centimetres deep, so thats 180 centimetres of shoe storage per rack. You could have one on each side and use the space between them for a basket of clothes, boots or other bulky items.

A very recent development is a pull out module for handbags/hats. This is a 30 45 centimetre wide cabinet the same height & depth as the wardrobe that is pulled out from the wardrobe - revealing a 60 centimetre cupboard with shelves to put everything on. There are about 6 shelves, each at 60 centimetres wide, so thats 12 feet of width to play with! These are useful if you have some spare space between the wardrobe & the wall (although you need to get a wardrobe with this option they are not stand alone units.)

So by now you should have allocated space for almost everything, except perhaps belts or ties. A useful option to store these is tie rack / belt rack, which is placed inside the doors, that way everything is easy to see & they dont take up precious shelf space.

Talk to your supplier about these options though, as some of them are not available everywhere. Usually, if you are buying a modular or fitted wardrobe, especially an Italian one there will be a good choice, but budget wardrobes that come pre designed wont have these choices. They will be more expensive, but made to order wardrobes are a much better use of space, & will allow you to store between 20% & 40% more.

Your supplier should be able to offer you a computer generated diagram based on your design, showing how the cabinet will be completed before committing to that design. But if your needs change dont panic, most internal accessories can be moved, and are not fixed.

For the right wardrobe talk to Go Modern, who have a wide choice of sliding door wardrobes, hinged door wardrobes & walk in wardrobes. Their wardrobes are also shown online, with prices, measurements & options & they even have bedroom furniture to match.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Retirement Planning for Dummies

Retirement Planning for Dummies

What did you forget to include for your retirement?  Retirement planning for dummies really does not mean you are dumb. It means that the best laid plans can overlook certain (important) facts.  We all know, or should, that during our working years we should have been paying ourselves like a monthly bill. Utilizing a 401K, IRA, or something similar to a retirement plan should be or should have been a top priority. Retirement planning for dummies takes in more than financial planning. If you have not planned for your lifestyle in your retirement planning for dummies, you've missed an important part of your future.

Most retirees of today are living longer and healthierlives. From the time we retire until the actuaries give us as a life expectancy is an additional 30 years or so past the day we retire.  So, retirement planning for dummies must include how you plan to spend the rest of your time once your financial needs have been met. So, how important are your non material needs?  Think of retirement planning for dummies as a beginning, not the end all. Keep a focus by writing in your retirement planning for dummies journal what your goals are and how you plan to achieve them.

As we stated earlier, there is going to be many years you have to fill with some activity. Within your retirement planning for dummies journal you may want to make an inventory: 

1) List your personal assets, strengths, talents, skills.

2) List intangible qualities such as optimism, sense of humor,

fears (love the acronym FEAR: False Expectations (that)

Aren't Real)

3) Be real. Don't bluff or fluff.

4) Consider an internship for a hobby that always interested you.

If you don't remember as a kid, take out the photo album and

see what interested you during different ages. Dig deep.

5) List life experiences that you can offer to others 

Look in your area as to workshops, seminars, volunteer work for a cause. 

Retirement planning for dummies must take into account where you will live.  Do you have to scale down? Do you have to take care of elderly parents? How simple a lifestyle do you seek? Warm weather,

winter cold & snow? Mountains? Maybe the middle ground where you will live only a few hours from all of it. What is important to you as to your lifestyle and location?

Are you willing to leave family, (immediate or extended), aging parents, children, grandchildren? If you are in that position, will you have room for them to stay a period of time? How about children still in school?


 The National Association of Home Builders publishes a spreadsheet that shows the affordability of houses around the country.


 Because you found that perfect house in your perfect price range, it may not be what you bargained for.

What kind of demographics are you looking for?  Neighbors?  Convenience?  Do you want zero lot lines between your house and next door or do you want five acres? The Census Bureau's Quick Facts web site will show you population, income, business information for all counties in the United States.

Get a sense & feel for where you want to move. Call the local Chamber of Commerce or view the local newspaper online. See if there are local chat message boards or local web sites. Check with local law enforcement for safety & crime in the area. The F.B.I has a crime reporting system that they release annually. 

How do you get where you want to go? Are you willing to drive everywhere? Check out those gas prices. Does the area you are looking at have public transportation that is convenient to do grocery shopping, travel to the mall, take you to the cruise ship? What about airports? International or domestic? The FAA has maps showing major U.S. airports with links to smaller or regional airports. Don't forget the train or bus lines.

Going to your house of worship can be a great way of breaking into the community. Usually, you will be welcomed and start new friendships with those who have the start of something in common.

As we become wiser (certainly not older), we become wiser to our health needs. hospitals, doctors, health practitioners. You might be facing a medical challenge or specialty.

Neither rain, nor snow or sleet……..Oh, yeah. That's the postman's creed. Do you want to live & play in snow or at the beach? You can certainly check the weather patterns in the coldest months (Jan-Feb) & the warmest months (July-August) to the area you are considering. The local Chamber of Commerce & online web sites can assist you in your decision.

Check it out with your current service. What's involved of keeping your popular cell phone number or going through the anxiety of letting everyone know your new cell phone number. The cancellation of a contract, a new contract, area coverage. Do you plan to be a world traveler with needed coverage or just local? Dial up the coverage maps for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or your current carrier.

General grocery shopping is fine. However, what about; seafood, vegetarian, kosher, deli, farmers market, green market, organic market, specialty markets? Dining out…….how far do you travel to your favorite restaurant or Starbucks?

What are you going to do with all this FREE TIME you now have on your hands? Golf, walking, beach, skating, cruises, gardening, traveling, cleaning your house, become a dog walker for the neighborhood, become a volunteer (so many needed)?

Did you know that there are garlic festivals all around the country? What about wine tasting? You can check online by using the key words to your desired activity. One thing for sure……look to see if there are certain gatherings in your prospective new address that might be a little overwhelming for you. Some events happen in certain areas of the country during certain times of the year.

It's easy to find a movie theater or a video rental store. What about the likes of local community live theater (dinner or not), symphony orchestras, dance companies, museums, free local tours, mall shopping. 

WHOA! Hold on a minute. I want to go into retirement. I've done my time you say. You know what is said about idle hands……. You just may want to keep those hands busy now that you realize you're not a couch potato. So, maybe a part time position is in the cards…..mmm, a dealer at Vegas? 

Ready to explore new interests or a degree? Want to study rocks……… archaeology or diamonds, they are a girls best friend. Continuing education just might be for you. A new language, become a tour guide.

Sure there are bookstores in every mall across the country. Have you considered used book stores, libraries and their resources? Many libraries offer free classes, book readings & senior activity. Glow little book worm, glitter, glitter.

So, retirement planning for dummies takes a diligent t and a conscience effort for anyone  planning for or is in retirement. Retirement planning for dummies is only the beginning.

Have fun on your new journey.






Friday, September 1, 2017

Lack Of Planning For Digital Tv Industry Into A Difficult Earnings Embarrassing - Digital Television

Lack Of Planning For Digital Tv Industry Into A Difficult Earnings Embarrassing - Digital Television
core Tips

Simple set-top box implementation dependent number of Chinese
Although the conversion process fast, so far neither the satisfaction of consumers, in fact, not to the operating companies has brought substantial benefits. Analysys International recently released "Prediction of China's DTV market," data show that, despite the cable digital TV users this year will reach 63.5 million, but launch interactive TV services, enjoy the value-added services to customers or even less than 1%.

Early as the end of September CCTV
Satellite TV, etc. 9
Home Appliances
After the opening of high-definition TV station Channel, thought digital TV industry will welcome the opportunity. But so far include prefecture-level cities, including Guangzhou and can not complete the ratings, the high price of high-definition set-top box is
Freeze. Analysts said the operation of digital television requires a great investment in itself, but simple pre-paid set-top boxes and the lack of good operational planning, making business difficult for operators to develop value-added even more difficult. This profit model, the lack of recovery of capital and difficulties, will make a follow-up cable network operators continue to fall into a vicious cycle difficult to profit.

Analysys International, "Prediction of China's DTV market," the disclosure of information, cut-off in Q2 this year, digital TV users in China reached 53.7 million total, but the overall number of conversions 4th quarter of last year decreased by about 30%, indicating the overall transformation has been slowdown. One way the user only 21.7% coverage, the proportion of two-way set-top box access to the user as little as less than 1%. Show that the domestic value-added services covering the user less, cable operators, lack of profitability. Analysys International analyst Ruixiang quoted digital TV business to carry out relatively well-developed
Area, covering the 2008 two-way interactive user only 4% of its overall customers, which is only 30% of users open an interactive television business.

Ruixiang of said pre-translation is a simple digital TV digital TV users caused the current indifference of the main reasons the market to operators as the main driving force of digital television as a whole translation, more is to be regarded as performance engineering, seriously out of line with the market, consumers in this process has not been radically improve the user experience, in advance for translation operators invested a lot of money though, has not been profitable, and difficult the recovery of funds, which also makes the operation is not converting business had to watch, while the urban area to complete translation to the urban fringe or rural areas in advance of the process, the problems caused by the implementation of force policies and outstanding landing financing difficulties making slow progress, making China's digital cable TV industry slowdown.

Analysys International said in the report, integrated digital TV industry chain of China's current network construction, cable network operators, carriers, terminals, and four of capital investment, China Digital TV Industry in China is not optimistic.

First, the network construction, the area is still not completed more than half of network integration, which will greatly affect the cable network resource optimization, the prospects for its launch value-added business obstacles. Decentralized network operators around the network management and business development areas do not have the scale advantages, will delay the digital cable TV industry to explore business models for success.

Second, the domestic cable operators a serious shortage of revenue model. On the whole, most of the current domestic carriers still offering free channels mainly traditional business, and other operating income less. To Beijing Gehua, for example, information on business income in 2008 19.3% of total revenue, including cable broadband business income, and other value-added services such as digital TV premium channels, VOD and other business income less. From digital TV operators a better view, such as Shenzhen, Hangzhou and in spite of many value-added services, but interactive TV package price partial expensive, high-definition premium channels business interaction and the relatively high threshold, the real killer form of value-added business also no.

Again, set-top terminals are not unified on the digital TV operators to carry out value added business obstacles. The simple digital TV before the translation, there are more than 50 million set-top terminal over, do not have two-way operational capacity. Especially around the cable network, set-top boxes distributed release, brand model fragmentation, between the complexity of hardware and software solutions, resulting in distribution network operators have been set-top box control ineffective.

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