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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Siempreviva: Perfume De Sol Y Mar

Siempreviva: Perfume De Sol Y Mar
The flower called Everlasting or paper flower, say, jams withers. Special plant scientist whose name means in Greek, sun flower, can not, however, live near the ocean, a native of the island of Corsica, is played all wild and free. The most famous Corsican, Napoleon Bonaparte, claimed to be able to recognize his homeland with his eyes closed, guindose nicamente for its perfume. Evergreen fragrance, of course. A clear amber trail becomes so addictive and intoxicating.
The Evergreen sinks its roots deep in the coastal land and the sea let him spread his wild and salty. Exotic and sensual, quickly attracted the attention of the most renowned fragrance creators of the world, who use it when seeking to achieve a seductive and original cocktail.
The French fashion designer Maryse Pividal Josiane has become widely known under the pseudonym of Lolita Lempicka. Construct your alter ego by taking the name of the mythical girl-woman, so suggestive nuances, and the name of the painter Tamara de Lempicka, of great talent and that life more turbulent. No wonder, then, that Lolita Lempicka seek to give every one of the signature fragrance of a personality so strong, sensual and original as their own. Nor is that it no longer fascinated by the wild charm of Crcega Immortelle.
Each of your perfumes is released after years of careful Preparing, each bottle is a small gem that you want to tell a story.
For its fragrance L, the following after the success of his first perfume, wearing just his name, Lolita Lempicka chose to draw on the myth of the mermaid, the paradigm of free and wild sensuality that leads men to doom. L seduces with oriental notes and vanilla that give way to the powerful scent of the Everlasting, the true heart of this fragrance, which rests on a delicate background of musks and woods. Perceiver is involved in the magic salt, gold and a bit rustic in the seascapes. As confessed the same designer, perfumer Maurice Roucel operator captures the essence of their childhood memories at the beach full of sun, sea caressing the skin.
Lolita defines this fragrance as a perfume of eternity, a salty kiss on the lips and skin.
A definition that sums up the spirit of wonders wild and free of Evergreen, the flower that never dies.

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