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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Free Singles Sites - Top Three Common Mistakes Most People Make

Free Singles Sites - Top Three Common Mistakes Most People Make

In recent years, many people may have experience online dating at one point of time or another. A research has shown that about 5% of people have known their partners through free singles sites. However, to be successful in these free dating sites, there are three common mistakes you should avoid as listed in this article.

Mistake 1

In parties and even in the office, we definitely have come across people who will just sit down with you and gossip about the intimate relationships of their life. Some even do not bother whether you are just a new friend and will tell you the whole story in detail.

However, in free singles sites, it may not only be annoying at times, it can be dangerous too if you are not cautious. First, it is never a good idea to reveal too much of personal information if you do not know the other party well. On the other hand, if you talk too much in the chat, it can be quite annoying as the other party may not have the chance to speak their mind and they can get quite bored and will start looking elsewhere.

Mistake 2

Lying is never a good idea when you are dating online. It may be tempting to lie about yourself such as your job title. You may lie that you are holding the post of a director but in fact you are just a manager, just to make yourself look great. Lie is never a good thing and it will be discovered sooner or later and can end a relationship immediately.

Mistake 3

Another common mistake that people in free singles sites make is failing to protect their own privacy. Some people give out their personal phone numbers or full name too early. This may give clues to where a person is located. This can be disastrous if the information falls into the hands of people who have bad intentions.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Be a People Builder

Be a People Builder

There are times when I have said to franchisees 'Life would be terrific without customers and staff!' - But unfortunately we need both.

No one reaches their highest potential by themselves

We need to be 'people builders' to build people up, not put them down - with good relationships our lives and businesses are happier with greater impact and better productivity.

Simple Keys

1. The Words We Speak

It's the small things that build people - expressing appreciation, thank you, being better listeners really encourages people.

2. Look for what frustrates people

Sometimes the way we speak, our actions, the way we refer to them in front of others, creates frustration. Without realising it we can discourage and dis-incentivise people so they are reluctant to support us. Learn to recognise this especially if you have a different cultural background - your responses can be taken the wrong way.

3. Understand we are all different

Different things motivate each of us, we think differently. To really build someone up, use the things that motivate them personally.

4. Timing is everything

We need to learn when to speak and when to give space. When someone is under pressure it isn’t the best time to deliver an important speech. Learn to allow them time to talk through the situation, then speak. Our words will not only be better received but better thought through as well.

5. Stop the multi-tasking

These days we have the laptop on, the blackberry operating and can be on the phone at the same time. When you are prepared to stop and listen to someone they know you take them seriously - you care! Learn to switch gears - when you get home after a stressful day, you need to switch the car off, and deal with the issues in your mind, before going inside. There is nothing worse than being on the phone and trying to half greet someone as you go in the door.

6. Speak the truth in love

How you deliver 'bad' news will affect how you build people up or pull them down. It is a lot easier to deliver bad news or say no, with a positive, non-grumpy attitude. Most of us are not trained to speak the truth with respect and consideration - in a leadership situation you may need to rehearse with someone before doing this.

7. Push people up

You can help people grow to a new level. When they grow to a new level, you get lifted up as well! Don’t be frightened for your own job or your business will never grow beyond your own limited capacity. Don’t be afraid you will lose your trained people – think bigger, by encouraging, supporting and directing them we are going to see better leaders develop in the future.

8. Look for people you can bless

- That you can compliment
- That you can give a helping hand
- That you can invite out for a meal
- That you can give an encouraging note to

9. People builders love to serve

Being involved in a business today means doing what it takes to get the job done well. Your attitude in sharing the workload encourages the whole team - a 'that's not my job!' attitude is a real dis-incentive to others.

10. Learn to live life loud

Don't forget to have some fun on the journey. If all people do is work, work, work and go home exhausted it takes the fun away.

11. Learn to receive

It sounds selfish but I have learned in recent years to graciously accept a gift someone wants to give - it encourages them because I appreciate what they have done.

12. Tiredness does not create a people builder

Learn how to rest, unwind and refuel, take time to invest in yourself, be encouraged with good teaching and meet with friends who build you up. If you spend all your time at work with a to-do list, not sowing into relationship at home, that will destroy your home life and visa versa.

People look for appreciation and acknowledgment.
So what are you filling people with? Sowing good, positive encouragement will build you up as well.

"So speak encouraging words to one another. Build up hope so you'll all be together in this, no one left out, no one left behind. I know you're already doing this; just keep on doing it."
1 Thessalonians 5:11

Peter Irvine, co-founder of Gloria Jeans Coffees franchise and on the team that launched McDonald’s in Australia, is a business consultant and professional keynote speaker. He offers a wealth of ideas and uses his real life experiences, making him an ideal speaker in the areas of customer service, franchising, business challenges/planning and marketing.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Make Money Marketing People Search Engines

Make Money Marketing People Search Engines

If you're reading this article, then you are either in the field of internet marketing, or you want to be, or you're doing some sort of engine people search, and you came across this by accident. The latter wouldn't be that far of a stretch because there are so many people related searches being done on the internet today. Which is precisely why I am writing this article. So if you didn't know how big this niche is, or even if you did, you probably want to hear what I have to say.

It was just a few short months ago that I was just getting involved with marketing people searches done via various means. I had known that there were many searches being done, and I had seen various companies at ClickBank looking for affiliates to help market their product. What I didn't know is that one third of all searches performed on Google and Yahoo are people related. That's when I decided I would really throw myself into this field.

Well, that's just part of the story. I started marketing reverse cell phone lookups, and was having some success with that. As most affiliate marketers know, this type of marketing, if done through search engine optimization, can take some time to get really rolling. Then I was about to move on to another niche, when I, by total coincidence, came across something that would change the direction I was heading towards.

While I was doing some research for the next niche I was going to market, I came across a few companies that were marketing more than just one different type of search. It was then that I saw the really awesome potential here. I just didn't have enough time on my own, to be able to make as much money as there sure seemed to be the potential to make. However, I decided to temporarily, not move on to the next niche. I decided to see if I could find a company that had already been where I was right at that moment. Surely, there was someone who had found a way to truly maximize this potential. Surely there was someone who had figured out how to be efficient, because that way I could make the most out of my time.

After searching and searching, I did find a company that is truly ahead of their time. This company is called Acme People Search. They are a company that saw this burgeoning market, and put together quite an impressive way of making money by giving people their own search engine websites. From these sites, one can make money by marketing all types of searches, as well as getting people to join as marketers, and thus, add them to their streams of income through hosting company affiliates. Do you want to learn more about this amazing company! Go here, If You're Curious!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How Can Blogging Get People To Connect On A Personal Level And Why Is That A Good Thing?

How Can Blogging Get People To Connect On A Personal Level And Why Is That A Good Thing?

Blogging Can Help Business By Getting Your Customers Connected With You on a Personal Level

Blogging can be an incredibly personal thing. A blog entry, regardless of topic, is going to be written with a different voice than any other type of web page. Blogging can get people to connect more on a personal level for one simple reason: blogs are personal in nature. 
Blogging started out as a way for people to share their thoughts on the internet. Now, businesses use blogs as well and though they aren't sharing their feelings, they are able to present material in a more personal way. Businesses that use blogs can post numerous different things to their blog; all of which can be toned down compared to a press release, sales pitch or formal web page. 
For example, a business keeps a blog maintained. The CEO adds to it at least once a month to just let everyone that reads it how the company is doing. People read this and feel a level of trust with this company simply because they are open about the company's prospects going forward. 
Blogging allows a business to create content quickly and, through subscription services, disseminate that information quickly to those that are interested. A new product announcement can be blogged about and will make it directly to those that are already customers and have an interest in that type of product. An upcoming sale can be blogged about so everyone can plan to check the site the day of the sale. 

As part of a business model, customer retention should always have a high priority. Blogging is a powerful way to help keep customers. By creating that personal connection with the customer, the business has created a loyal customer. 
In times past, this was the corner stone of every face to face business. You would make friends with the owner of one store and continue going there, not even bothering to compare prices with the competition. 
The explosion of the web and the incredibly easy access to price comparisons has made customer loyalty an almost laughable concept for this modern age. Even so, if a business has few competitors, making that personal connection with the customer can yield not only a customer for life but also a customer that will tell their friends and bring in more business.
Finally, blogging and creating a personal connection with customers creates a customer base for the business that it can rely on more than the general web population. The strength of that personal relationship leads to years of sales to that customer with much less advertising money spent to get the customer to purchase. 

Jeff Wild, President of Artitude Web Strategies has created a new Site and a new service devoted to the creation and development of blogs for businesses. He and his staff have been assisting businesses to achieve success on the Web since 1994. They can take a Site with minimal traffic and turn it into a major highway. Blogs are one of his favorite tools for Web Business Success. Visit the Site, Business Blog Setup and see how this inexpensive service can help your business increase profits.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

How to Get More People to See My Blog

How to Get More People to See My Blog

If you are spending the time writing a blog you will want as many people as possible to read it. There are a lot of ways to bring more visitors into your blog. They are all pretty easy to do. I can already tell that you want me to tell you how to get more traffic to my blog that I am writing. I will give you five tips to bring the masses in.

Write lots of articles.

The more articles you write the more people will want to visit your blog this is tip number one. Don't just write but write about things that people care about and value in their lives. Not only should you include a link to your blogs at the end of your articles but also try to use many keywords when writing. By doing this you will get many more people reading your articles and having the back link to your blog and your rank will go up and up with the search engines.

Put some videos online.

When you are trying to get more traffic to your blog make a video about what the blog is about, this is tip two. YouTube is an easy way to post your video. Having both the articles and the video will give you twice the amount of sight on the web and you can be guaranteed that videos are seen. When you do your bio for YouTube make sure you include the link to your blog. Make use of your social networking pages.

Here is tip number three you can use all your social networks to bring in more interested visitors to your blog. Your sites can include My Space, Twitter and even Face Book. Make sure that the page you make has good content in it that people will be interested in. Don't forget to include your link back to your blog on every page you make.

The use of forums.

Forums are a great way to generate even more traffic to the blog. The forum you join should be about what your blog is about. Visit the forums often and add good postings. By also including your blog link in your forum signature this will draw in more people to see what you have to say. This is tip number four.

Don't forget to bookmark everything.

At last number five, always bookmark everything you do to get people over to your blog. Go to all the major social bookmarking sites and enter all your content that you have put onto the Internet, don't leave anything out. Not only will your search engine rank go up by giving you more back links you will get visitors directly coming from these bookmarking sites.

Now you have your answer to your question how do I get more traffic to my blog and it was given to you in five simple steps. The five include articles, videos, social networking, forums and bookmarking everything you do. By using these five tips more reader will come to your blog and your blog will gain more and more success. Good Luck!

Doug has been writing articles for nearly 4 years. His newest interest is in fitness. So come visit his latest website that discusses fitness on a budget products such as cheap gym equipment and cheap workout equipment that will help you get fit without breaking the bank.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Search Engine Friendly Websites Not People Unfriendly Sites

Search Engine Friendly Websites Not People Unfriendly Sites
Search engine friendly websites NOT people unfriendly sites
When we say search engine friendly does not imply "people unfriendly". Idea is stay focused, write only what you do and do it full heartedly.

Biggest mistakes webmasters tend to make is "keyword stuffing" and with a zeal to get spidered for just anything and everything in a respective business domain they landup diluting the focus from core business practice and talk of all things with a little on core business practice.
Take for instance, you search for a "Hotel in Newyork", your browser returns a page that has no title or a title "Hotels in New York" and the page has listing of hotels in London.
We saw a great deal of decline in our search engine rankings for our website and small measures such as website update and maintenance saw us achieve a considerable improvement. We started with:
Check for broken links
Best way to check broken links is visit: once you have the report fix all the bugs yourself or seek professional help. Follow this up with a careful analysis of your business objectives, your target market, your products and services and derive some meaningful keywords that are carefully deployed in the page structure - in the Title Tag, Meta Description, Keywords and the body of the page.
Keyword analysis and placement
Its like calling a spade in a pack of cards as a spade, this is as simple yet unnecessarily being made very complicated and leading webmasters to keyword stuffing and a gamut of unethical practices. As mentioned earlier the keywords play a vital role and the only mantra for "Sustained Success" is honest practices not tactical measures.
The steps above are basically a tune up excercise and eventually you take on to more specialised methods such as:
- URL renaming
- Tuning Meta information (title, description, keywords)
- Link building
- Blogging
- Article submission
- Search Engine Marketing
- Directories Submission
- Social Media
- PPC Programs
In this series we will be taking the above stated methods in further details.

The author is a SEO team member with and possesses 15 years of Industry Experience.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

People Search Engines

People Search Engines

It amazes me how naive people can be, the other day a friend of mine was shocked when I told her that I knew things about her that she thought were secret. Her problem steams from the fact that she is a member to many social media sites. And she got rather upset when I said that she didn't look too bad for a 38 year old who liked Brittany Spears and her favourite toy was called Rabbit? That's when her mouthed dropped and she told me to shut up. The worst part is that I had only got down to item three on a list of twenty items about her, and all this I found by tracking her social footprint on the web. She had no idea that she had left a social trail behind her for a cunning, but harmless fox like me to discover.

Most people have typed their own name into Google or their girlfriends and boyfriends just out of curiosity or was it to see if they can find out any juicy bits of gossip. I remember a friend of mine who is gay, before he came out of the so called closet. His mother searched for her son on-line only to be confronted with information about her sons sexuality that she should have got from him directly, anyhow I digress, getting back on track. People expect that if they type their name into Google, Google will display all available information about them period. Well that just isn't the case because deep down in the bowels of the internet lurks something called "deep web" also known as "invisible web" and guess what? Deep web isn't indexed by the search engines. This content can be assessed on-line but cant be indexed by the normal search engines, most of the info is stored in databases and displayed in response to specific searches by the owners however, there are tools easily obtainable and free that allows you to open this content. When I say content I'm talking about such content as family photos, your favourite foods, musical tastes, wish lists and so on.

So how is the info retrieved from the invisible web, there are services called People Search Engines and it is these that can index the parts of the web that Google can not reach. Okay so you want to search for information that Google doesn't crawl? Like I said there are a number of so-called people search engines to start off with, lets look at one called with this nifty piece of kit you will be able to find information on your enemies, families, loved ones, or even the next door neighbour. With Spokeo there is a facility to import your entire e-mail address book.(There is a disclaimer that says "Your email and password are required to retrieve your email contacts, and will not be used again to access your email account") If you want to dig deep into your pockets, well to be honest it's not that deep, and pay a few dollars a month the software will monitor your contacts and let you know if they are doing something new on line and report back to you.

Looking for a new job or brand new career, well don't let your past history of fooling around with social media sites go against you. Yes Human Resource Departments use social search utilities to carry out your background checks! There's nothing illegal in this in fact wouldn't you wont to know if you were looking to employ someone who had an interest in something that didn't fit in with your companies behaviour values and in fact went in the opposite direction?

To summarize social search utilities or people search engines are utilities that uses your e-mail address to find people across the invisible web. It will spider all the social networks that you can imagine and at the moment there are a grand total of 41 this includes Twitter Tweets, Dig Comments, Amazon Wish lists, Flickr photo streams and a whole lot more. So what does this mean? Well if you just take one off the media channels lets say photos. It could mean that ad hoc photos of all your boyfriend or ex-girlfriend's that you shared on Flickr a few years ago or even longer will pop up under your name when someone searches for you. Now when you start looking at other sources your favourite music sites, your shopping tastes or your preferences for adult toys it may become somewhat embarrassing. Going back to my friend, who by the way, is now talking to me, I found her information on an old MySpace profile, the majority of the other information was on review sites and even Amazon wish list which made quite interesting reading. I hope this article has given you a little bit of insight to the type of information that is freely available but now that you know what type of information is out there you can decide whether to change or remove it and you can do this by visiting people search engines

Sebastian Harley - Traveller and internet entrepreneur simple internet marketing tips and other general PC knowledge that will make surfing the web easier and safer.

People Search on Live Engines

People Search on Live Engines

The use of social network websites and online dating sites is becoming more and more popular. They use it to meet new people and stay close to people who share a common interest. The dark side of these encounters online is that you do not know if they are telling the truth about themselves. Many people use fake names and lie about their profiles. They post untrue details about a lot of issues. Often, people tell lies about their jobs, civil status and other information just to seem attractive and to make a favorable impression, to get users to contact them more.

Another dangerous problem for users to be aware of is the change that you could be a victim of the theft of your identity. Unfortunately, there is a growing trend of another person actually stealing your identity and then being forced to be responsible for that person's criminal background.

Regardless, people search sites are a very valuable service. People searches clear the way for people to view the actual profile of a person living in America. Since most of the people search sites have gathered many pertinent public records from various resources, you are able to actually find out if a person is a trusting individual.

You do not need to be concerned about privacy violation charges since the public records available on these sites are accessible as approved by policies of the government. People should be required to earn your trust and this system ensures that they are truly trustworthy.

When you use our people search methods and tools, you will be able to detect who is falsifying their names online. In addition, your will detect if a person has a record of arrests or convictions of different types of crimes. Then, you would be in control and decide if you want to meet this person or not.

Bentley James is a successful journalist and free lance writer specializing in People Search Issues. Check out the site that helped him:

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