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Friday, September 8, 2017

Local Search Marketing Trumps The Yellow Pages

Local Search Marketing Trumps The Yellow Pages

Years have passed since people relied on the Yellow Pages. There are times when it has been months since the last Yellow Pages was published and the company you are looking for has transferred location or changed numbers. Nowadays these heavy books are often stuck in storage without them even being opened. Honestly I think that the importance of the yellow pages is slowly coming to an end, unless you live in a place with no internet access or where internet is a hefty premium.

Now as a small business, you should ask yourself if investing on advertising space in the yellow pages is worth the expense? These expensive ads falls the risk of not even be seen by people. But it is not the end of the world. You have an option in Local Search Marketing. With Local Search Optimization gaining popularity over the years, companies are starting to shift their spending, preferring this over the Yellow Pages. You don't even need to have your own company website to be listed online. May your business be internet based or be a local shop the benefits of Local Search Marketing definitely outshines that of the Yellow Pages. What are the immediate benefits of Local Search Marketing?

1. Local Searches are displayed above normal searches. This gives you the opportunity to be seen first which would translate to more traffic for your business and have the opportunity to be the first to try closing the sale.

2. The ability to keep your listing updated anytime you feel the need to do so. You can include ongoing promotions in your listing for free. Should you need to change shop location or phone number you can change your listing as soon as you are able to unlike with publications where you need to wait for the next release of phone books to keep your contact details updated.

3. Your business will have more visibility to customers. By optimizing your local listing you can include step by step directions on how to get to your shop, where is the nearest parking spot for your customers convenience and other such details.

Creating a business listing won't cost you a penny, but creating a comprehensive and optimized one would take up a lot your time and effort. If you have been allocating marketing budget for the Yellow Pages, take moving some or all of that budget for local search engine optimization into consideration. I am a firm believer that hiring professionals to do the optimization for you is worth the investment opposed to you spending time to learn and set up an optimized listing yourself. In line of that, having a professional LSEO company author and manage your local business account would increase the possibility of potential clients finding your business through relevant keywords and will equate to more traffic for your business. The phone book as a source of information is on its last breath as more people nowadays heavily rely on the internet when searching for local businesses. Wouldn't you want your business to be found as well?


Tired of spending countless hours on social networks, online marketing, and SEO? Discover the #1 secret only the "gurus" know about local online advertising. Visit the website for more details.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Online Business Directory and Yellow Pages

Online Business Directory and Yellow Pages

The details provided in a business directory will vary. They may include the business name, addresses, telephone numbers, location, type of service or products the business provides, number of employees, the service region and any  professional associations. Some directories include a section for user reviews, comments, and feedback.

Many business directories offer complimentary listings in addition to the premium options. There are many business directories and some of these have moved over to the internet and away from printed format. Whilst not being search engines, business directories often have a search facility.

Online Business Directories can receive bad press, and they vary in quality and content. There is a balance between professional advertising, value for money and quality of service. Business owners are looking for ROI, web traffic, exposure for their business, plus SEO benefits of back links.

Most people would agree that reading a magazine should be a relaxing, pleasurable experience. The print magazines are on decline and being replaced by net surfing. The decline of print media was that e-products are “timelier, easier to save, environmentally friendly, and more searchable”.

Business magazines in India are one of the best ways of getting all the information regarding the current events taking place in the business world of India. Business magazines in India provide all the information that is required to quench the thirst and curiosity of the general mass. The market for the Business India magazine is vast. The Top Business magazines of India are sold in huge numbers all over India.

Ever since India started riding high on the economic boom, countless business magazines have come into existence in the country and have opened up shops as well. The last few years have seen innumerable Business magazines in India hitting the market and it will not be an overstatement to say that their number would easily touch three scores. In the midst of this confluence of publications in the Business India magazine premise started its operations. The magazine soon emerged as one of the largest business publications providing a close view of the evolving market of media and communication in the country.


Hi guys,  I am three months older for seo hope you all will like the post.

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Importance of Landing Pages in PPC Services

Importance of Landing Pages in PPC Services

Landing pages are where all the fun and excitement promised in the external link really takes form!

Usually in most of the advertisements as well as in the social websites, there is lot of links provided for the potential customers. It's a tough task to make a person click on the links that are available in other websites used for campaigning.

So when a person has actually clicked on the link, half the job is done.

The most difficult task is to make the connection. In order to retain the potential customers, the promised action should really take place. If the external link has promised total fun and frolics, then the targeting page should brim with such excitement that the customers would still stick on.

The importance of these targeting areas is extremely important in the e business. Landing areas or targeting pages are the place to which the person gets transported when they click on any links found as an advertisement.

The target page has to be trendy as well as up to date. Most of the companies strive and stick to the competition by always being ahead of their potential rivals.

It is not such an easy task as it may seem. Being constantly aware of the trends, the rise and fall of business is a time consuming and patience testing activity. Some companies hire professionals to keep track of the recent trends and to design their targeting pages as per the most recent version.

Pay per click is gaining momentum in this fast pacing world. Most of the websites act as host to the advertising agencies. The concept that has materialized is the pay per click or the PPC. It is the number of clicks that a website or a link gets that enhances the business. Since survival of the fittest is the key, most of the companies, like to deal with the websites that are more popular.

The more the merrier is the silent pledge of these promoters. PPC optimization is what every promoter looks for. They have to work upon on certain aspects that make their website the most sought after one.

However, the landing pages are grouped into two categories. They are:

• Reference landing page and

• Transactional landing page

The reference page usually aims at attracting the customers with the data, while the transactional reference pages requires the customer to invest some of their time and fill out forms or pay money.

Unless otherwise the customer is in dire need of the information in the website, scanning through the transactional page is a rarity. But in case of reference page, the user is attracted by the readily available information. So in such scenarios, reference landing pages gain momentum.

However, since the transactional reference pages require the investment of time as a onetime activity, it will gain interest among members who are really in need for the information. The categories of people who tend to sign up for transactional reference pages are those who constantly have a check on the patterns.

Whatever be the case, targeting pages have to be at their best for any business to prosper.

Quick Recap: •Importance of landing pages in PPC Services •The landing page has to be trendy as well as up to date • PPC Campaign Management is gaining momentum in this fast pacing world •Two categories of landing pages are reference and transactional

Friday, August 11, 2017

Tutorial On Creating Capture Pages

Tutorial On Creating Capture Pages
In order to do your own internet/attraction marketing you need to have a way to automatically collect prospects email addresses, or contact information. This can be done with an opt-in form on your website, or a separate page completely dedicated to capturing prospect email and contact information. In this article we provide a simple recipe for making your own capture pages.

Why would you want to do this when turn-key attraction marketing systems are readily available? One reason would be in order to differentiate yourself from the masses that are or are projected to be using these systems. People who frequent the internet become accustomed to the look and feel of the most popular systems and may quickly discount your offer if it looks like something theyve seen too often. Were not saying to junk the attraction marketing system, though, since youll still need many of its features including sales funnel, pre-written autoresponder copy, etc.


* An ftp client, e.g., FileZilla
* Web authoring software, e.g., Nvu
* Your own website (hosting & domain), e.g., Host Gator/GoDaddy
* An autoresponder, e.g., Aweber or GetResponse

Instructions for making a capture page:

1. Use your web browser to view source and copy the html code from a page you like online. You should never use a page in its entirety, but only as a template to then create your own from.
2. Paste in to web authoring software and modify with your own unique copy, color scheme and fonts. The best font for headlines is Red Tahoma 20 pt. For text, the best font is Arial 12 pt. These have been split tested by successful Internet marketers. If there is a form for capturing prospect information, delete it.
3. Using your autoresponder form creation tool, create a form to place on your capture page. Specifics will depend on the particular autoresponder you are using (check out the tutorials provided). You can direct your opt-in subscribers to your own thank you page or if you belong to a system, such as MyLeadSystemPro, you can direct your subscribers to the appropriate page within the system
4. Upload the capture page to your website using your ftp client. Name the file index.html, and upload to your website or blog, first creating an appropriately named folder to contain it. Youre now ready to drive traffic to it.

Building your own capture pages is becoming more necessary every day and is much easier than most would assume. All of the software is available within the most popular autoresponder systems. This technique would allow creation of a multitude of capture pages according to specific campaigns you might need for specific niches. An example might be to target certain network marketing that you have targeted with ads campaigns or article marketing.

Jim Green is an attraction marketing expert who uses internet marketing for automated lead generation in his network marketing business.

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Importance of landing pages in PPC Services

Importance of landing pages in PPC Services

Landing pages are where all the enjoyable and pleasure promised within the outside link extremely takes type!
Typically in nearly all of the advertisements with within the social websites, there's lot of links provided for the potential clientele. It's a powerful job to form an individual click on the links that are on the market in different websites used for campaigning.
Thus when an individual has truly clicked on the link, 0.5 the work is completed.
The foremost troublesome job is to form the association. In order to retain the potential clients, the promised action ought to very receive place. If the outside link has promised total enjoyable and frolics, then the landing page ought to brim with such pleasure that the purchasers would still affix on.
The significance of these landing areas is very important in the e business. Landing areas or landing pages are the place to that the person gets transported when they click on any links found as an announcement.
The landing page has got to be fashionable plus up to date. nearly all of the businesses attempt and keep on with the competition by forever being before their potential rivals.
It's not such an easy task as it might seem. Being frequently awake to the trends, the rise and fall of business is a time consuming and patience testing activity. Some corporations hire professionals to stay track of the new trends and to style their landing pages as per the foremost new version.
Pay per click is gaining momentum during this fast pacing world. of the websites act as host to the marketing agencies. The idea that has materialized is that the pay per click or the PPC. The a lot of the merrier is the silent pledge of those promoters. PPC optimization is what each promoter appearance for. They need to work upon on certain aspects that create their web site the foremost wanted one.
But, the landing pages are grouped into two categories. They're:
· landing page and
· Transactional landing page
The orientation landing page sometimes aims at attracting the purchasers with the info, while the transactional orientation pages needs the client to invest a variety of their time and fill out forms or pay money.
Unless otherwise the customer is in dire would like of the knowledge within the web site, scanning from first to last the transactional landing page may be a rarity. But in case of orientation landing page, the user is attracted by the cheerfully obtainable information. But, since the transactional orientation pages require the asset of time as a onetime activity, it will add awareness in the middle of members who are extremely in would like for the information. The classes of folks who tend to sign up for transactional reference pages are those who constantly have a check on the patterns.

Quick Recap :

•Importance of landing pages in PPC Services

•The landing page has to be trendy as well as up to date

•PPC Campaign Management is gaining momentum in this fast pacing world

•Two categories of landing pages are reference and transactional

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup White Pages

Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup White Pages

If You Want To Find Someone Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup White Pages Right Now

One day you’ll have a prank caller decide to call your phone and they will try to use ways to hide their identity from your knowledge. You could attempt to reverse cell phone lookup white pages but you will only get home phone numbers in the USA and abroad. With solely restricted data to go on it will in all probability be hard to figure out who the person is that’s calling you.

The only way to get free results is to reverse cell phone lookup white pages and all you have to do is go on the internet to their website to do so. This usually comes with someone’s address, phone records, and even the e-mail if you have got a sensible service provider. With one additional payment you’ll retrieve info such as background checks and alternative public info that is additionally a bonus.

You need to have the persons name or number in order to reverse cell phone lookup white pages residents listings and more. Once you do that you will be in a position to uncover a lot of free information such as address, e-mails, and more so you see why it is well worth the time. Or you’ll tirelessly search White pages all day with no results and that might be just a waste of time and effort.

So the best way to find someone will be to reverse cell phone lookup white pages in order to uncover the identity of the unknown caller. I’m pretty sure that the sites online can be a little bit more updated than the phone books that you just receive within the mail. Now if you are looking for an easier way click on the link in this text and it can take you to some extremely reputable firms that offer this service and you will be satisfied with the information that they give you in your full report.

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Here is How to Put in Videos To Your Web Pages and WordPress Blogs In Seconds

Here is How to Put in Videos To Your Web Pages and WordPress Blogs In Seconds

WordPress is a implausible (and free) platform for making fast, easy websites that may be found by your target clients, and Viddymatic is designed to fit straight into it as a ‘plugin’.

“Should you’ve been searching for a plugin to get videos into WordPress quickly and easily, then you’re search is over. This must be the simplest video plugin to embed Quicktime motion pictures in WordPress.

Amazon’s S3 service is a great way to retailer videos and different large files and ONLY pay for what will get watched or downloaded (and it is one hundred% free to sign up for too), but unlocking this extra profit makes it exceptional. You should use Viddymatic to assist defend files in your Amazon S3 account by barely lifting a finger: that not solely contains videos and mp3s, but in addition any other file you darn well like.

ViddyMatic is easy to make use of and allows you to customise your videos so as to choose whether or not they are shown instantly within the page (embedded) or shown as a watch catching ‘pop-up’. Viddymatic has been designed to save you time, help make adding videos to your web pages and WordPress blog posts easy, and has options built-in that help you revenue from showing these videos. Viddymatic can immediately add YouTube videos to your web site AND redirect them to any other web page to income-constructing affect.

You’ll be able to Simply get statistics for each of your videos utilizing Google Analytics (and one other nice 3rd partytracking/statistics service too). Absolutely no restriction on the amount of videos You should use Viddymatic with, or ANY month-to-month payment for taking part in them (aside from your internet hosting fees.

ViddyMatic is the BEST program to make use of for all of your video wants! Wether you wish to embed videos have them pop-up or simply drive traffic from a video to your web site! Viddymatic does it all.With just a few clicks of the mouse* you too can be pumping out out Simply watched videos in any of your posts and pages. And with extras like this, your resolution to invest can solely be a wise one… [* non-Wordpress model also requires some very simple copy and pasting]

Seize Viddymatic at present and we will bring you some extra special options free of charge within the subsequent major update… As a Viddymatic buyer, you get special complimentary access to the ‘Silver Display’ model of Viddyology .
Information from Here is How to Put in Videos To Your Websites and WordPress Blogs In Seconds

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Search Engine Optimization And Conversion Tips For Product Pages

Search Engine Optimization And Conversion Tips For Product Pages
Many e-commerce sites have hundreds and hundreds of product pages, but very poor utilization of what is actually a powerful search engine optimization, link building and sales resource within their site. The product page is the last point before a consumer makes the decision to buy, and just as in the atmosphere of an ordinary shopfront, purchasers are looking for very specific things. Even if your website has heavy competition for the particular products you sell, there are some fantastic ways to ensure that your website is the one that gets the clicks, and that people ultimately make the decision to buy on. And here's a tip - it has very little to do with whether your products are priced lowest.

Informative/creative titling
When people are flicking through newspaper headlines or blog posts, they use the title as the only indication of what they might want to read. The same is true of products in an e-commerce store. However, you do have be careful - a balance between precise description and creativity can be difficult to achieve. In search engine optimization terms, a domain with good credentials coupled with a precise match to a search term will get the closest to number 1 position. However, link building is also an integral part of search engine optimization, and people are more likely to link to creatively or compellingly titled items. Additionally, search engine ranking optimization is little value without associated conversions - you'll need to do some A/B testing using your web analytics package to determine which title represents the best balance.

In a physical store, customers can pick up a product, turn it around and check it out from every angle. The stores that offer the closest approximation of this on the web are often the ones that get the best conversion rates; people are inherently fearful of wasting money on a product that might not be appropriate, and extra visual information helps to alleviate that fear.
Additionally, if you do your own photography of in-demand and widely sold products, there's a likelihood that people will ask to license them; another platform to assist with link building and therefore search engine optimization.
Precise, functional descriptions

The description is the second most important part of your product page, after the images. Descriptions should fulfil several criteria for good search engine ranking optimization and link building potential, as well as for good conversion rates:

- They should include all of the important technical information that the packaging does

- They should include any information that people would usually ask a salesperson, if they were in store

- They should include an explanation of the benefits of this product

- They should include NO non-specific praise words - 'stunning', 'gorgeous', 'effective'

- They shouldn't mention the price - this should be displayed elsewhere, and people will either mistrust or skim over any discussion of how it compares to other stores
Include user-generated content

This can be comprised of ratings and/or reviews, and most importantly should not be censored. A single poor review in amongst five good reviews is actually worth more than those five good reviews ... because it helps people to trust in the neutrality of the reviewers.

InetAsia Solutions is a new breed of internet marketing consultancy.Check out our website to find out more about search engine optimization and much more.

Optimising web pages

Optimising web pages

There is no doubt the idea of website is the first thing that comes to one's mind when we think about gaining Internet publicity. It helps portray ideas through different forms and it also helps establish a brand. It is thus one of the key tools that Internet marketers use. However, designing a website requires a keen eye for visual, good copy-writing skills and skills of search engine optimisation, as provided by quality Website Design Company UK.

Website design and Website Design Company


Contrary to popular notion that website design involves some optical work and nothing else, website design is actually a lot of things put into one. While the optical part is indeed the most important in attracting attention, the attention is maintained only with the help of the content; the more riveting it is, the higher are the chances of the website making a conversion.


Optimising web pages


Once the design is done, it is time for the content to be put in. The content is not just about anything that can be put in. Website Design UK efforts should connect with the viewer. Content for websites that sell products or market something should be optimised with keywords, so that they are found by search engines.


Link Building Services


Another important aspect of website design provided by a Website Design Company is to have links to the web pages from other high ranked web pages. Only if your page is ranked high, will it figure prominently on search engines. A good inbound link also helps to bring in a lot of traffic. In addition to that, it brings in dedicated traffic that is composed of people who are likely to sign up or buy a marketer's product.


When searching for a Website Design Company, make sure you get to see the portfolio before you decide to opt for the services of the company. Ask for references as well.


To know more about Web Design UK Please Contact us:

Wildnet Technologies is a Website Design Company in UK, which has good copy-writing skills and skills of search engine optimisation, as provided by quality Website Design Company UK.


To know more about Website Design Services UK Please Contact us: Web Design UK, Website Design Services UK

Friday, July 28, 2017

3 Reasons Blogs Make Great Squeeze Pages

3 Reasons Blogs Make Great Squeeze Pages

Squeezes pages serve a vital role when it comes to building a list for business purposes online. One drawback to setting up a separate page for collecting names however is if people do not join your opt-in list they leave the page and are gone, forever! Conversion rates on these pages are notoriously low, which is a shame considering the hard work you invested in generating the traffic. Worse yet these people are never even 'exposed' to any sales offerings you may have since their only option was to either opt in or leave. What if however, you were to set up a small business blog that allows people the option of 'choosing' to join your opt-in list while allowing them to continue navigating your site?

Here is a look at 3 distinct advantages using a small business blog for building a list presents you and how it would increase your opt in conversion rates!

No Pressure

Let's face it when you present people the 'ultimatum' of giving you their contact information or they get nothing that is pressure. People do not like to be pressured but they do like to have options. When you set up a small business blog that can capture names but still allows visitors to look around nonetheless you allow them a choice with no pressure! If the content is good perhaps they bookmark or grab your feed. If content continues to! Nothing like having repeat visitors to your squeeze page!


Once people subscribe to your blog or take the feed they will often refer friends or colleagues as well. Now you have others helping to generate traffic to you small business blog allowing you more time to focus on creating great content. As these people become more loyal to your site it is only natural for their resistance to, or fear of joining your opt-in list to decrease. At this point good things are happening as you are now building a list with the help of your loyal readers.

Site Interactivity

Once people land on your blog and see the interactivity, this sense of community helps to create a friendlier and less invasive environment. Although new visitors may not opt-in immediately it is a good bet that they will return perhaps to join another day. Your small business blog is now serving as a 'welcome mat' as oppose to a more 'threatening' and impersonal squeeze page! As the saying goes, you get more with honey than vinegar!

Squeeze pages serve only one function and that is to get people to join your opt-in list however their conversion rates are normally very low. To make matters worse, unless folks opt in, they never even see a sales page. On the other hand using a small business blog for building a list makes sense from the standpoint that people may return and will always be exposed to any sales offerings regardless! As suggested above using this option does present some very strong arguments, and for the serious business builder this approach is definitely worth considering.

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina. To learn more about effectively using squeeze pages for building a list and to also receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques simply visit:

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Search engine optimisation can increase leads generated by landing pages

Search engine optimisation can increase leads generated by landing pages

Companies looking to make the most out of the traffic their search engine optimisation strategy attracts should ensure that their landing pages can generate leads, an expert has warned.

Justin Rees, director of marketing and partnerships for LeadPoint UK, has told Econsultancy that it is important that companies not only focus on attracting traffic but on converting these into solid leads.

He said that a growing number of brands are finding themselves in a position where they need to take online lead generation (OLG) seriously, especially when they are selling a product that a customer can purchase online.

"Products that are fairly generic where the consumer typically searches for the product or service rather than a specific brand are generally better for OLG campaigns," he explained.

The fact that only a small number of the consumers hitting a company's website submit their information means that it is essential that websites are designed to attract as many visitors as possible, he suggested, which could include deploying an effective search engine optimisation strategy.

Mr Rees explained: "This means you need a large number of potential consumers to generate quality leads in any volume."

He added that there can be additional problems with lead generation in those instances where sites are selling niche products, as the smaller customer base can present companies with problems.

This further emphasises the importance of using search engine optimisation in order for the company to be exposed to as many potential customers as possible.

Mr Rees said that it is a wise move to assess the benefit, cost and efficiency of deploying a lead generation campaign before committing to the process as it does not suit every business and product type.

Those companies which have reaped the rewards of an effective search engine optimisation strategy and an intelligent lead generation campaign must also ensure that they follow up this information correctly.

Jamie Klein, author of Lead Domination, has told Sales and Marketing magazine that the leads generated from this type of initiative are useless without an effective follow-up strategy.

He advised that these often have a limited shelf-life, making time of the essence for the sales teams tasked with converting potential customers into concrete sales.

Mediarun is a search engine optimisation company in London providing search engine marketing, pay per click advertising and social media services to clients with quality traffic.


SEO Text Tips For Web Pages

SEO Text Tips For Web Pages

When composing the text on your web pages, there are a few things you want to do in order to make it very easy for search engines' "crawlers" to see what's important on your website. These crawlers, or "spiders," comb over the millions of pages on the internet and report their findings to places like Google and Yahoo. Google and Yahoo use this information to categorize and rank web pages.

Therefore, it's very important that the crawlers see your web pages clearly. The thing is, though, that crawlers don't look at your pages the way people do. Crawlers read ALL the text within your web page, including the text behind the scenes, like the html code, the file names of images, and something else called the "meta" information. Crawlers don't see the colors or actual images--they just don't care about that kind of thing!

So let's take a look at the not-to-be-missed "text to do list" for each page on your website.

Page Title

Every web page has a title--it appears at the very top of a page in the blue bar across the top of a web browser. You want the title of your page to exactly match the content of the page. Make sure each web page of your website has a title that matches its particular content!

In the popular website design program Dreamweaver, there's a window near the top of the screen where you can type in a title for the web page you're working on. If you don't see this window, go to "View," "Toolbars," then choose "Document." Now you should see it. (You can also go to "Modify" and choose "Page Properties" to type in a title for your web page.)

H1 Text

The first bit of text on a web page should be in "H1" format. There are various formats you can use for text, from "paragraph" to "preformatted" to "none." The heading at the top of a web page should always be in "H1" format.

It's easy to re-format text. Just select the text and in the text properties box, select the format you want from the "format" box. In Dreamweaver, the text properties window is usually visible at the bottom of the screen. If you don't see it, go to "Window" then select "Properties." Now you should be able to see it. (You can also go to "Text" then "Paragraph Format" to select a format.)

Keywords and Key Phrases

Here's one way to think of key words and key phrases: Key words and key phrases are the words and phrases that people might type into a search engine if they're looking for a web page like the one you're working on.

Brainstorm a list of key words and phrases. If you have a page about major league baseball hats, your brainstorming list might include: baseball hat, baseball cap, ball cap, hat, cap, major league baseball, MLB, major league baseball hat, major league hat, MLB hat, pro baseball hat, baseball, baseball fan, baseball team. You might even add "Yankees hat" since Yankees hats are the most popular baseball hat.

Try to come up with 5-15 words or phrases. Now these key words and phrases aren't going to be visible to someone viewing your page on the internet, but they will be visible to crawlers. There's a place in the html code where they go.

In Dreamweaver, one way to insert keywords and phrases into your web page is, from the main menu, click "Insert," "Head Tags," and then choose "Keywords."

Web Page Description

A description is a 10 to 20-word (approx.) sentence that succinctly describes the content and purpose of a web page.

In composing your description, include your best keyword and/or key phrase. For our baseball hat page, we might have a description like this: "Your source for authentic Major League Baseball (MLB) baseball hats."

This description is often picked up by search engines and displayed when the web page is listed in search results. Otherwise, the description is not visible to people browsing a page.

In Dreamweaver, one way to insert a description is, from the main menu, click "Insert," "Head Tags," and then choose "Description."

"Alt" Text for Images

If you've ever rolled over an image on a web page and seen a little line of text appear next to your mouse arrow, then you know what "alt" text is. "Alt" stands for "alternate," and it's a label you give to images. Alt text is only visible when a mouse cursor hangs over an image for a second or two. It then disappears when the mouse is moved away. However, "alt" text is always visible to crawlers.

So label each of the images on a page with alt text--and try to use keywords and phrases in your labels.

In Dreamweaver, click on a picture and in the "Properties" window at the bottom of the page, in the window marked "Alt" you can type a label for the picture.

Planting Keywords and Key Phrases

Embedded in the text on a web page should be your most-important keywords.

Like all of the strategies discussed on this page, what you're trying to do is to make it abundantly clear to the crawler what the exact focus of your page is.

Also, the more the crawler sees the phrase, let's say "baseball hat," the more convinced the crawler will be that you have a website that really is totally focused on baseball hats. Now don't overdo it! Apparently crawlers get a little disgusted with pages that are stuffed with certain terms. When this happens, a page's ranking can suffer.

What's most important is that your text be adequately peppered with what you've determined to be your key words and phrases.

And the first block of text on your page is the most important. Be sure to use a phrase or two prominently there.

These strategies above are a good starting point for anyone interesting in optimizing his or her website for search engines!

Michael Flemming is a freelance writer and web designer whose current projects include and

Understanding The Importance Of SEO and Sub Pages

Understanding The Importance Of SEO and Sub Pages

If you start an online business then expect to build at the very least 1000 pages within a website, blog, forum, or other type of online presence.  If you want success then you need to build many pages with good content on your niche.  The majority of webmasters and bloggers do understand this which is good the problem arises when they don't build links to these pages and let them fall deep into the SERPs.  If you are a webmaster or blogger then your goal should be to treat every single page as if it was your main website's index page and accept nothing less than first in Google for its title and related keywords.  If you start optimizing and link building for all your sub pages you will notice that every page in your website will slowly start to rise in Google.  If you build links to one page that page will grow in authority and the links from that page to the rest of your blog will become more powerful.


Before you start building links towards all the pages within your website it is important to make sure your sub pages have certain aspects added to them so they can stand alone within Google and the other major search engines.  The first and most important thing that needs to be done is a title for the sub page both in the head of the html file and on the top of the sub page.  The next step is filling out a description making sure to create a new description for each sub page you create.  Now that you have the title and description make sure that you have added navigation to the sub page.  Usually this will not be a problem with blogs since they have a main template, but if you are creating a website by hand then it is important to make sure each sub page you have is optimized.  Also when you are creating navigation around your website make sure to use either keywords for the sub page or the sub pages title.  This will help the sub page rank higher within the SERPs.


Now that you have the sub pages completely optimized and ready to do well within the SERPs it is time to start building links towards these sub pages.  This is actually a lot easier said than done because the majority of link building resources on the web only want the main index of a website and will not allow sub pages or domains.  Focus on the resources out there that will let you build links to the sub pages.  These resources include blogs, article directories, and social bookmarking.  These three will be your best option if you want to start ranking your sub pages well within the SERPs.  Usually it will take much less work to rank a sub page well within the SERPs because it will already be sucking some of the authority away from your index.  Try to build several hundred links to each sub page this will ensure that your pages will not be dropped down deep within the serps and will also help spread page rank around your website.

My name is Kris Beus blogger of the Online Business Blog which has a Link Buidling page.

AdWords Tips - Checklist For High Converting PPC Landing Pages

AdWords Tips - Checklist For High Converting PPC Landing Pages

For very obvious reasons you want your pay per click landing pages to convert as many leads or as much sales as possible. Here is a quick checklist to help you create high converting pay per click landing pages.

Marketing Flow

Your marketing communications must make sense, they must flow smoothly from your keywords to your ads to your landing pages to your offers. You mess any of this up, your conversion rates will surely suffer.

On-Page Optimization

Doing on-page optimization will help you get a much higher quality score in Google AdWords which will often get you lower cost for your clicks & better ad position.

Place your keywords in your title tags, meta tags, meta description, meta keywords, H1 & sprinkled all over your landing page. Do it in such a way that the text is still readable & it will look more natural.

Image Optimization

If you have any images which are relevant to your offer, add your keyword as the name of the image. Such as diet-pills.jpg, pre-owned-audi-a4.jpg & much more. If you have non-relevant images such as order buttons, guarantee buttons, name them as 1.jpg, 002.jpg, 3x.jpg & such.

In this way, the non-relevant images will not affect your landing page quality score & your relevant images will boost your on-page optimization. This is a very unknown yet simple method that works all the time.

Copy & Offer

After all the above steps are done, you must write compelling sales copy or presell copy to get others to spend money with you. Also, make sure your offer is irresistible if not you must use your words to make your offer appear much more desirable.

Call To Action

Landing pages for paid search traffic should have only 1 single purpose, either you want people to buy something or you want them to enter their email or zip code. If you page is slightly longer, you might want to have more buttons & links for the same call to action.

Samuel Ng makes a very comfortable income online with search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, membership sites & more. On top of all that, he is always sharing unique & practical tips to help you make more money with search engine marketing, affiliate marketing & membership sites.

Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook Fan Pages

This is the third in a series of articles on Facebook and how to use it for social web marketing. This one is about how to use Facebook Fan Pages as part of your marketing mix. After reading this article you will have a clear understanding of how Fan Pages differ from Groups and why they are important to you.

Fan Pages are useful because they have no limit, unlike the fact you have a 5,000 Friends limit. The other difference is that they allow people to have a relationship with you without becoming a Friend.

Some people do not want to mix say an interest in a business with their Family and Friends. There are also people who do not want a close relationship with you, but have the idea they may like what you have to offer at some time.

In other words they are a flexible method of putting your brand before the Facebook community without them having to have a formal connection with you.

The main difference between a Group and a Fan Page is the Fan Page is about your business up front from the beginning. So it should have niche related content plus information about you. Plus the types of products and services you sell. I have my Blog RSS feed into my Fan Page to ensure there is always content on the page. I now send a weekly update to Fans again ensuring it is niche related with a link in my signature to my sales landing page.

Fan Pages can have images of your products and maybe the top people who work there, if your company allows it. I would always advise you to name your Fan Page in your Brand Name, if your Brand Name is the same as your name, then obviously no difference. I use the Fan Page widget on my Blog Home page so people can even become a Fan after reading a post on my Blog.

So when creating your Fan Page, it's your product or service area that is focused and it's up front about that fact. It's not a push strategy it's still attraction based you are simply attracting in a more funneled way.

The advantage to the Fan Page is you can send out updates about your Brand without worrying how the people will receive it. You have been up front, it's about your business and that you will be sending information out about it. If some people stop being Fans that's their choice.

One thing I would say is always have email Auto Responder sign up tab. There are applications that allow you to paste the opt-in HTML code from your Auto Responder provider so an opt-in box appears. Now you can be creative about a more 'drip feed' campaign for that email list using Broadcast Emails with say any discounts or specials you are doing, or maybe open webinars your company is doing. Treat it in a similar way to a Blog opt-in list. You are keeping in regular touch and steering people to at least have look at what you have on offer.

So there you have it now go get as many Fans as you can.

Andrew Peel is the owner of APeel Solutions an Internet Direct Marketing Consultancy specializing in providing premium solutions for clients that allow them to achieve financial freedom.