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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Never Blog Only For Making Money Online

Never Blog Only For Making Money Online

Every blogger who is successfully earning a six-figure income online will tell you that blogging for him is not all about making money online. Most bloggers know that in any blog to make it successful requires a lot of persistence, which can only be available if you are passionate about what you write. Any person who intends to blog with the sole objective to make money online will rarely succeed. After you start a blog and begin to write on it – there is a limit to which you will be willing to write without any monetary reward of some sort. This is where your passion comes into play. This post does not intend to say that making money from your blog is wrong – in fact, one should absolutely monetize the services for the hard work, which they do.

Always Contribute By Blogging

There are millions of the blogs on the World Wide Web; surprisingly most of them are so vain and useless. They do not provide their readers with any kind of value or anything which will help the to grow in knowledge. If you are a blogger who is contributing to the web by providing information and insights that no one else is then you will automatically find yourself growing in traffic and money. Money is secondary since it automatically follows where a person is passionate about his work. Do not add to the already growing junk on the internet by writing the same things instead become a benchmark in setting new standards of information providing.

Solve A Real Life Problem

Does your blog solve a real life problem that is faced by many? If not, does your blog help people acquire new skills, which they earlier did not. Solving a real life problem is almost a sure shot system for you to ensure that you make money online. But to provide others with skills or solve their problems you need to be very committed to yourself. This cannot come with an urge to make quick money – you have to achieve it diligently.

The best part about blogging is that there is only a lot of hard work involved in its initial years. It is easy once you reach a level of success, since there on you can put your blog on autopilot. So a blog can provide you with a handsome income for the rest of yourself without much input from your side. So before you think of making money from blog – decide what you will provide your readers in return to the money you earn. covers topics related to Make Money Online| Make Money Fast| Making Money Online Home

Optimize Images For Search - Your Traffic is Only a Light Switch Away

Optimize Images For Search - Your Traffic is Only a Light Switch Away

It always surprises me when I see websites where images are either ignored, or undervalued, or both. Really, your traffic will come in flowing if you follow these simple steps and make sure your images meet the basic search engine requirements.

Every standards-compliant, Google-sensitive image reference should contain these five key items:

1. A src (source) attribute specifying the destination URL of the image
2. A width declaration where the width of the image is specified in pixels
3. A height declaration where the height of the image is specified in pixels
4. An alt (alternative text) attribute that describes the content of the image
5. A title attribute that contains text to be displayed when the user hovers the mouse over the image

So, the ideal XHTML image reference would look like this:

Now, you probably still have questions, so here are some Q&As:

1. Do all the images need to be in one folder?
Yes. The entire folder will be crawled even if just one image in on the page. It is not, however, it's a good idea to include page components that are images (i.e. borders, dividers, etc.) in a separate folder.

2. Do I need a sitemap for images?
No. I actually double-checked with Google and the answer is definitely no. If you include direct image URLs in sitemap, Google won't index the images because they do not index the images directly, but rather index the page on which the image appears.
Rather, make sure the image folder is not blocked by your robots.txt.

3. Does image file name matter?
It does. Also, use dashed between words, rather than underscores. Originally, alt text was introduced to improve the usability for people using plain text browsers. So, it is a safe assumption that if a plain text browser does not see the image information in text format, neither will the search engine crawler.

4. Do I need to use a caption by the image?
Yes. Placing a small caption directly under, on top, or on the side of the image will help the search engine see what the image is about, and with a caption, you can be more descriptive about the image.

5. Should I monitor the number of Google images indexed?
Yes! Simply type on

Also, check out the Google Image Labeler which allows you to label images already indexed by Google better.

Lastly, view this video from SMX West on the Image Search:
• Some background on the reach of Image Search
• Interesting findings on the behavior of image searchers
• Our efforts at handling multiple image referrers
• How to best feature images (image quality and placement, relevant surrounding text, etc.)

About The Author:
Maria Nikishyna is the Client Manager for Point It! Inc. and the author of Search Marketing Blog.
Maria is an accomplished search engine marketer specializing in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). She oversees lead generation programs for small and medium size businesses, helping clients get outstanding results on a reasonable budget. Maria has a degree from the University of Washington.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Domain Name Registration-Why You Should Register Good Ones Only

Domain Name Registration-Why You Should Register Good Ones Only

If it is your first time, you might be wondering if registering a domain name is an easy process. I assure you it's easy, all you ought to have is some vital information. An IP Address is very crucial component of establishing an online identity, whether it is for personal or business goals.

A domain name provides a first impression to your customers. A properly selected name predicts your profitability in numerous ways. Most importantly, it helps the search engines to bring more traffic to your site. You should take a few things into consideration when you register your domain. Basically, it is very simple to register a name.

Pick a name that will work best for your website. A good domain name should be viewed more often by surfers. Your domain is your internet advertising brand and is by far the most crucial marketing tool that you have because it aids in bringing targeted traffic to your website.

It is simple for anybody to register a domain. In fact, you can register as many names as you want. It is also possible to register a name even when you do not intend to possess a website. Hey, you can park it and get paid commissions! A domain name can be up to 67 characters long and can be registered up to 10 years in advance.

Possessing a good domain name is very beneficial and gives you a heads up over your competition. From day one of commencing your online business you start crashing your competitors if only you have a good quality name which optimizes the search engines also. A good domain brands you in your niche market (industry).

A domain name lets a website become virtual and also makes the website appear credible. It adds a touch of professionalism. When you own a domain, you can opt to transfer the website to any web host that you want to without you having to worry about losing your web address.

A domain also helps to advertise your products. A very descriptive domain can be an efficient advertising tool. However, don't forget that a shorter domain is very simple to remember.

If you find a website that has all about how to buy web domain names then the process of registering and snatching good quality names becomes easy. Click the link to access such a website and you'll have all that you need to know.

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