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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Meet: Matt Nichols

Meet: Matt Nichols

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Fit: This is not cowboy will remain in the list of 53 4 quarterback. However, Nichols, from eastern Washington, rookie free agent quarterback, point of view as a great opportunity, training and learning a great football mind and Wade Wilson as camp. He said that even if and Tuoniluomo to help him. Nichols said that this is a good situation is and he has learned a lot.

So far: the cowboy and his veteran coach has been training as a free agent signing 4. Nichols participated in the exercise of all season, including rookie mini camp, organized team activities (online travel agencies) and regular small-scale training camps. He is learning the difference between college and NFL. Nichols said some differences, including running, rather than 14 universities yarders 18 games back. He said another major difference is to be included in his seven-step drop game. He also said that Romo and Kitna is to teach him how to read a certain time, and all, to form an American football quarterback.

Best asset: He is willing to learn. Nichols knew that he was trying to get the team playing in a tough battle. But that does not stop to seize the opportunity to improve the business. He said football was his game, he is trying to make the dream a reality. He was pleased to have the opportunity to play what he calls "the highest in the soccer organization and the world possible."

You should know: Nichols (6-2,222) held on the 14th at Eastern Washington University, and six Big Sky Conference record of more schools. He played in 47 games, through the accumulation of 12,616 yards, ranking sixth all time in FCS history with 95 touchdowns. Last year alone, he passed codes in the Egyptian military, 33 touchdowns.

1: "I heard that 19,000 people here (in the Alamo Dome) yesterday, which is 3 times I think we had home games at the university. Therefore, it is really exciting, it's those things that make You play better in practice because it makes one more game like. certainly a lot of fun. "

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