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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Digital Cinema: The Next Subversive? - Digital Cinema, Simulation Films, Value-added Services - Hc

Digital Cinema: The Next Subversive? - Digital Cinema, Simulation Films, Value-added Services - Hc
Of: You Hongmei "Digital film technology is the meaning of the film industry equivalent of an industrial revolution, it will bring to the traditional analog film industry subversive influence." China Film Group spokesman told reporters, "but what the revolution come is difficult to say when, technical conditions have been key to the development of the market rate. "

Recently, the nation's largest private media group Star announced the official launch of US-run media had purchased 20 sets of digital projection equipment, and development of digital cinema value-added services business as its strategic focus in 2005.

2005 development year is the 100th anniversary of Chinese film in the film held by the end of December last year, the work session, the State Administration of Radio Film in China this year to determine the development, the same time, the framework of international standards for digital cinema are identified, the expert that China will become the number after the United States the second largest film market, the Chinese film industry's "industrial revolution" seems ready to come out.

Market can not digest technology? Since 2002, the concept of digital cinema began to frequently appear in our sight, a few years later, in addition to introducing a number of movies produced in the mentioned figures, we do not seem to "subversive" and feeling. With the first overseas number 2005 film "The Terminal" and the introduction of the concept of digital cinema is again mentioned the parties.

"Digital film is very clear trend, the state policy in the development of digital cinema also has a number of tilt, from 2004, market acceptance, and the number of movies for profit model point of view, digital film is the basic survival of the climate there , after 2005, to enter the fast development of digital cinema, 10 years after the film the film will become a luxury. "As the first digital cinema building into a private media company, Star America's Star America Digital Cinema Development Co., Ltd. Deputy Chief Liu told reporters.

Different point of view the U.S. with the Stars, by the State Administration of Radio invest 200 million yuan to establish the first domestic digital cinemas in China Film Group is shown even more cautious: "China's film market is not that big, digital cinema pre-investment is very large, input and output almost disproportionate amount of the current market simply can not digest, digital film technology to truly become mainstream in the distant future. "the head of China Film Group, Mr. Cheng said.

Business model is not clear? From 2002 to the end of 2004, the Golden have introduced 160 sets of digital projection equipment, even at such a scale that is still not profitable Film side, digital film equipment, a huge capital investment required, there must be scale support. In this regard, the United States have their own satellite view, Liu believes that the development of traditional industries can not use the concept of the digital film industry, but rather from the upper reaches of filming, production and downstream cinema screenings, the whole industry chain development the interests of all sectors of points, the combination of linked development.

But industry analysts said that although the star from the vertical integration of the United States to share the investment risk, but the size of the problem remains the pressure can not be avoided.

In fact, according to Liu's vision, digital film technology will bring changes in lifestyle, value-added products can open up space for unlimited, in particular by the parties concerned that digital cinema will be a popular and nowadays is "Mobile streaming media, "more extensive and close integration.

Dean of Communication University of China Huang Sheng advertising people think that digital cinema technology to the impact of the film industry, just look at this piece from the box office and is not significantly affected, but real change is in the content production, storage, transmission. Digital Film Transfer a way to break the limitations of copies of the movie film and constraints, can provide a variety of free business combination mode. Digital film technology, and the close integration of the network, making broadcast schedule has become very convenient arrangement, the film will be more entertainment, leisure and even business establishments use. In addition, the theme of cinema there will be more, to meet the specific needs of individual markets.

Industry, some experts believe that digital cinema business model is still in the planning stage. In addition, restricting the development of digital cinema is more important is the soft environment is too complex, involving many industry sectors. In China, the need for coordination of various departments to solve the problems often take a long time, which will digital cinema technology to promote synergy in the market cause problems.

Spur a new round of market investment opportunity?
"Currently, the top 100 in the theater account for more than 70% of the national box office revenues, investing in a theater box office will follow the increase." Hairiness National Film Board spokesman, said in an interview: "It is because our the immaturity of the film market, so we also possesses the advantage of digital cinema, we must seize the film industry upgrade opportunity. "is exactly because of this, the State Administration of Radio is actively promoting the process of digital cinema in China .

Hairiness, said: "The next step, the digital movie standard technical requirements will be introduced, the domestic market is divided into high, mid, low-end three blocks." Refers to high-end market, Beijing, Shanghai and major cities such ; in the end is generally large and medium cities; the low end is a large rural community services. According to the film bureau said the number of films in rural communities in the near future in Taizhou, Zhejiang use pilot.

Hairiness also told reporters that before the Spring Festival, China Film's digital cinema construction has been basically completed in 2005, showing a lot of film to the digital cinemas are not on the number row and immediately released, "Seoul Raiders" and "Valentine's knot "will be shown using digital, digital cinema market development will enter the fast lane. He also said there are now many private companies, including foreign companies to participate in the Film Advisory Board.

Links What is digital cinema? Complete digital cinema concept refers to the cinematography, editing, and show the whole process of integrating with the digital format. Compared with traditional film, the whole process completely abandon the film, the last with DLP projection method (DigitalLightProcessing) projector. Digital cinema via satellite, transmits high-speed Internet, thus eliminating the cost of traditional film copies issued, the film company directly through the network to the theater and personal distribution of films.

First episode of Hollywood in the production of interplanetary war, some way to take a digital film production, "Planet

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Make Hosted PBX Your Next Investment

Make Hosted PBX Your Next Investment

Gone are the days when lots of hardware was used in the thinking machine to make it updated to the technological advancements. When the software came into the picture, there was always a worry about the updating of the software in question so that they keep working properly.

The arrival of hosted PBX has made it possible for the user to be free of the complex hardware or the various updation of the software. It can be incorporated in your local or toll free numbers. It means that the same interface existing in your conventional phone systems can be used.

Similar to your traditional phones, the features of IP PBX include the attractive features like auto attendant, call forwarding, voicemail, fax, call conferencing, caller identity, music on hold and much more.

The first feature is quite interesting because it eradicates the need of additional staff to deal with the calls not attended by the person concerned. The required greetings are involved in the auto-mated message along with the instructions of the further extensions. The computer generated message asks you if you want to dial by name, extension, or some other person. Multiple calls can be handled by IP PBX and therefore everything is operated in the professional manner.

Truly, it will give a boost to the communication systems in the organisations. The office communication is quite different from the personal communication. In the former type, there are too many persons involved which calls for a criss-crossing over the network problems. Therefore, there is a need for a special kind of system which can handle the burden of so many persons for the communication.

Hosted PBX is the solution for that. There is no complexity involved in your part. Everything headache related to the communication problem is handed over to the other person. This is one major advantage of hosted PBX systems which makes it a big hit amongst other available as its competitors.

You can also transfer the important calls from your official number to the personal. This way you will not miss any important call which can also turn out to be a potential customer of your business. Potential customers don't come with a knocking on the door. You need to be attentive all the time to make best of the opportunity given to you. On the other hand, unanswered calls can be forwarded to the voice mail box so that callers can leave the message and you can respond on that whenever you get the time.

You can also extend as many lines as you want. Therefore, Hosted PBX is surely a good investment making the profit margins go in your pockets.

We, after receiving adorable response from the clients, have introduced another product called VoIP Billing. This particular PC Dialer allows you to be tension free because we are here for you to care about your convenience.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Your Next Promotion Is Coming

Your Next Promotion Is Coming

Get aquainted with your new positions after getting it is no longer approriate Everything must be diversed. And the thing is you should act as if you were there. But how?

Be visible. Get in the right place at the right time. Be sure people know what you have done, can do and will do.

Be a good team player. Give other people their due yet be a contributer and a helper when necessary.

Be a leader. Role model the way to interact with and encourage other people to do well in their own jobs.

Be a thought leader. Study the latest publications in your business. Share that information with others at the appropriate time. Encourage them to engage in conversations around new ideas.

Engage in continuous learning. Learn what the requirements are for the next level and be sure you have cultivated those in yourself.

Use your new learning. Put it into practice and make yourself effective with it.

Mentor those more junior than you are in the organization. Give your time to upcoming staff and management. Show that you are willing to help.

Learn coaching skills and use them as part of your management and leadership style. Do not confuse coaching with mentoring. They are very different skills.

Volunteer to do things that will show you are operating at the next level. Use this as a way to keep yourself visible and useful.

Position yourself. Let the right people know you are interested in being promoted. Talk it over with your boss and find out what you have to do to be considered for the next level.

Be very aware how you show up and work and manage that. Act like you are a professional who is interested in others and committed to the company and your work.

Be humble. Never step on people on your way up. It will come back to bite you in the end (literally and figuratively.)


These are twelve very important steps you can take to position yourself for your next promotion. Once you have been promoted start them all over again so you are ready for the next step, etc. It is totally up to you to manage your career and these are some great steps to use to do just that.


About the Author:

Lynn Banis PhD, MCC is known as America's High Performance Coach. She specializes in helping executives and entrepreneurs make the most of their opportunities and potential. Her years of working with small and large businesses has given her a depth of knowledge that is invaluable to her clients. You can reach her at or Also check out Lynn's other businesses: Coach Academy Texas, a cutting edge coach training company; and Turnkey Coaching Solutions, a coaching program management and contract coach staffing company.

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Sunday, November 5, 2017

How Any Internet Marketer Can Make $10,000 NEXT Weekend

How Any Internet Marketer Can Make ,000 NEXT Weekend

How Any Internet Marketer Can Make $ 10,000 NEXT Weekend Copyright 2009 by Willie Crawford

Lately, I hear from a LOT of struggling internet marketers.

Many of them are worried about paying next month's rent, or having their electricity turned off. In other words, I hear from a lot of internet marketers "with their backs against the wall."

The sad part is that if they've studied internet marketing for a year or so, this is completely unnecessary. They already possess the knowledge to generate as much as $ 10,000 (or more) in a single weekend. They just haven't learned to properly value and market their know-how.

How does a struggling internet marketer go from zero to $ 10,000 in a single weekend? You CHANGE who you are marketing to.

Instead of trying to convince other internet marketers that they need some $ 20 ebook, you market to people with money already budgeted for expertise similar to yours.

The customers that I propose you market your internet expertise to are local offline businesses. Many of the local businesses in your area are struggling, and need your expertise, and are willing to pay for it.

What am I proposing?

I'm suggesting that you put on a 1-day workshop where you TEACH local businesses to use the internet to drive more paying customers through their doors.

You charge a token fee of $ 100 - $ 200 (or more) to these local businesses, so that they value what you are teaching, but that's not where you cash in.

In your 1-day workshop, you teach these local businesses about things such as search engine optimization, long-tail keywords, and capturing the email addresses of their customers (and website visitors) so that they have an easy way to follow-up with them.

You teach the local beauty parlor that, if they noticed Thursdays are always slow, an easy way to fix that problem is to send out an email on Wednesday to all of their customers, telling them that if they come in on Thursday, they get a 10% discount. Then you teach them how to capture their customers' contact data so that they can easily contact ALL of their customers for free.

You explain the power of email to them as compared to say newspaper or radio advertising where there is considerably more preparation and lead time required. You teach them that email is practically instant AND free.

You spend the day teaching these local businesses how to really harness the power of the internet. You don't need to hold anything back - you can teach them everything that you know.

At the end of the 1-day seminar (you can make it 2 days if you prefer), you offer to do the things for them that you just taught them how to do. You'll be pleasantly surprised when 90% of them want you to do it for them (even though you just taught them how to do it).

These local business people are too busy running the day to day operations of their businesses to learn a whole new set of skill, so they will pay YOU handsomely to do it for them.

Here's the secret, you "outsource" that work. You charge the local businesses enough where you can pay someone else to do the work and still end up with thousands of dollars from the weekend.

You funnel the work to talented people that you've met online or find through sites such as

It really is that simple and easy.

But what if you don't feel up to putting together a presentation? You can get a complete seminar in a box, with slides, script, handouts, everything you need, from several places online.

In fact, I didn't write the presentation that I use when I put on local workshops. I purchased the entire presentation!

The "seminar in a box" package that I purchased was so complete that it even had the ads you use to let local businesses know about the seminar. It was so complete that you "could" just hand the slides and script to an assistant and they could run the seminar for you.

When hosting local seminars, you want to keep your costs low, so you want to use a meeting room in a local hotel, high school, or you can rent a meeting room very inexpensively from the local Knights of Columbus or Shriners. Lots of local civic and fraternal organizations have their own meeting place, and happily rent them out. You can even get some of these organizations to publicize your seminar for you :-)

Everything that you need to know about organizing a seminar for local offline businesses is included in the packages that are readily available online.

With just a little preparation, and the decision to share your expertise with the "right market" - business people who have already set aside funds for growing their businesses, you literally can earn $ 10,000 (or more) in a single weekend.

If you get into action now, you could literally do this next weekend, although I'd allow a little more lead time.

This IS something that you can do!

Check out some of the seminars in a box, flow out your event, and then do it! You'll find yourself looking not only at your city, but at other nearby cities. It's that lucrative, and that much fun. You'll become a local celebrity, and a hero to local businesses too.

Willie Crawford has been teaching internet marketing and ecommerce since 1996. The complete presentation that he uses when conducting local workshops including slides are at:

Thursday, October 12, 2017

You Can Make A Fortune As An Internet Marketer In The Next Decade

You Can Make A Fortune As An Internet Marketer In The Next Decade
Did you know that the Internet was invented by the US Department of Defense as a means of communication if we were attacked by Russia? True, and it was in 1969. The WWW on the other hand was invented by an Englishman called Tim Berners-Lee in Switzerland in 1989. The Internet dates back to the 1950s and 60s, although few of us knew of it then as it was part of the American defense system.

Now that we are well in to a new decade I thought it would be nice to reflect a little bit on the history so far. How businesses have related, are relating and will relate to Internet:

In 1999 it was maybe 5% of the brick and mortar business that had a website, and they all looked like brochure. In the early 2000 around 10% of the brick and mortar business had a website, and they still looked like a brochure. In the mid 2000 around 30% of the brick and mortar business had a website. Then something rear to happen. About 10% of those started to "get it". They started to wonder if this website that looked like a brochure actually could bring some value and money to the business. They started to look in the concept of what we know as "Internet marketing". And at this point in 2005-2006 the concept of "Internet marketing" started to become main stream.

Now at the start of a new decade we see about 50% of all businesses have a website, and a growing number of them stat to see that there are more to this "Internet thing" than just have a website that looks like a brochure. And my prediction is that in the coming decade we will see close to 100% of all businesses will have their own website, and a ever growing number of those will see and understand that the Internet is a fact of life and can actually grow their business. The question they will have to answer is: How to attract, keep and retain customers? And as a shift of awareness among most people the consequence will be that they will seek knowledge and people with the skills on how this "Internet marketing" works. We will literally see a wave of opportunity come in the next decade that we likely will see in our lifetime.

And how will this affect us? Well for a starter if you even read this article you are way ahead of most people, and since there is no "official education" on this topic they will look to folks like YOU to help them. There are already a number of Internet marketers that are working as consultants to large international companies to help them, and to a VERY lucrative prize. I heard one of the most "famous" Internet marketers Frank Kern, and he told me that he had big multi national businesses paying him $ 100k and 15% of their revenue per year to do this job. That's just to give you an example, and there are going to be a LOT of them in the next ten years. There are actually not enough of "us" to serve the demand that is coming, so GET READY.

Just to give you an idea how good or bad it can go I will give you an example from my home country Norway (I love the four seasons). The two biggest airline companies in our country have a very different story the last two years, The "old" one SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) has very bad results the last ten years, while the smaller one, Norwegian (Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA) are doing absolutely great. They travel to more or less the same destinations, and are competing for the same travelers, but still SAS use way more money than Norwegian. And there are a number of reasons for that, but before I say anything go visit their sites and see if you can see any difference there? You did right? The most basic knowledge in the industry: Norwegian have an Opt-In box. The funny thing is that most traveling with Norwegian is on their list, and when they have a "new" promotion they send it out to ALL of their subscribers. And they have it all the time. SAS on the other hand also have a place where you can sign up for a new letter, but you have to look for it. So if you ask the companies how many they have on their lists and how they use it, you'll get two very different stories. And why do you think the results are so difference? Every time SAS have something to communicate to it's customers they have to have a BIG campaign on TV, radio, newspapers etc. Very expensive, while Norwegian don't need that much traditional advertisement because a great number off people get offer in their in-box. As simple as that.

PS! I have not been in touch with SAS, so please feel free to make a good chunk of money by doing so ;-)

Check the Internet Marketing tips and information at and grab your free copy of various internet marketing tips and strategies.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

What's Next For Teachers After Webstreaming and Video Podcasting? A School Dedicated TV URL Channel

What's Next For Teachers After Webstreaming and Video Podcasting? A School Dedicated TV URL Channel

Remember the early 1980s. It was the introduction in many schools of the BBC B computer. Wow, it was certainly impressive but it now seems so dated. I recall the teacher at the time asking us to imagine what we thought the classroom of twenty years time from then would look like. The class came to a general conclusion that teachers would be replaced by a BBC B computer wheeled into teach each lesson. I certainly liked this idea as at least the computer would never give detentions.

Our idea of computers taking classes seems wildly out but actually looking closely we were not too far away. You see, classes today continue to be taught by 'real people' but look at the effect that computers have made in helping people to learn. For those non-academics twenty or more years ago would surely have benefited from the internet, where they could learn at their own speed.


Webstreaming, video podcasts, the internet have all come into education today but exactly where will technology take us say in twenty years time? Who knows but I what I do know is that schools can now set up their own virtual schools. I'm not talking about the website 2nd Life here, I'm talking about each school having its own tv channel on the web. This could be the place where lessons as videos and video podcasts could be delivered through one dedicated tv URL channel. You think that webstreaming would make a TV URL channel too slow? Well actually no. The fact is that a channel is very easy to set up one and can be updated by teachers in real time.

For teachers using this new technology lessons could be recorded, either in video or audio format, and placed on one of these channel. It means that those children who are not too fast at picking up information in a traditional education way, could be going back to the lesson and watching it again in their own time. Webstreaming and video podcasts are great but now it's time for educators to sit down and seriously consider this latest internet technology with its many benefits.

Timothy Mitchell is a Director at RedRok Media, which is pioneering TV URL channels in schools and colleges.
Educational URL TV Channels

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Career In Digital Marketing –The Next Big Leap

Career In Digital Marketing –The Next Big Leap

As per a recent survey on the world internet usage status, there are nearly 20 billion internet users around the world with a global population penetration rate of about 28.7%. These figures speak volume of the high importance that digital marketing has gained over the last few years. Pursuing an academic specialization in digital marketing has become one of the most sought after career-choice among graduates who are in the look-out for lucrative and interesting future professional prospects.  

In technical sense, digital marketing is the promotion of brands using the various digital channels known such as—television, radio, internet, mobile and other applicable forms of digital media. In other words, it is the promotion of products and services through these digital channels to reach consumers in an efficient, budget-friendly and time-bound. The increasing popularity of ecommerce in each and every nook and corner of the world has led to the necessity for industry experts and business professionals to emphasis on the importance of establishing internet marketing as an ‘area of academic specialization.' Digital marketing covers a vast area of study due to its relevance with media and the development of high-end latest technologies for elements such as— mobile phones, sms/mms, display/banner ads and digital outdoor. Unlike the yesteryears, the advent of World Wide Web has helped interested students around the world to procure information on reputed international institutions that offer post graduate Degree Digital Marketing.

The main objective behind the introduction of innovative professional subjects like digital marketing, internet marketing and digital media is to inculcate a comprehensive understanding of traditional marketing methodologies and its role in modern digital media. So, you may be wondering how a London Master of Digital Marketing Degree could help you in the hunt for a lucrative and rewarding career. The answer lays in the fact that obtaining professional certification in online marketing; digital media or digital marketing empowers business graduates with the ability to plan, assess and measure digital marketing. It also enables students to learn to improve customer engagement through digital channels. In addition, it teaches students about the importance of website and the role of social media in marketing. Most of the leading international B-schools generally offer a year's management course in improvising skills in the areas of—accounting, strategy, general management, internet marketing, web analytics and search engine optimization.

Interested in pursuing in London Masters Online Marketing? London is home to some of best business schools offering Masters Program in digital marketing.  HULT, a leading business school located in the heart of central London, offers Master Degree programs in digital marketing. A career in digital marketing is of high relevance today and will likely pay you with great job opportunities.

Hult International Business School provides business education to students around the world. Hult offers MBA, Master and Undergraduate degrees at. Grad School London for students who wants to make their career in. London Master of Digital Marketing.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Next Generation Search Engines

Next Generation Search Engines

Google has been ruling the world of premiere search engines for quite sometime now , but emergence of the nest generation search engines like that of Teoma , Infoseek , Mayukhs Search, Looksmart , Google will be forced to rethink its strategies.Google is also known for the wide range of features it offers, such as cached links that let you "resurrect" dead pages or see older versions of recently changed ones. It offers excellent spell checking, easy access to dictionary definitions, integration of stock quotes, street maps, telephone numbers and more. See Google's help page for an entire rundown on some of these features. The Google Toolbar has also won a popular following for the easy access it provides to Google and its features directly from the Internet Explorer browser.But these new search engines are no less , for example Mayukhs Search is now indexing 422 billion pages per second and is enabled with perfect spell checker and query related search .The most amazing fact about this search engine , is that an Indian lad Mayukh Goswami is the sole architecht behind this search technology .Mayukhs Search toolbar is also fast evolving to be one of the best.Looksmart ,Infoseek , Teoma needs no introduction . Well today at one end of the search engine spectrum is the Yahoo Guide , designed by David Filo and Jerry Yang while students at Standford University.It has a search fynction and hot lists featuring new and interesting sites.Well unlike Yahoo, where the list is edited and polished by people , Altavista is a search engine that locates documents by brute force .Well the all new search engine Mayukhs Search created by and only by Mayukh Goswami in collaboration sends out a program named Scooter to wander the web and return documents that it finds to the digital site.As this program , called a Web Spider , here called Scooter , sends back new documents , an index program at Digital is busy extracting key words from the documents and storing them in a large database along with the addresses of the pages they came from .When you search for key words the search engine looks them up in this database and gives you the addresses where documents containing them can be found.