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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Creating an HTML newsletter

Creating an HTML newsletter

There are quite a few email marketing companies that give you the tools to put together your HTML newsletters yourself I quite like GraphicMail as they have a fantastic drag-and-drop editor that helps those not-so-web-savvy users put together a great looking newsletter without them being familiar with HTML. But for those that are, GraphicMail offers HTML editors that are easy to use.

Their intuitive, user-friendly online HTML editor lets you create content from scratch or modify a selected email template in minutes. The editor is easy enough to use for people with no HTML design skills, yet powerful enough to be useful to those with design pros. Also, they fully support foreign language and double-byte character sets, allowing you to send both plain text and a HTML newsletter in virtually any foreign language. So personally, that's my choice.

Whatever email marketing solution you choose for your html newsletter, make sure of the following:

-That it has a policy against spam.

-That you don't use your own email program as you might be cut off by your Internet Service Provider for spamming; and not only that – there is no way for you to analyze your email campaign success if you just send out some mails from Outlook, for instance.

Once you've found the ideal email marketing service, follow these steps to get the best out of your html newsletter:

Decide which program you are going to use to create your email newsletter.
If you've already created your newsletter, simply import your own HTML (template) files from Dreamweaver (zip HTML and images), Word, or FrontPage, and upload it to an email marketing platform to send.
If you have some snazzy design skills, then you can design your own html newsletter to create a striking and engaging experience.
Maybe you simply choose from a range of free email templates (a good email marketing company should have this option) and modify it in minutes with an online editor.
Some email marketing service providers even give you the option to upload an entire web page and send it as your newsletter.
Make sure that your newsletter is not too large so that it can be downloaded quickly, (think of those poor souls that view it on their mobile devices!).
Proof-read your email for correct spelling and grammar.
If your email marketing provider has tools that allow you to personalize your newsletter for each recipient, make use of it.
And lastly, send a test email to yourself before finally sending off your html newsletter. If everything looks okay, send it off to your mailing list!

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

E Newsletter Enabled Internet Marketing

E Newsletter Enabled Internet Marketing
First thing that you should consider for promoting your online business is building an e-newsletter. E-newsletter is basically an email that includes graphics, articles, links, banners, etc. It should be designed in such a way that it contains only the informative and advertising material. I mean to say; e-newsletter should solve the marketing purpose. In this article, we will discuss e-newsletter and see how we can effectively use it for marketing purpose.

The first thing that you need to build before using an e-newsletter is an email distribution list. This is important to make sure that you are sending your emails on valid email addresses and to those people who are actually interested in your services and products. Keep in mind; do not ever use incorrect methods to generate email addresses and send out newsletters as this will be just a waste of time. Only those people read e-newsletters who are interested in your products and services. And this is not the best method to increase the traffic or to sell the products.

Also, sending out e-newsletter to large audience who are not at all interested in your products and services may take your newsletter as Spam. Its consequences are really serious; you have to face a lot of penalty and even loss of website and business.

The best way to prepare a list of valid email address is to create a forum. Whenever anybody visits your forum and is interested in receiving more information from you, he/she will register with it and you get a valid email address. This also includes registering with your website and taking the permission to include the email address in the distribution list. Building a list in this way and sending e-newsletter is a good idea as you will send emails only to those who are interested in your products and services.

The second thing that you need to consider is the content of the newsletter. Do not directly advertise your products and services in the newsletter. Just use small advertising techniques to promote your Internet business. You can also include informative things like articles, tips, product reviews, testimonials, and links to your website, etc.

It is recommended that you hire a consultant to promote your products and services. This is because experienced people can easily and safely promote you business.

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