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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Top Networking Aeropostale Coupon Codes

Top Networking Aeropostale Coupon Codes

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Sunday, October 8, 2017

5 Ways to Add Social Networking to Your Marketing Mix

5 Ways to Add Social Networking to Your Marketing Mix

MySpace. Facebook. YouTube. LinkedIn. Blogs. Podcasting. Unless you've spent the last couple of years living in some cave, you've probably at least heard these terms before. But what you may not know is how to harness their power for your marketing.

And frankly, a lot of that is still up in the air. But thousands of savvy marketers are taking the time to learn how to use this new technology, and are connecting to their market and each other in new, exciting ways.

So this time around, I'd like to give you a crash course in social networking.

Social Networking 101

Don't Sell. People hate advertising. And I'd say that part of the reason so many people are rushing to online social networks in the first place is to GET AWAY from advertising. Sure, these sites are free because they are paid for with online ads, but their users will happily ignore them, and continue clicking away and adding to their Friends lists.

That's because they distrust advertisers. And that's why they turn to their friends, colleagues and other people they trust to tell them what they should and shouldn't buy. So instead of trying to sell them something, offer them something cool for free that they'll want to share with all their friends while promoting your brand in the process.

For example, promoters of The Simpsons movie had a setup on MySpace that let users "Simpsonize" their user pictures, making them look as if they were drawn by Simpsons cartoonists. Nike, Chevy, and other large companies give away free wallpaper MySpacers can customize their pages with.

Now I know what you're saying. "That's fine for large corporations, but I'm a small business. What can I do?"

In short, a lot! You can create a video that showcases your product or service in some unique way, post it on YouTube, your website and blog, and watch it soar.

Are you an author with a published book? Create a MySpace or Facebook page just for your book! This is proving to be a great way to gain a readership and gather together fans of your work.

Remember that it takes time. You can't put your profile on LinkedIn and expect your phone to start ringing off the hook immediately. It takes time and effort to create valuable connections with people, both online and off.

Go where your prospects are. If you're an unsigned band, MySpace or Facebook may give you the shot you need, but if you're a consultant to high-level executives at Fortune 500 companies, Ryze or LinkedIn might do a better job of finding prospects who would be interested in your services.

Know what you want. Ask yourself, "What are my goals?" "What results to I expect?" "Do I want to sell products, increase brand awareness, or just network?" "What results can reasonably be measured?" Asking yourself these questions now can save you a lot of time and headaches later.

Just keep in mind that there's really no easy, direct way to measure your return on investment (ROI) like there is in direct marketing. You may get business six months from now because of someone you met who knows someone who knows someone who needs someone. That's why you need patience to stick with it. And don't give up on your other marketing programs.

Leverage all your usual marketing channels. To really maximize social networking's effectiveness, get the word out the way you normally would. Posting a video of your latest workshop on YouTube is great, but using that site's embedding feature to post the video on your blog or a dedicated page on your website, then announcing said postings to your list and with a press release, is even better.

Also, if you're active on Ryze, LinkedIn, or Facebook, put your profile link on your business card, on the contact page of your website, and even your letterhead. The next time you're at a flesh and blood networking function, ask the other attendees you meet if they are also on these sites. You'll grow your network even faster, and have something else in common with those you meet.

Well, that's it. 5 ways you can leverage the power of social networking for your business. I hope you find it helpful to you in your marketing.

James Palmer is an independent direct response copywriter who specializes in creating articles, ebooks, sales letters, websites, and emails for small business owners and online marketers. He also helps large and small companies develop social media marketing strategies. For more info, please visit

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Why You Need to Add Social Networking to Your Company's Marketing Mix

Why You Need to Add Social Networking to Your Company's Marketing Mix

There are many mediums available to get information to your customers and prospects but one form is quickly pulling ahead in terms of usage and relevancy.

By now you should all be familiar with social media. It is quickly becoming more relevant as a means of connecting with friends, family, business contacts, and yes customers. Sites like linkedin, facebook, digg, twitter, and youtube give us the ability to create an enormous flow of information and interactivity between large groups of people. They allow us to reconnect to people who we haven't been in touch with for years or form communication lines with brand new contacts.

We can post videos about events pertaining to our personal lives or our companies and products. They give customers a means of communicating with you - a place to leave comments make suggestions, fill out surveys, etc. It's important to engage your customers and the social networking sites give you the opportunity to do just that. It gives your customers an opportunity to feel like they are involved and are part of what’s going on with you. Your customers can join your network, subscribe to your blog, follow your feed, etc. It gives you a way to be communicating with them 24/7.

Want an example? OK. Let’s say you just released a new product. Of course you’ll still be utilizing your current means of promotion such as postcard marketing, television or radio ads, print advertising, etc. But if you’ve built up a significant social network you can blast this information out on your lines and it can create a viral effect. Invite the people in your network to repost the information through their networks and within a few hours you can reach thousands of people who you would not have otherwise reached.

Here are some numbers to give you a better picture of what’s going on with this medium.


More than 120 million active users, Facebook is the 4th most-trafficked website in the world.


more than 30 million experienced professionals from around the world, representing 150 industries.


global visitors to Twitter rose almost fivefold to 5.57 million in September from a year earlier, according to Internet researcher ComScore Inc. in Reston, Virginia.


MySpace has more than 110 million monthly active users around the globe. 85% of MySpace users are of voting age (18 or older). 1 in 4 Americans is on MySpace, in the UK it’s as common to have a MySpace as it is to own a dog.

With millions of people waiting to connect with you there is no reason not to tap into this resource. Especially if you consider the fact that it requires only an investment of time. So get on there and post those videos, product brochures and feeds. Connect with your customers and make some new connections. If you put the time into it you will see the results.

Ray Boucher is the creative director and principal of inthinktive an advertising firm located in Dunedin Florida.

Feel free to connect with Ray on any of the following:



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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Social Networking Blogs

Social Networking Blogs

Google the word "blog" today and you'll get somewhere hovering around 2 billion results. Now, without going into elaborate Google indexing theories, that doesn't necessarily mean there are 2 billion active blogs, but does prove the enormous popularity nonetheless.

The term blog dates back to the late '90's when the already slightly acronym-ized term weblog, used for for the newer fashion of posting journals, or logs, on the web, was shortened even further into the term blog.

Blogs exploded throughout the next decade as celebrity and well-known political activists posts gained enormous popularity and exposure.

As social network sites burst on the scene and eventually became the internet mainstay for over a half a billion users, the novelty of blogs dulled slightly, but not their importance. Many very popular blog authors are routinely spotlighted on national news-talk shows, talk radio, internet magazines, gossip sites, etc.

But most social network sites somewhat ignored blogs and actually formed a new style of blogging. We started notifying our online friends of our every move by what would be called micro-blogging. Twitter popped on the scene a couple of years ago and pushed the micro-blog to new limits (140 character limits, to be exact). People are constantly tweeting their thoughts to the world through the popular service.

While we try to stay abreast of our friends and keep our "followers" notified of our daily thoughts and activities via these abbreviated bursts of mental activity, many social networking sites like ( ) are again embracing the blog. The fit is a good one too, as users can use other site tools to spread the word and snippets of information from their latest blogging masterpiece. Some sites let you select sharing access so that you can keep your thoughts private, truly like a journal, or make public to share with the world. And most that do offer blogs also even offer the ability to embed pictures and even video in your blogs.

Micro-blogging will continue to have its place. But its good to see these social networking sites offering blogs in their repertoire of tools.

So start creating. If your favorite home on the web doesn't offer full blog support, do some searching for social media sites that do. If you have never blogged, you enjoy the extra large palette that blogging gives you. If you have strayed away from blogging, you'll welcome having your creative friend back.


Founder of social networking site ( )

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Role of Social Networking in SEO

Role of Social Networking in SEO

In recent times, social networking has turned out to be a must do activity to achieve long term success on the Internet. Almost everybody who knows how to use the Internet has an account at different social networking sites. People of every age group big or small are using numerous networking sites and creating their profile.

In fact, over the past few years social networking have become more popular in the general public. It has become one of the best ways to meet people in different parts of the world. It has helped many business owners grew or promote their business and even act as best platform to share information and generate business leads.

With the rapid growth in number of broadband connections and online users this new concept have become a dominant marketing device that in turn helped in driving business to any website and translate into sales. It has emerged as one of the least expensive and most helpful ways to boost the website ranking opportunities and attract the attention of target audience. Indeed it is playing a big role in website promotion and SEO process.

When an individual creates a website, it is not always easy to get visibility and the amount of traffic. But with the social networking, this task can be achieved in better way. Besides this, these days there are millions of websites that are easily accessible but the problem occurs when we try to get high rankings with the search engines for the same keywords. Thus, the best thing we can do is publish good articles in social networking sites after selecting some relevant topic related with the theme of the website. Focusing on the same keyword, this can be an effective internet marketing technique.

This has also become the major source of back-links. It provides a great way to generate back-links for free. It boosts website visibility at search engines, because each new back-link is a new positive point for website. Generally most of the social networking sites provide the facility of creating forums.

These forums are great source to get thousands of back-links. Now the key benefit of creating a forum signature is that- when an individual clicks on a forum that was indexed by the search engines, they will have a direct link to website from forum signature. The more post we make to different topics, the more back-links we will create to our website.

Looking at the current scenario social networking in a broad business sense is definitely best and most effective way of drawing potential clients and interest to site. Playing its role in search engine optimization process for any website, it can increase the number of meaningful hits to website. Using this form of social marketing is more effective because it draws customers in a more ethical way. Website promotion through social networking is more like a fun and one won't have to wait for the result for weeks or months.

India Designers a leading Web Design & Internet marketing company has made remarkable position in the Internet Web Industry. The well skilled & experienced professional staff of India Designers provides creative web design, web development, search engine optimization, SEO copywriting, pay per click management, social media marketing, SMO and IT sourcing services. Visit us

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bookmarking on Social Networking Sites

Bookmarking on Social Networking Sites

In this article you are going to find out how to get more traffic to our website or blog through social networking sites. Almost every people uses those sites for dating, romance or friendship, yet you can have many viewes at the same time as well.


Create an account in Facebook. The basic tactic to get the traffic is to gain more friends. First of all randomly add friends suggested by Facebook. The key factor is the more you got friends, the more you will be able to get the traffic. Now, once you reach more than 100 friends. Do as mentioned below.


Create a Facebook Group that suits best to your blog/website. Give detailed explanation in the group about your site. Now, invite your friends to join your group. Share attractive contents regularly that attracts your friend to visit your group often. This way you will get much more traffic.


At the same time create Facebook LIKE button by providing accurate information about your site/blog. Post informative contents and feeds. Invite your friends to join or like your content. The more people like it, the more your blog is grown. If your updates are really helpful or attractive then the people in the group will also recommend others to join it. It will add a popularity to your reputation.


Twitter is also getting famous day by day and having millions of users across the world. Twitter has become the most powerful factor to get traffic to your site/business/blogs.


The simple funds works in Twitter is if you follow others, other will follow you automatically. The whole twitter game is setup on following and followers. It is totally different from Facebook marketing. You should post your tweets in a way that it attract other people to check it. In order to do so make an attractive statement related to your blog/site with URL. Do not post Original URL of your blog/site.


At the same time make sure that you do not tweet constantly, I mean not more than 4-5 tweets at a time. Because if you do it more frequently than there is a possibility that Twitter might consider your as a Spammer.


Social Networking Sites and eDiscovery

Social Networking Sites and eDiscovery

Social networking sites are becoming tremendously popular and contain a wealth of information with active messages, tweets, blogs and comments. The repository of these social activities can provide valuable and potent information which can be produced as electronic evidence in court for litigation.

eDiscovery depends largely on electronically stored information which is considered valid legal evidence. Lawyers search for valid information on networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space, etc., all of which may potentially provide relevant information. These networking sites are good hunting grounds where important witnesses can be located. Photographs, videos, messages and forum posting are all digital data that could potentially be admissible for e-discovery in legal cases.

How Can Information Be Sourced from Networking Sites?

Enterprises, governments and law firms involved in litigation cases have realized the potential of networking sites in helping them with their cases. This information can be gathered in two ways:

·The first method is by searching the data that is freely available through postings in blogs and on walls, etc., that is publicly available.

·The second method is by identifying the owners of the information and establishing contact through friend requests on the sites.

Information that is sourced from networking sites may appear to be casual, but it cannot be ignored as it can provide a significant angle to legal investigators to aid them in pursuing an effective electronic disclosure process.

Limitations in Acquiring Data through Social Networking Sites

Though social networking sites can provide relevant information necessary for electronic discovery processing, some rules that define the methods of collecting data may be challenging.  Those involved in lawsuits may try to invade the privacy of networking site users, which can evoke strong reactions. Moreover the conventional method used by the networking sites to collect and produce information is quite complex for legal investigators to comprehend. Due to this lack of expertise, they are often unable to maximize the use of electronic disclosure software, which results in unsatisfactory results.

What eDiscovery Practices Can Be Implemented on Networking Sites?

The FRCP, or Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which governs civil lawsuits in the U.S., is responsible for stressing ESI in e-discovery processes. The FRCP rules instruct lawyers to employ updated e-discovery practices and strategies. The ECPA, or Electronic Communications Privacy Act, does not permit third parties from acquiring data for electronic disclosure purposes without authorization. Recently the Philadelphia State Bar Association passed a regulation forbidding lawyers from using third parties to collect data from social networking sites. Attorneys had been known to ask third parties to send friend requests to access a user's profile, which is now considered unethical. So these rules and procedures should be kept in mind before embarking on this route.

The Solution to the Networking Dilemma

In this connected day and age, attorneys have to demonstrate skillful tactics in sourcing the information available on social networking sites to provide the best e-discovery solutionsfor their clients. The information collected from these sites can be used to testify on various issues like determining the mental condition of the accused or establishing their presence at a specific location which they may have previously denied. Attorneys are generally intimidated by the complexities of e-discovery case management. Legal hassles can be handled with tact using the best of electronic discovery solutions which can help provide required evidence without the fear of treading on illegal territory.

eDiscovery, electronic discovery production

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Your Personal Social Networking Sites Are Not For Business

Your Personal Social Networking Sites Are Not For Business

There is a huge problem in the social networking realm today. People who try to market their business with a social networking account are using their personal accounts for this purpose. With family pictures, candid updates and connections to people who are not associated with your business, these accounts are just not fit for business.

The reason people often choose their private accounts to market their business is due to the time they have spent on the social network with that account. Establishing a new, business related screen name can take time and many marketing campaigns are incorrectly focused on how much can be accomplished in how LITTLE time. Backlinking and SEO takes time. There are no short cuts that will provide a good end outcome.

How to Establish a Business Account on a Social Network

Taking that step into business networking is a big one. The timid hold off because they understand the time it takes to constantly update the account and link back to the main website. Once the account is started, that screen name will be directly associated with the main website used to offer products and / or services. A failed social network account is a scary prospect.

The alternative is no less scary. The business that uses the personal website risks losing credibility in the business world. All it takes is a potential client subscribing to your social network account and a family member or friend posting something inappropriate to wreck years of promotional work and dedication to professionalism.

Taking an Honest Shortcut

There is an honest shortcut that can be used to help establish the business social account without much work for the business. Freelancer writers and backlink companies can work together to create a business account and publish regular updates. These updates can be in the form of blogs, articles and microblogs depending on the social network being used.

There are a few rules to follow when establishing a social business account. If multiple social sites are being used, each account needs to have the same name. This will help to brand your business across social channels. The names of the accounts should also be easy to remember and spell. The more difficult the screen name, the less likely people will be to remember the name.

Smaller social networks that are more focused on your niche can also be a great niche. The most popular social networks are not normally niche related, but smaller networks like (for real estate agents) provide traffic from people that are looking for a specific type of information. A quick search of social networks will provide a list of niche social networks.

Social networks are the source of millions of potential hits. These hits need to work with your main website to promote a business, product or service. Using a personal account is simply a bad business decision that will backfire. Whether using the most popular or most topic specific social website, the business account should never utilize personal connections.

Does your site need more high quality, one way backlinks?