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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Myths About Blogging

Myths About Blogging

There are certain myths that have grown up around blogs, bloggers and the blogosphere in general. Here are just some of them and some clarifications:

Anyone can start a blog! Not just anyone! There are some requirements, some more obvious than others. Obviously, you need a computer that you know how to use, an Internet connection and some experience using the Internet. You also need a host for your blog; there are blog hosts that are free and some that cost a small amount per month. One last requirement is not just an ability to communicate your thoughts but also a willingness to do so.

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 Anyone can set up a blog! Some blogs are much easier to set up and use than others, this depends on your blog host (e.g., blogger, iblogs, typepad, tblog, etc.). Some blog hosts take you through a couple simple set-up steps and you're off writing your first post but there are others that get far more technical than the average user may be ready for.

Blogging doesn't take up that much time! That depends! Some posts, when you have a clear idea of what you want to say, may take just a few minutes while you may struggle for days (literally) with others that involve complex issues or thoughts. In general, blogging is a daily activity for the serious blogger (some bloggers write up to ten posts a day) and a once-a-week activity for the casual blogger.

Most blogs are political! Many blogs focus on political topics but most blogs are just bloggers discussing their lives, loves and travels. A list of the 50 most visited blogs at BlogHub (shows very few political blogs.

Blogs are in competition with the main-stream media! This is true in a few cases (not as many cases as bloggers would have you think). Just recently, there have been some very popular and influential social and politically-oriented blogs that have caused main-stream media outlets to back-track and change their coverage of important events.

Bloggers just criticize and have no new information to add! This may be true in some cases but blogging today is much more than the personal activity it used to be. Corporations, media outlets, public personalities, politicians and experts in almost every field have now joined the ranks of blog producers. Considering all this expertise, one would have to say that bloggers have a lot of new information to add to any debate.

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You can't believe anything you read in a blog! That's a bit of an overstatement. You'll run across bad information and even intentional untruths in blogs but, for the most part, bloggers who state facts are stating what they honestly believe to be fact. It is always up to the readers to verify that any information they receive is accurate information.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Email Campaign Management Myths

Email Campaign Management Myths

Apparently there are many different email campaign management myths. For some reason or another, myths have been circulating and many small businesses and individuals end up avoiding the use of email campaigns. However, marketing by email is one of the most cost effective ways to find new prospects and make more sales, so it's important to clear up these myths so your company can get started.
Email marketing takes too much time - One of the largest reasons that people don't participate in running their own email campaigns is how time consuming they have been led to believe it is. But actually, with all of the tools for email campaign management today it's quicker than it ever has been before. You'll be able to create, manage and optimize your campaigns in no time.
Email marketing costs too much money - There's no business out there that doesn't cite saving money on expenses as an important to do. However, email marketing doesn't have to break your budget. Many popular email service providers start their services at $ 10 or $ 15 per month. Additionally, most offer free trials that allow you to check out their services ahead of time to see if you like them and want to stick with them.
Email marketing is too hard to learn - As with any other kind of skill, you will need to learn through trial and error when it comes to email marketing. But that doesn't mean that it's overly hard or complex. It's actually pretty easy to get a hang of once you know some basic guidelines. The more you get involved the quicker and more effectively you'll learn email campaign management.
Email marketing just isn't worth it - Yes, there's a lot of SPAM out there and it can be hard to keep your messages out of the SPAM filters. But there's a lot of "SPAM" in all other communication channels as well. These are all the print, TV, radio, direct mail, telemarketing and so forth messages that people receive without prompting and aren't interesting in. So really, email marketing isn't any different in this regard. Studies routinely show that email marketing produces the lowest cost per acquisition of a new customer or a new sale than any other form of advertising or promotion.
If you listen to all the bad things that people said about running email campaigns, you'd never want to become involved. But your business can effectively use email campaign management once it knows the truth. The only thing holding you back is your willingness to get on the saddle and give it a try.

For more great resources and best practices visit Succeed @ Email Marketing for a comprehensive email marketing guide and everything you need to know about successful email campaign management.

Myths About AdSense Websites For Sale

Myths About AdSense Websites For Sale

There are a lot of myths surrounding the many different AdSense websites for sale. As with anything, people should do research before deciding to jumping into anything. Many people wonder How to make money with Google AdSense? This could account for the reason so many jump it on the thought of purchasing one of the many AdSense ready sites. Never are impulse decisions a good thing to do, especially when it involves your money.

Proper understanding of what you are getting into will help to avoid someone taking advantage of you. Research is always key, you should always thoroughly research any websites that claim themselves as AdSense ready made. A good reason for doing this, is that it will give you indication to the kind of traffic you should expect out of that site.

In addition, you would want to learn about any complaints that were made about the company that you are planning to buy from. Other people's reviews do well at warning you if you are potentially getting into something that will end up making a headache and a half. The last thing you want to do is fall into a scam, like the companies that hire people to work from home with promises to make them rich. Some promise what they can never deliver and they are just nothing but an internet fraud.

When looking around at the different AdSense websites for sale, always make sure to use caution. With advantages there are always disadvantages. The disadvantages with things like this are the potential risks involved.

One thing to consider is how a company could put their AdSense ID into the script of the website that they sell you. Another thing, is how many of these sites are made from duplicate content. It may not appear that way, but that is the point and the reason why many use rewriters and change the colors around.

Some advantages you may find as well. Providing yourself with enough time and the right kind of tools, could allow you to turn one of these sites into a money maker for you. Putting time into the website will be the most important thing in order to achieve a goal such as this. If you are willing to spend more money, half made sites from publishers are usually always a good buy. This kind of decision rests solely within your hands and no one else.

Premade websites that use AdSense free will work well for you if you are willing to put the necessary time into them. One good thing is the amount of money that you will not spend. Saving money is always a good thing and you also have something to build from.

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