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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Music Layouts For Your MySpace Profile

Music Layouts For Your MySpace Profile

If you are like most of the people who use MySpace, you have done your share of wandering around this social networking web site. You may be looking for new prospects for your Friends list. You may just enjoy reading the blogs, or admiring the graphics that others have left as a part of their messages on the different profiles you come across. Whatever your reason for surfing the pages of MySpace, you cannot help but notice all of the different profiles. Of course, there are a few plain ones, but the vast majority of MySpace members have taken the time to dress up their profiles with graphics, colours, images, and all sorts of interesting photos.

You can find sets of all these things for MySpace. These sets have been dubbed "layouts", and one of the reasons that they are so popular is the vast array of choices that are available when searching for them. Layouts are free, but you need to know just where to look online to find the best ones. The most popular varieties of these layouts are the many Playboy MySpace layouts, along with the wide selection of music layouts.

Music MySpace layouts run the gamut from what would be classified as a more or less "generic" music layout, consisting of musical notes, bars, and staffs floating on a coloured background to a layout that is all about a certain band, right down to the icons! You can find music layouts that will express the personality of the individual user, as chosen by the user. A lot of thought goes into the choice of a music layout for MySpace, usually much more than is necessary for one of the candy MySpace layouts that are available.

The user must consider their favourite style of music, their favourite band, and whether or not a premade layout is available for that band. Even when there is a layout already available, it is not unusual for people to create their own music layouts. By doing so, they can control the colours, the fonts used, and everything else involved in making the perfect music layout. However, there are ways to use the vast majority of premade layouts, and make them truly your own creations. All it takes is the addition of perhaps some glitter graphics, a slideshow, or the use of a MySpace generator or a few lines of code to change the looks of a layout.

Premade music layouts can consist of piano keys on a dark background, perhaps with a few roses scattered about, or a layout that consists of a sheet music background accented with complimentary graphics and/or photos. You may be interested in a music layout that glorifies rock music, country music, jazz, or even opera! The music layouts that feature different types of musical instruments are very popular, as are the layouts that pay homage to the individual bands, musicians, and vocalists that make up the music world of today.

If you are a music lover, you are sure to find a MySpace music layout to suit both your personality and your musical tastes. provides free MySpace layouts for your MySpace profile. Download a free MySpace Layout today by visiting Free MySpace Layouts.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Add Live Music To Your Celebration

Add Live Music To Your Celebration

Music has become the background for almost every activity these days, and most of the time, song popularity is more important than hearing the original performer. Everyone has favorite songs that stir up specific and powerful memories associated with them. Replaying or listening to those easily identifiable tunes is often both an uplifting and satisfying experience. This may be part of the reason that music is usually included in special celebrations such as marriages, birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate parties.

Fortunately, band booking agencies exist to match your event needs with the right performers to create those positive and lasting memories. Knowing the ambiance or mood you wish to foster, these agencies have tested and proven artists ready to be the background or the center stage entertainment, whichever best fits into your celebration plans.

While weddings are in and of themselves, pretty stressful, both in the planning and in the participating, music is almost always an integral part. Choosing a live band to play instrumentally during the ceremony adds a lovely touch, especially for video recordings. The advantage of live music over canned is the ability of the performers to adapt on the spot to any impromptu changes that may happen.

Then, at the reception, your friends and family can dance and sway to all their favorite music. Band booking agencies can provide you with whatever style of music you prefer, from country, to pop, to reggae, to hard rock. Once booked, the professional artists will take all the worry out of this part of your wedding planning. You can concentrate on other details knowing that your music is covered and you will not be at risk for an embarrassing performance by someone's favorite aunt.

When it comes to business, research is clear that workers who are genuinely appreciated perform better at their tasks, use less sick days, and work for the betterment of their company. One way to show your appreciation is to sponsor corporate parties and meetings. You could go all out with annual large scale company functions or smaller semi-formal luncheons. Whatever the setting, having good quality, live music has several unique advantages.

In spite of the affordability and ease of scheduling through band booking agencies, your employees will think you went out of your way to provide them with a good musical accompaniment. Having real performers definitely seems more sincere than simply turning on a sound system. In some way, you are reinforcing your company image of doing things right for business and for your valued employees.

Regardless of the occasion, a band booking agency can add the musical component that will complete your celebration. Live musical entertainment is an open invitation to have a good time, and those are the memories you want to create, positive memories that will last a lifetime.

More Music Group has established itself as one of the most successful Norfolk VA Band booking agencies on the East Coast. If you're looking for a wedding band or a band for any event in Virginia Beach or Norfolk contact us today.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

How to Add Music to Your MySpace Profile

How to Add Music to Your MySpace Profile

Many people consider MySpace to be much better than the giant that is Facebook.
The main reasoning for this is that MySpace allows far greater customization to your profile pages. I mean it is so popular that it has spawned a whole new industry of sites that will help you to make those changes and supply you with all kinds of things to put on there.

One of the most popular ways that you can do this is by putting music files on your page. After all you can tell a lot about a person by what kind of music that they listen to. It is a far cry from Facebook's dull and boring blue and white scheme with everybody's looking pretty much the same.

Ok so how do you go about this?

Adding music couldn't be easier to do, with MySpace. Just login go to the top menu where it has links to home, profile etc.. There you will find a link that says music click this and you will be taken to a page which has a list of albums and artists. In the area to the right you should find a search bar click on it and enter your desired artist's name.

After a few seconds you should be faced with a list of songs by your chosen artist. The one's that are available should have a "+" symbol next to them. Adding a chosen track to your page is as simple as clicking on this. It is so easy you don't have to worry about uploading any files from your own computer. After all with the massive user base that Myspace has it is probably already there in the official artists albums.

That's all well and good but what if you are a musician yourself or are a part of a band and you want to be able to share your tracks with other people. After all this is what Myspace was designed for! Well that really is easy as well all you have to do is follow the link in the top menu "music" once on the page instead of searching click on the link "musicians" this will take you to a page where you can sign up for a musicians account. This will allow you to get your music in front of a vast audience in a short amount of time.

Occasionally a track maybe disabled for one of many reasons, you can tell when this has happened as the "+" symbol doesn't appear. Why this is could be down to the artist not wanting the music on MySpace any more or they may just be performing maintenance on the site. Don't let this put you off as there is a lot more for you to choose from.

MySpace due to its sheer size has a massive database of songs that are being shared by the famous and those who haven't quite made it yet. Now you know how you can start to customize your page and take advantage of this feature you can start making your profile more about you!

By Robert Deans.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Poster Promotion for Music Stores

Poster Promotion for Music Stores

Music stores make use of a variety of visually-appealing materials to promote their products and services. When given a tight budget, store managers need to look for more creative marketing campaigns. One high-impact but affordable marketing tool that music stores can use is poster prints. Poster prints can be effective marketing tools for the following reasons:

•  Customized Designs – Posters can feature limitless designs. They can also present information about store discount and promos. They can also be used as wall design accents for the interiors of a music store. Poster designs today can easily be customized with easy-to-use Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, or, Microsoft Publisher print templates that can be downloaded from online printing companies. Apart from these print templates, online printing companies also offer professional, predesigned templates on their website.

•  High-Impact Materials – Poster prints are high-impact tools for maximum promotion of famous music artists and in-house store promotions. Printing posters using the services of online printing companies can produce high-gloss prints that can be mounted indoors and outdoors. They are also UV-protected and fade-resistant.

•  Fast Turnaround Time – For music stores whose products and services change quickly, poster prints can easily be produced and have a fast one to three day turnaround rate. Online printers even offer value-added services such as free digital proofing and free delivery of sample paper kits for stock and color options.

•  Eco-Friendly – In keeping with current eco-friendly lifestyle values, posters today use low volatile organic compounds, use vegetable based inks, and, have water-based aqueous coatings. Online printing companies also make use of 10 to 30 percent recycled stocks certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Music stores on a budget can make use of poster prints as effective marketing materials. Posters prove to be an affordable, high-impact, and highly-decorative tool that can be produced quickly, easily, and, are now more eco-friendly.

Nikki Sabato is a writer with a background in landscape architecture and design. She currently works in the field of marketing and design communication.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Music promotion techniques

Music promotion techniques

The place where buying ad selling of music products and services are concerned or market of these things takes place, is known as  E-Music Commerce. The business of E-music Commerce is concerned with Music Marketplace, Marketing, Promotion, Professional and Management. All these five tips are the important base in the business of musician growth and enhancing.


Music Marketplace is the important part for a musician to be convincing his eyes for the promotion of his business, as e-Print digital delivery service for printed music. E-Print usually used digital delivery system for music technology from Sibelius that was its scorch browser plug-in. The musician made the music CD's and albums and paste them on their site, where they can interact with customers or market of their products can be take place. Usually by definition' a market is a place where buyer or seller can interact to exchange their products.


Usually in a studio sense, a Music Marketplace is a radio program; the focus of this program is business, the economy, and the events that are caused by them. Music Marketing can be takes place by the exchange of music products in the market media and online. If there is a greater demand from the public sides, a huge of investment can takes place for the production of high quality, melodious and sound song. In this way the music business or commerce is at boom period. 


To give away the use of free Music Marketing as downloads from internet is a great Music Marketing techniques adopting by many musician. E-music commerce can be enhanced by adopting a lot of struggles against CD copy hackers, as in China the most of American singers albums was copied ad decoded their security code.  That was a major reason in American music recession. To gave up free downloads also can increase the music marketing to grow up.


Music Promotion is also enhances music business. The musician can promote their business by producing a well reputable, charming listenable and a song that was to call a song of once heart voice. The Music Promotion is to deliver a promotional campaign to settle your needs and budget according to your expectation. Mostly music promotion is needed to be reached new listeners through placing Radio! As most of the clients in the USA use Co-Op (Compilation) CD and Digital Download Cards to feature our music in USA and in international E-music business or record store here the music is taken as free for the purposes of promotion. 


Music Management have a key role in the E-Music business, regards all other aspects the management of musician is a bit difficult task for the musician to manage all works according to the requirements and handling all the task related to music. In Music Management, The central point for promoting a business is its management, in the form of information to exchange between them, the other management steps are that plays a vital role in the careers of recording artist, record producers, songwriters, ad musicians. Music professional on the other hand won the battle of musician by the experience and expertise he seek from his experience, he can easily won the heart of audience as compare to non-professional musician. Music professional is an expert of instruments, so he can easily perform his task.

With myMusicCircle music professionals and freelancers can find more work and let more work find them. On the other note, people looking to Hire producer and get a service or project done, can find the talent they are looking for.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Organic Music

Organic Music

The word "organic" is used quite a bit these days. We hear it in business as organic growth and now we hear it with regard to music recording and podcasting. The term "organic" has come to refer to something that is natural, authentic, and has core value. For example, the organic growth in business refers to true expansion in the central core of the company not inflated increases from outside venues or other sources.

According to the online urban dictionary, organic music is music that has a core sound and tone that is natural by use of acoustic instruments and vocals. This definition went on to elaborate about organic music resonating positive vibes or something to that effect. As musicians, the music industry cautions us to be "more organic." However, in this digital age, recording music in a home studio on a PC via Audacity or Adobe Audition by its very definition is digital. The sound is stored in a system of ones and zeros. Musicians can record short segments and easily repeat these sections by copying and pasting multiple times. Drums can be manufactured on keyboards or can be made completely inside a computer by using software. Most indie musicians use electronic keyboards, drum machines, and software for instrumentation when recording. These resonating vibrations though, are merely recreations from a computer.

Indie musicians are branching out into selling their music to film and television (i.e. sync licensing or synchronization). This leads to wondering how modern indie recording musicians can obtain an organic music texture?


Quantizing is a digital software adjustment that can move beats to equal other beats. So if a beat is slightly off, it can be snapped perfectly into place. The same can be used for vocals that are slightly flat or sharp by adjusting the pitch. Anyone doing their own recording and mixing has their own techniques for editing and layering tracks. However, something that I noticed early on with quantizing beats in my instruments was when listening back, some instrumental sounds were canceled out. The aural threshold of human hearing is limited, so by aligning every single instrument to an exact beat meant that the listener wasn't hearing everything that was intended. This aural phenomenon means that only a few sounds can exist in the same space at the same time. I also noticed that if two instruments had similar timbres or tones, one of them might be canceled out aurally.

Maybe this organic music direction has a slightly different meaning? Maybe it means less perfect?


Let's compare this to a symphony orchestra or choir where you have multiple musicians playing together at the same time. The orchestra has a thick acoustic sound which fulfills the definition organic music. If all the musicians are playing at the same time how can we hear the various instruments? There are a few factors that make this possible. The musicians are playing at the same time, but no two people can place precisely note for note at the exact time like a computer can. This fraction of a millisecond difference when each musician puts their bow to the string can be multiplied by all the musicians playing. This produces a thickness to the sound texture of orchestras and choirs.

Another reason for being able to hear the various instruments is due to the timbre of the individual instruments or choir voices. No two violins or voices have the exact same tone or vibrato. This variance allows human hearing to differentiate between sounds.

An additional reason for variance is the use of multiple ranges of notes. Orchestras have first and second violins, violas, cellos, and multitude of other instruments playing different notes in different octaves.

The last reason is where the musicians reside in the linear plane of hearing. For example, violins are heard more to the left, cellos basses are heard more to the right, and woodwinds are more central. This is a result of where they are seated in the orchestra during a performance and where a listener would commonly hear them from the audience.


Knowing this information can be vital in providing a more organic sound to recordings.

Instrumentation- If you are using more than one type of the same instruments like guitars from a keyboard or digital strings, try using completely two different textures. You can even adjust one to be more treble sounding than the other. If you are adding a digital woodwind or flute of some type, add in the vibrato. If you are using multiple instruments, use different octave ranges and divergent notes within the chord structure of the song.

Panning - Use the pan feature and place instruments left center, another center, another right center, etc. This allows the listener to hear the individual instruments. If you are a band but want to achieve a chamber orchestra sound, place the orchestra how you would hear them live-- violins on the left, viola left center, cello/bass more to the right. Place these instruments more to the back by using reverb while placing your guitar, bass, and vocals more up front.

Quantizing - By all means, quantize your rhythm and drums and a few of the instruments. In other cases, play the instruments all the way through the song and allow for that millisecond variance, as if multiple musicians were playing at the same time.

Timbres - Add a real voice, real percussion, or real other instrument along with your recording. If you are using the digital ah's in a song from a keyboard, get a real person to sing along with them. Adding in live actual sounds goes along way to making the recording more organic.

All the Way Through - I will use quantization to make drum tracks or basic percussion tracks and bass tracks. The rest I play live, all the way through. It is a challenge to do this and requires practice. The end result is that you can achieve a sound of multiple musicians even if you are recording by yourself.

"Music is a form of emotional communication, and when an instrument is played by a skilled performer, it can conduct that emotion from composer, through performer to listener. But when machines are allowed to have too much influence, then that emotional connection is broken. Yes, the notes, rhythms and timbres remain, but the subtleties that make music truly involving are lost. Non-organic music does often start with good DNA (to continue the analogy), but then it goes through the machine process and is liberally treated with pesticides (quantization) before being packaged and sold to the public." Reference - Audio Masterclass

Written by Suzanna Reeves @ Suzanna has been sound recording on computers since the advent of home digital recording. She has founded her own record label, recorded and published music and produced audio dramas and podcasts. She also believes that anyone with the right knowledge and tools can do it. You can subscribe to Neutrino Music Articles at our site. Twitter me @suzannareeves.

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