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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Network Marketing - The Mindset of a Successful Network Marketer

Network Marketing - The Mindset of a Successful Network Marketer

Have you ever wondered or given any thought to products, services or technology that you take for granted each day. No matter what it is, it started as a dream in the heart of an individual.


That dream is what pushed individuals to take risks. Risks that paid off big time for many and in some cases changed the world. Without the likes of Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison we may still be living in the dark ages waiting for that one person to have a dream in his heart and to take the risk at developing that dream.


The risk, what exactly are we referring too. Most people when faced with an idea no matter how brilliant it may be, have doubts. The doubt isn't about the idea but what people may think of them and failure to bring the idea to fruition.


Everyday new ideas are being born in the minds of people who if only they had the drive to see it through, could have changed their life and the lives of their family forever. The problem is not that all the opportunities are taken but that fewer people are prepared to stand up and fight for what they know to be right in their heart. They fear the thought of rejection and being made to look like a fool.


Success can only be accomplished through failure. Are you going to get it right the first time. Heck no! Walt Disney failed many times and even filed bankruptcy before he got it right. Thomas Edison failed 6000 times before he invented the electric light bulb. Albert Einstein failed courses in math. Henry Ford was broke at the age of 40. Even Donald Trump filed bankruptcy a few times. You get my point. Nothing worth while comes without some form of failure attached to it.


For those of you fortunate enough to have a dream, a dream that is deep down in your heart. Allow that dream to emerge and take hold of you. Only when that happens, will you be driven to make that dream a reality. You will make mistakes along the way; you will stumble and fall; you will be told it can't be done; it will put a burden on your personal relationships.


Only You can decide if the dream in your heart is worth it. This I am sure, the outcome of what ever you decide to pursue, will be as important to you as all those that have come before you and succeeded. Go out and take a risk, you have nothing too loose and the whole world to gain. Why choose failure, when Success is an option.


Barry La Grange is a Home Based Business Specialist Creating Solutions to make You a Successful Internet Entrepreneur. Barry believes that success as an Internet Entrepreneur takes more than knowledge. What is in you heart, will be the driving force behind your success. To find out more about how Barry is changing lives, feel free to visit

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Important - The Mindset Of An Internet Marketer

Important - The Mindset Of An Internet Marketer
When you start out online a lot of people focus on the action steps one must take in order to succeed. Although this is important and will determine if you will make it online there is something else that is crucial that one must have. Actually, you need to have it before you even take action and that is having the right mindset.

Because it is not something that you can see it is hard to grasp. For those that are not new to internet marketing it may be something that they continue to battle with especially if they are not making money yet. For those that are starting out and are brand new to the world of internet marketing they may be excited and have the right mindset in the beginning but keeping it going and staying focused is what will be the determining factor if you want to succeed.

So what does it mean to have the right mindset? It means that you need to prepare yourself and know that an online job is not a 9 to 5 job. You will not be reporting to someone and you will not have to commute like you would a normal job. There are no employees that you have to get along with or thinking about what to bring for lunch. You will be deciding what hours to work and you have to have self-discipline and get yourself up out of bed every day to work your business. If you are working a full time job and choose to be an internet marketer part time you have to set aside some time to work your business as well.

Having the right mindset also means not giving up too easily especially when the going gets tough. You will be challenged with difficulties along the way. Whether they are technical difficulties or things that you don't think you can do like write articles or obtain joint venture partnerships. You will have to get out of your comfort zone and face what you fear for once you do then you will breakthrough and positive change will start to happen.

You also must decipher all the information you obtain because there will be a lot and decide on which route to follow. Don't spend too much time searching aimlessly that you do not take action. Sometimes the information can be overwhelming and thus causes you not to act on what you learn because you get side tracked.

The best way to prevent this is to find a coach and mentor that you can model after. Ensure you have done your due diligence and research the information they teach. You also want to look at how they deliver their coaching. If you are someone that is hands on it is best that they have actionable steps that you can take such as video tutorials that take you through each step of the process. Also research any success stories they may have from past students as this is a strong indication that they are in fact a good mentor.

For those starting out, many have the will and determination to succeed as they are driven to create something for themselves and their family. It is only after a couple of weeks or months that they realize that internet marketing may not be right for them and give up after they have seen no results. It is at this time that you must have the will to survive and keep on going. At times people often give up right before success happens and it is unfortunate but something that you must learn from if you want to succeed. The road ahead maybe long and difficult but if you are determined and focus then you will in fact succeed.

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