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Monday, September 25, 2017

The Changing Mind Set of an Apprentice Internet Marketer

The Changing Mind Set of an Apprentice Internet Marketer

Once the smart budding Internet Marketer has failed a few times she or he will discover the value of an apprenticeship in Internet Marketing. This is the start of the changing mind set of an apprentice Internet Marketer.

If you are determined enough to have gone through the "kid in a candy store" routine or been subject to the "teachings of the gurus" or have tried the "go it alone route" you will know what I am talking about.

There will come a time when you either give up, much to the ridicule of the "I told you so" brigade and possibly your family and friends or you will look for a smarter way to achieve your goals. It is only the determined that will make it.

That smarter way involves you in researching a teacher who will "show you the ropes" without selling you the store! That, I can tell you is easier said than done but they are out there. You can and should learn the free methods of internet marketing. That will save you time and money and believe it or not most of the top methods are free!

To start with though, forums are a wonderful way to do research for your apprenticeship. Also asking questions on the internet generally through Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask or on one of the many social networking websites too numerous to mention.

Research complete, you chose your Mistress or Master as they may be known in the apprenticeship world and submit yourself to their teachings. Now you are the student and ready to begin building a business and a secure financial future in the relaxed knowledge that it will take time and that you will achieve your goals.

Be prepared and stay attuned to your changing mind-set. You are about to learn Internet Marketing at a pace and in a way that suits you then you will be on your way. Having read this far, note and appreciate the changing mindset of an apprentice Internet Marketer!

An Apprenticeship in Internet Marketing should not be taken lightly; it may improve your lifestyle and your wealth...dramatically!

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hypno Mind Control Explained

Hypno Mind Control Explained

A stark example of people who use hypno mind control is - to no surprise - sales persons. What makes the most amazing sales people in the world succeed? What is it in them that makes clients want to get to know more about the products they sell? When you decide to buy a car, how do you choose which car to buy, given hundreds of available brands and models? Why is it that even when we are fully aware that we are short of cash, somehow, some way a seller convinces us to spend what little money we have, and maybe even more?

The question now stands: How do these sellers persuade us and use it to their advantage? And, more importantly, can WE acquire this influential skill and use it to our OWN advantage?

Do not be surprised with what you're going to be able to learn next. The truth is, hypno mind control is mostly just about word play. We have given such a mystical and high regard to this concept that we have overlooked the possibility that maybe, just maybe, it's nothing special at all. It may be true that sellers undergo trainings to make them more effective at persuasion. But at the end of the day, sometimes it is just about how one uses his or her words.

As I've mentioned, a successful salesperson is the perhaps the perfect example of an ordinary man possessing hypno mind control abilities. If you own a land line phone, you have probably received a few sales calls from various appliance companies. They greet you with the most welcoming voice, but they make sure also that they sound firm and sure of themselves. As the seller introduces himself to you, you begin to think "Oh no, here's another seller trying to get my hard earned money." You try to sound disinterested and bored, attempting to send the message across to the seller.

However, after about a few exchanges of words between you and the seller, you begin to see the beauty of what he or she is trying to sell. You become more responsive, which is a go signal for any seller to continue advertising his product and maybe even offer an invitation to come over their appliance showroom. After a few more minutes in the conversation, you find yourself agreeing to buy their product! Or, at least, agreeing to go to their showroom and have a look at their products. Keep in mind: You didn't have enough money. Initially you were not interested. But, somehow, some way, he got you to say "I'll take one."

Effective sellers make things happen their way through words that encourage buyers to try their product. What they do is that they attack our subconscious - and they do their best to find out what you want or what outcome you desire. After asking a few seemingly non-intrusive questions, the seller pretty much has figured you out, your needs. He takes it from here by choosing a product that fits these needs.

And of course, after this, you take it from here and hand him a check or your credit card.

Yes, it's all about attacking one's subconscious mind. It's very difficult to attack one's rational, analytical part of the brain. The answer does not lie here. Rather, the secret to hypno mind control is going through things subconsciously. Take it from the best sellers in the world. They know everything about it.

Ready to unlock the secrets of Hypno Mind Control to improve your life? I reveal all the secrets you will need to know at

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Roofing Services London: Peace of Mind Guaranteed at Competitive Prices

Roofing Services London: Peace of Mind Guaranteed at Competitive Prices

After years of providing unfailing services at the most competitive prices, roofing services London have been known as an established name for quality and dependability. Roofing is an important part of any construction activity. The roof is the part of the building which is maximally exposed to heat, rain or snow and hence any roofing activity should be taken up with utmost care and precision. Londoners are in fact lucky that there are not few but several quality roofing services providers in the city. And to make things better, many of these service providers are available for contact not only in London but also in surrounding counties such as Sussex, Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey and Kent. For years, these companies have been catering to all kinds of roofing services for all types of buildings including residential, industrial and commercial with utmost satisfaction.

So, what makes roofing services London so special? Well, apart from offering a comprehensive range of service, the London service providers are known to offer intelligent services. They advise you on what particular roofing material to be used for a particular type of building. For example, there are eco roofs which are used on moderately sloppy roofs. Although a bit costly, these roofs are environmentally friendly. Again there are metal roofs such as steel, copper and aluminium. These types of material are most suitable on bungalows, cottage and ranch. Similarly, concrete materials which are fibre reinforced require low maintenance and go well any style of house. Some materials are light weight, low cost and easy to maintain but are not that durable. Some are easy to repair; some can be installed over existing roofs, while others are non-combustible. These service providers in London choose the material which is best suited for your house.

Providers of roofing services London also offer re-roofing services and roof repairs. Also, other services such as insulation, lead work, carpentry, pointing, chimney refurbishment, etc., are offered by these London roofing services. And the best part of these London roofers is that these services are not only backed by guarantees but are also competitively priced thereby ensuring peace of mind.


This article is written by a technical writer, working at a leading roofing services London firm. We offer roofing services London and Edgware. For more details on roofing services in London visit us at

How to Get Great Results With Mind Mapping

How to Get Great Results With Mind Mapping

In most peoples lives there comes a time when you hit a crossroads or even a dead end in extreme cases. The more you think the harder it seems to be to get movement or come up with ideas. Now you can either push on through, just wait for outside influences to change your direction or best of all make a considered choice.

There are many techniques out there you can use to try and find a new direction, I have found Mind Mapping to be the most useful and easiest to use. I read about it first with Tony Buzan's book, which goes into the many advanced uses for this technique. I have used it both originally by hand and also using software.

The problem is though this takes time and for many people they are not artistic at all so feel that it will just make a mess. There is an easy way around this I use mind mapping software, in fact the only one Tony Buzan approves and he should know. It makes the process so much quicker to do; you can really individualize your plans and there done in minutes, then print them off.

I use mind mapping for any plan I have and it is especially useful in laying out a web site and the marketing campaign to go with it. Mind mapping lays out information in the way the brain works, so is easy to assimilate and put into action at a glance.

The only the thing I would say is be careful, it is addictive, but guess it is better than chocolate for you. Before anyone asks, yes I have worked out my plan for the 100 articles in a 100 days in a mind map. It works for me and all my friends who have tried it love it too, also their children find it really easy to plan out schoolwork using this method.

I have been a Sales Trainer and Motivational Coach for more than 20 years, teaching both individuals and major companies. About 5 years ago I decided I wanted a change of pace, I moved abroad and down shifted to part time work.

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