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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Google Call Metrics Through Phone Extensions In Google Adwords

Google Call Metrics Through Phone Extensions In Google Adwords
Online advertising experts from will help you in Google call metrics through phone extension and benefits. Phone extensions make it easy for customers to call you directly from your ad and you can easily measure the phone calls that your ads generate.

Phone extensions are a type of ad extension, an ad feature that allows advertisers to include additional information about their businesses and offering to their text ads. In the case of phone extensions, this additional information is your business phone number.

Phone extensions will work differently depending on whether or not youve enabled call metrics, a feature currently available to a limited number of US customers.
If you have not enabled call metrics, your business phone number will appear as a clickable phone number to high-end mobile device users who access search, Voice search, Google Mobile App or Google Maps for Mobile from their phone. When the mobile device user clicks on the phone number, you will be charged the same as for a standard click on the ad.
If youve enabled call metrics (currently available to a limited number of US customers), we will assign and display a custom phone number in your ads on both mobile and desktop devices. Calls to this number will be rerouted to your business phone number.

How to enable phone extensions

To enable phone extensions on your text ads, follow these steps:
1.Sign in to your AdWords account at
2.Select the campaign for which you want to enable phone extensions.
3.Basic phone extensions only appear on high-end mobile devices, while phone extensions enabled for call metrics appear on both computers and high-end mobile devices. If youre using basic phone extensions, navigate to the Settings tab and confirm that you have selected Mobile devices with full Internet browsers under Devices (to have the phone number displayed in clickable format on mobile devices).
4.Go to the Ad extensions tab. In case you cant see this tab, read this FAQ to learn how to enable it.
5.Select the Phone extensions view and click New extension. Enter your business phone number and the country where the number is based.
6.If youve enabled call metrics (currently available only in the US), check the Call metrics box. Select the area code youd like to use for the the custom phone number.
7.Click Save.
You can return to this section at any time to edit your phone number information.

Add, edit, and manage your phone extensions

You can manage your phone extensions using the following options:
To create a new extension in a new campaign, add the extension during campaign creation under the Ad extensions section of the campaign creation page.
To add new extensions, or edit existing extensions in an existing campaign, select the campaign and navigate to the Ad Extensions tab.
i. To add an extension, click the New Extension button. To delete an extension, select the extension(s) you want to delete and click the Delete button.
ii. To edit an extension, hover over the extension and click the pencil icon that appears. This will open the editing function for extensions.

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