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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Digital Poster Advertising - The Perfect Advertising Medium For the Small Business

Digital Poster Advertising - The Perfect Advertising Medium For the Small Business

We have all heard about Out Of Home (OOH) advertising and Digital Out Of Home advertising (DOOH), however there is a small but growing group of forward thinking business people who are utilising digital advertising to get their shop or store noticed.

These business people are using digital posters, these are a scaled down version of an outdoor digital sign with one exception, that they are housed indoors as they do not have the necessary protection to work efficiently outdoors.

What is a digital poster? They are an intelligent, third generation photo frame, just like a digital photo frame they have an LCD display, up to 19 inches wide by 25 inches high and they show the images in a slide show format, now here is the were a digital poster is different to a photo frame.

The digital poster comes with some software so you can drag and drop your images onto the memory card then set the rotation time, so that the images rotate in sequence, as you require. Then you have to insert the media card into the player, once secured into position, the digital poster is now ready to hang in your store window or on the wall.

Digital posters can also accept MPEG video files, so you can create a video and zone the screen and have separate images in each zone, while running video, the only thing you can not do is add RSS feeds, this is due to no Internet connection on the poster.

Now what makes them a perfect medium to get additional business, this is your opportunity to up sell your in-store merchandise and get a fast return on your investment, as you create the media content, so there are no additional costs and only a small investment in terms of money and time to get the digital sign configured and working.

Dave is a technical author in the field on digital signage, having supplied top tier signage integrators with indoor digital posters, he is also the owner of the only European specialist manufacturer of LCD enclosures, that protect to IP65 and NEMA X4 as well as offering vandal proof protection.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Pay Per Click Advertising - Exclusive Online Advertising Medium

Pay Per Click Advertising - Exclusive Online Advertising Medium

Online marketing is through self service customer exclusively. Therefore the marketing pattern should be such so as to make you visible amongst the crowd. In search engine marketing it is quite dependent on the visitor as to whom he/she clicks up on. A single click can open the website of your competitor. It is through this mechanism that all the visitors make their relevant searches and satisfy themselves. Hence for the fulfillment of business objective, it is customary to fulfill the customer objective before anything else.

To optimize the pay per click advertising plan there are certain steps to be followed. These steps contribute a lot in the success of the campaign.

Keep track of keywords: on a macro level, keywords attract the visitors towards the relevant site. In case a particular keyword is not responding then accommodate it in the more useful formulation or place so as to attract high traffic.

Use persuasive keywords: Make a track record of all keywords. Persuasive dialogues are always helpful in convincing the visitor who is visiting the site. The language should be such that the visitor gets converted to positive customer positively. Along with persuasive language, website should contain persuasive architecture to grab the customer's interest.

Selection of keywords carefully: Keywords should be such which are based on buying process of that particular product or service. Most people are buying the different stages of the same product. It is therefore better to highlight all the possible variations to attract various stage products.

Types of target visitors: The three basic characters of the online visitors are those who are there by accident. They kind of create their own space by clicking up on the USP of the product. Then there is second category of typical shoppers who want to have the product or service as per their requirement. The third category is filled with window shoppers who have to be offered a strong marketing tool depending upon their requirements and preferences. "Know your customer" is the basic fundamental of the pay per click marketing.

Keep your fingers crossed: Some visitors turn back after making relevant enquiries. These visitors are known to return after certain period of time. So designing of the keywords in a website is particularly very important to make pay per click a successful advertising campaign.

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