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Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Must Read For Every Medical Student and Clinician - The Wills Eye Manual

A Must Read For Every Medical Student and Clinician - The Wills Eye Manual

Every English major owns a collection of Norton anthologies and Penguin classics. Every law student owns a copy of Jill Poole's standard textbook on contract law. Every nursing student owns a copy of Grey's Anatomy. Every ophthalmology student and every resident completing an ophthalmology rotation must own Wills Eye Manual; it has no equal, and you cannot find a reliable substitute. Just as naturally, automatically, predictably, and inevitably as internists and primary care physicians invest in high-quality stethoscopes, eye-care professionals invest in the latest, most up-to-date edition of Wills.

Not surprisingly, well-schooled and long-experienced ophthalmologists find Wills Eye Manual more useful as an essential office ornament than a tool in everyday practice-the equivalent of a thesaurus for Herman Melville or a "how-to-draw-a-girl" book for Leonardo DaVinci. They know the manual as if they had written it themselves. The specialists' objections, however, prove the manual's utility for general practitioners. When the specialist complains, "The book has nothing but the fundamentals-basic symptoms, essential treatments, and very simple figures and illustrations," the generalists nod heartily, saying, "Exactly!"

Now in its fifth edition, Wills Eye Manual remains "the gold standard" of eye-care references. Of course, it still details the fundamentals of ophthalmological diagnosis and treatment, but it has a whole new and much-improved look. For the first time, editors and designers have included glossy pages replete with colour photographs; and they have simplified quick look-ups with tabs and headings in colour. The editors--Ehlers, Shah, Fenton, and Hoskins--wisely have kept the manual's efficient, logical outline design; and they skillfully have balanced essential clinical terms with everyday language. In many cases, they add notes and anecdotes from exemplary cases, suggesting examples professionals may follow or warning about common mistakes that complicate patients' disorders or injuries.

The publishers also collaborated with IT professionals at Skyscape, digitizing the fifth edition of Wills Eye Manual, and making it more readily accessible to physicians in emergency rooms and high-volume clinics. The entire fifth edition of the manual, including its supplemental chapters, large appendices, and Pharmacopoeia are available on CD-Rom for Windows operating systems. Skyscape subscribers also may view the manual online. Moreover, Skyscape has released the fifth edition of Wills Eye Manual for handheld computers that use the Palm operating system. Every clinician and front-line caregiver now has Wills Eye Manual within easy reach.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Affordable Medical Transcription Outsourcing Services

Affordable Medical Transcription Outsourcing Services

The government has increased focus on the healthcare of all citizens resulting in more and more people flocking to healthcare centers for check-ups and follow-up treatment sessions. This has also led to the piling up of medical records that need to be maintained on a regular basis for future reference. Medical professionals find it very difficult to maintain all these records as they are already quite hard-pressed for time. Affordable medical transcription outsourcing services has made lives easier for them.

Cost-effective Solution to Transcription Needs

The medical transcription companies are providing really cost-effective solutions for the healthcare units. The rates they charge are affordable, considering the amount of quality work delivered. In addition to charging low rates, they also help the healthcare units to save money. Healthcare units would have to hire more qualified people to maintain all medical records and this would mean increased expenditure in terms of hiring and regular payments with increased spending on office resources. Apart from this, healthcare units can be assured of good quality transcription as experts are hired by the provider company to do the job.

Accurate and Quick Transcription of All Medical Records

The medical records are transcribed by experienced transcriptionists and then the transcribed files go through a series of quality checks by proofreaders, editors and quality analysts. This increases the accuracy of the documents and makes them almost error-free. The documents are sent over in the form of easily retrievable files to the healthcare units through highly secure websites so that all data remains safe. Reliable transcription companies deliver within 12-24 hours, and the work quality is superior. This helps to save time and prevent any kind of backlog. Daily maintenance of medical records is possible due to the diligent effort of the transcription companies.

Firms providing affordable medical transcription outsourcing services deliver files within a very short time and the work quality is extremely good. The files can be easily retrieved, which makes the work so much easier for medical professionals.

Medical Transcription Outsourcing - MTS Transcription Services (MTS) is a medical transcription service company providing health care facilities of all specialties and sizes with quality medical transcription services.