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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Backlinks - What makes quality matter more

Backlinks - What makes quality matter more

When it comes to getting traffic online it all comes to getting backlinks to your site, right? One of the first things you hear when you learn about building backlinks and where to get them from is to get backlinks from extremely quality sites because quality backlinks are better than quantity, but why might that be?

The reason people say to get quality backlinks is because each backlink is like a vote and the more you get from trusted and reputable sites the better off your website will be. Here's the problem; you're placing all your eggs in one basket . Think about this, what would happen if the all mighty Google decides to alter their algorithm again and goes from quality to quality plus quantity? I bet many people would be struggling to build more links rather than just quality links.

Something that I do that I gets a lot of grief about is that I'm building too many junk backlinks, but in my opinion I am just getting prepared for 2 things. The first thing I am getting prepared for is in the event that Google modifies their algorithm around , because this way I would have all bases covered. And the second thing I'm getting prepared for is those junk sites that I have lots of links on to become authority sites .

Let me ask you something; if Facebook sent you an email day they came online and asked to exchange links would you have done it? Probably not because they weren't considered an authority website, but would you now? Or coarse you would, you are no dummy and you understand that with over 500 million members that having a link on the homepage of Facebook would bring you lots of traffic and make your site jump in the search engines. That's why if you want to make money quickly with your website that you must first get both quality and quantity backlinks.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Do Local Sites Matter?

Do Local Sites Matter?
Have you wondered what local sites are? Maybe you are an internet marketer looking to help your own business out locally. Or you might just be interested in improving your local business. Whatever the case, in this article we will discuss what local sites are, how they can help, and why online local search marketers use them.

Local listing sites are webpages that list a businesses either offline companies or online companies on their servers that give the public information about their company. They are special because the whole website is based and works to find data, provide it, and help consumers to find local businesses in their city. If you have wondered how they do this, then you are probably wanting to get listed in those sites. The way these local sites work is when you submit a listing to them, they will verify the information with many departments, other data providers, and some will even call the listing owner to make sure it is a real business. Once they approve the listing, they will store it on their server for distribution to the public. The public is anyone, from search engines to health departments to your everyday curious consumer.

The reason that local sites matter is because when a local offline business, for example a doctor wants to get found in the search engines, primarily Google, they have to get those business listings with those data providing sites. They must submit their company information, get verified and then let the data provider do their job for public distribution to the above mentioned places. The reason helps is because the search engines pull information from many reilable sources to help them rank websites in their local business listing results page. The search engines are where local to national searchers look for businesses. In this article, it would be local searchers. If you are a business looking to improve your rankings, having more local sites would not only be of benefit to your company profits, but also your company brand. The more your potential consumers see your business, your brand, and your name, the more they will want to do business with you. They want to do business with you because they trust you and because you are always showing up everywhere.

Local search marketers love this type of marketing because they are really able to help those offline clients and bring them resutls quicker because they are not dealing with billions of webpages. Instead of billions of webpages, they are targeting local pages, which can be in the hundreds of thousands which really increase the potential for their client to show up in the local results page.

You now understand why local sites matter, what they are, and how they help. More and more business owners to local search marketing firms are relying on these factors to help their clients and their own business. If you are a online marketer, it would be in your best interest to learn about these local sites and start promoting with them.

If you want a list of local sites, check out locallistingsites. You will not only get good information, but some bonuses as well. Local search marketers are in need of these local listing sites to help their clients.

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