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Sunday, December 17, 2017

God: Master Of Science, Strengthening The Claim For The Creator

God: Master Of Science, Strengthening The Claim For The Creator
I have often heard people say that modern scientific theories have a diminishing effect on God the divine creator. Why? could it be because evolution appears to be contrary to account of the creation as recorded in the Bible's book of Genesis. Could it be because people believe that naturally occurring processes in nature take away from the miraculous power of God? Whatever the reason, there has always been a tension visible between science and the nature of God.
I wish to express my love for both science and God. I believe that God is the master of science. He created all of the naturally occurring processes found in the universe. Thus allowing his matchless power to be seen all over the universe while being able to be a single entity of who's image we are created (as stated in the Bible). We know that God is all knowing all powerful, and that he continues to expand the universe. We also know that God is a single entity. If God were not a single entity, we would not be created in his image.
I believe that science only supports the idea of a designer. Have you ever taken a biology class? Have you ever seen how many parts there are to a cell. There are literally millions of tiny parts and genetic codes that make up one single cell. These little miracles are pieced together ever so intricately. If one little thing was out of order in this small but still very complicated organism, the cell would not give way to life. I find it very hard to believe that even the most basic single celled organisms that were said to be among the first life forms on this Earth, could still assemble all of that DNA code so perfectly, then piece together the nucleus, chromatin, ribosomes, mitochondria, microfilaments, lysosomes, and on and on, without some kind of an outside presence to put the pieces together so perfectly.
This is one of the many examples I will outline in the next few articles to come. Basically I will show you why you have a greater chance of winning the lottery 10 times in a row then you have of being alive without a God.

I love science! I have been on a mission to prove that science and God can co-exist because they are both truth! I have many articles and much content at my website that continues to support these claims:

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Master The Art Of Online Marketing With Bhw

Master The Art Of Online Marketing With Bhw
The world of on-line marketing and advertising is so massive that it can be very effortless to drop focus and fall flat. Developing a fancy campaign following every rule within the book might not provide the desired returns. Realizing tips on how to get the job done the method is what will allow you to attain the a lot needed on line visibility which you are craving for.

One particular aspect of online advertising and marketing is Search Engine Optimization and there are a numerous strategies, ideas and strategies which have been mentioned and dealt with. BHW acronym for Black Hat World is one particular platform exactly where you will see a wealth of info that you simply could make use of to construct your online presence.

It can be one particular point to know about techniques and one more issue to understand ways to really use them for your benefit. BHW can be a forum that retains you knowledgeable about each and every detail about how you can use Seo approaches to promote your business.

BHW, isn't like a common internet site which lectures on what do to and the way. It will be in truth rather distinct from what you see on the day in day out foundation. It's a place where by innovative recommendations are mentioned and guidelines are shared. No matter if you are a beginner or perhaps a pro, you will be sure to come across out details that could come in incredibly handy.

Black hat approaches are often regarded as unethical but the fact of your matter is the fact that you can find some approaches that have not been tested and therefore they can't be branded as undesirable. As an increasing number of investigate is carried out on this regard, these procedures are truly being proved to deliver the specified results.

Like numerous on the internet entrepreneurs you also dream of bringing traffic to your web page from day a single. For some this could seem to be like wishful thinking, but when you get the specialist enable from forums like BHW, you could realize this intention.

Being at the top rated of your game is only one of the several aspirations that you simply could have as a web-based marketer but what will definitely establish your results is your innovation fee.

In this quick changing earth of on line advertising and marketing what worked yesterday could not perform today so it is crucial that you are updated about what's new and how it may allow you to. BHW is your one cease store to everything new and taking place inside entire world of on the net advertising.

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How to Move From Novice to Master Internet Marketer

How to Move From Novice to Master Internet Marketer

The best place to begin is always going to be the same. Yes, its at the beginning.

So what does being a novice internet marketer mean? It usually means you've got a small or non-existent list or customer base, a product that is either yours or that you're an affiliate for, that isn't doing much for you but the surest, and truest measure of all is that you're likely to be making little or no money.

Money talks, everything else walks. For a thorough diagnosis of why you're a novice, the most important thing to do, is to look to what you're doing right now. Start making a note of what you're doing consistently to get what you want. To hit the targets that you need to hit to become recognizable (at least to yourself), as a master internet marketer.

Here's a few questions that you could ask yourself -

1) How many articles are putting in to the article directories? Are you paying attention to the wants and needs of your target market, and hitting this in your articles? How many articles would a master internet marketer have online, and how quickly can you do this?

Remember, rarely do you have to do it all yourself, get some leverage either by outsourcing your articles, or repurposing your content to hit that critical mass,

2) How often are you checking in on your pay per click account? Are you over or underpaying? Are you getting traffic. As Matt Bacak says you don't have to get it right, you just have to get it going, but don't forget that getting it going is great, but if you're interested in making money, then never forget the fortune is in the follow up.

The ability to get the job done, to execute, to tweak, and tweak and retweak is where the money's at.

3) How clean are your systems? Have you thought your sales process through from front to back, and from back to front, and from front to back again. Is it working? How do you know? Are you measuring?

As the direct marketing genius Dan Kennedy relates often the most important piece of the making
the sale jigsaw is getting out of your own way.

4) Are you utilizing the phenomenal power of momentum in your business? Basically this means setting small achievable goals and accomplishing them as quickly as you can. Getting it going. By consistently doing this you'll become unstoppable.

5) Are you focused? You've got sixty seconds, can you tell me what you want to achieve in your internet marketing business? If you can excellent, if you can't answer this - five years from today what singular thing do you want to have done or accomplished in your business?

Pretty simple - yeah? But simple doesn't necessarily mean easy, or does it?

If you're interested in getting it done quickly, and saving both time and money in the process, sign up for our FREE Success Tips at, and get your FREE copy of The Science of Getting Rich Today.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

How To Master Films And SEO Movie Marketing

How To Master Films And SEO Movie Marketing

The final outlet goal for a movie by filmaker will decide the amount of money you need to soend for professional video masters (digital betacam) of a completed film and trailer. When it comes to landing a deal with a distribution company, it is inevitable to have professional video masters done. Selling your movie without signed film contracts and delivered masters is impossible for everyone.


You can get quotes by calling around to video facilities or post production houses asking what the cost would be to have a Digital Betacam master (NTSC and PAL) made of your movie along with a 100% Quality Control Report. Film and video transfers work great if you shot on 8mm, Super 8, 16mm, or 35mm. The facility will need to know the final running time of the movie even if you haven't shot or finished editing your movie yet. The earlier you can get an estimate on what this will cost, the better. This will help make your final movie budget bulletproof.


A good rule of thumb is to estimate a 90-minute running time when asking for a quote on video mastering with a QC report. When you receive the best quote include that amount in the budget. Self-distributing your movie allows more flexibility in creating video masters, which reduces your post production expenses. For filmmakers without technical resources to produce a quality master in-house that will be used to author, dub and replicate DVDs of their movie a video facility or post house will still be needed. But unlike with a traditional distribution deal you won't have to worry about the expense of having a Digital Betacam master (NTSC and PAL) done accompanied by a Quality Control Report.


Now more and more filmmakers have in-house home computer systems with the technical capabilities to edit, DVD author, and burn their own store ready DVDs on NTSC or PAL formats. In essence it can be seen as a microcosm of how large Hollywood studios work to get a film to consumers. Filmmakers that have this ability save money in post production.


It is worth mentioning that with a traditional distribution deal in-house DVDs created by filmmakers are rarely the final DVD that is released for sale by the distributor. They prefer to use digital masters to author their own DVD so they can include their company logo and other film trailers. Other filmmakers are embracing the attitude their films are going to be only offered instantly through a digital download. There isn't a desire to have their films available on DVD. This lowers post production costs by reducing the need of having a Digital Betacam master.


Digital distribution gives independent filmmakers power to control how their work is distributed and sold online. They can make their movie available for instant download to viewers around the world. Many business savvy indie producers are making money by selling movies directly to consumers without the assistance of traditional distributors.


A key to their success is SEO movie marketing techniques that give their film a strong online presence, while increasing visibility with films fans in different genres. Using search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to generate traffic and create a fan base for your movie is the only way to market effectively with little or no budget. Learning to create an Internet buzz about your movie will get your film seen and sold online. This is indie filmmaker Sid Kali typing JUMP CUT:


If you want powerful tips on screenwriting, directing, acting, producing, and movie marketing take action!

Friday, July 28, 2017

The Lego Master Model Builder

The Lego Master Model Builder
Every LEGOLAND Discovery Center has its own Master Model Builder. Theyre in charge of all the LEGO models built on site and some people would say they have the best job in the world!

Our Master Model Builder is Daniel Morey, and you can read all about him in his interview below.

Daniel also writes a blog about LEGO building right here on the LEGOLAND Discovery Center site! Its always an interesting read, and if you have a good question for him, or an idea for his next blog, maybe hell write his next one about you!

Favorite Food:

Non-LEGO Hobbies:
Wakeboarding and barefoot waterskiing.

How did you get a job as the LEGO Master Model Builder?:
I got my job as a Master Model Builder by winning a build-off competition where I had only one hour to build anything I wanted out of LEGO. I built a McDonalds Happy Meal.

What is the best thing about your job?:
The best thing about my job is passing on my knowledge and love of LEGO to the next generation of builders.

What is the best LEGO model you have ever built?:
My best LEGO model is still in progress. I'm building Harry Caray, famous announcer and icon of the Chicago Cubs.

What is the longest time you have spent building a LEGO model?:
When I am given a large project, I sometimes spend 8-10 hours a day building in my office. The longest I've spent so far was about 60 hours designing and building two tombstones for Halloween.

Did you build all of the models at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Chicago?:
I did not build all of the models here, but my Mom tells everyone I did! Everything in Miniland was built at LEGOLAND California and shipped over. Everything else was built in the Czech Republic. Although I have made some small additions, most of the credit goes to the teams in California and Europe.

Being a Master Model Builder must be the best job in the World! But if you could have any other job, what would you do and why?:
Being a Master Model Builder is an amazing job, but if I wasn't this lucky to have it, I'd want to be a carpenter. I spent many years working as a carpenter before I got my dream job, and if I couldn't build with LEGO, I'd still want to keep building and designing in another medium.

Do you have a college degree?:
No, I was lucky to have a great job right out of High School, but if I hadn't, I would have tried for a degree in Architecture.

Got a question of your own?
If you have any questions for the Master Model Builder, or if you would like to ask him for helpful hints on building your LEGO models, send him an email at

Experience an extra dimension of entertainment in our LEGO Studios 4D cinema and, you can also spend thanksgiving in schaumburg, most of all, discover new things to do in Chicago!