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Friday, July 28, 2017

March Of The Penguins Heightened Desire To Visit Antarctica

March Of The Penguins Heightened Desire To Visit Antarctica
Everything from Legos to playing outside to messing around on the computer is what this boy likes including penguins. When it comes to his beloved birds in the wild this first grader will get to see them early next month in Antarctica as they waddle on ice and feed their newly hatched chicks. With his parents, they will be going to the Antarctic Peninsula accompanied by an internationally known explorer and filmmaker.

When it comes to this continent, only a few children his age have been here. This kind of traveling even makes his friends want to celebrate the trip. Their behavior can be justified by the fact that his classmates are coming too. It will be expensive to bring them all along so what will be done is that they will have an Internet linkup. Globally, other students will also have a chance to see the live video coverage.

In order for questions to be raised and answers to be given live, the pilot youth program uses a site. To heighten the learning experience, teachers at his school are planning grade level activities that will build on the boy's dispatches. What first graders will handle is the weather while fourth graders get geology and forces in motion will go to fifth graders.

Given to the family is a chance at adventure. He loves nature, so we thought this would be a really good experience for him, says his mother, who adds that she's coming along to assume the voice of reason. According to the boy, this just shows how powerful a little motivation could really become.

With a webcast, you are not looking at something new. This is an explorer who is the first to ice bike 250 miles across Antarctica and the first American to ski to the South Pole but this interactive experience with kids will also be a first. Aside from extreme skiing, most adult pursuits were involved on his dozen trips there since 1999 including pursuits for science. With every trip that he took, he acquired much knowledge that he wanted to share with the children who were the best recipients. It was about a year ago when they decided on a program for kids.

The timing couldn't be better as Antarctica possibly because of the March of the Penguins movie has become the new hot destination for adventure. Karma may be the thing that brought the boy's mother and the explorer together. About a year ago, the boy's mom, who attended a local university with the explorer but had since lost touch, contacted the 42 year old explorer via his Web site after hearing about it from a mutual friend.

The boy made his first live dispatch for the 14 day expedition when it began in Buenos Aires, Argentina before heading south. Then the travelers boarded a 100 passenger cruise ship, with a group of tourists who originated in Toronto for their voyage across the Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula and surrounding islands. Encountering adverse sea weather, the 600 mile, 30 hour ride became the most dangerous part of the entire expedition.

It was in crossing the Drake Passage that they were able to witness dolphins, elephant seals, and whales. There are adjacent islands that ice prevents travelers from reaching and they will go to these via rubber boats after arriving at the peninsula. Not only will they visit scientific research stations but also a couple of penguin rookeries. Knowing about the secret colony of emperor penguins is the explorer, these are the largest among the 17 species in Antarctica and have been the main focus of March of the Penguins.

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