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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Flash Maps to Enhance Your Flash Website

Flash Maps to Enhance Your Flash Website

Creating an vibrant and interactive flash website, using flash maps presents so much more than the traditional static way of viewing a selected area.  Being able to highlight a pinpointed zone, enlarge it and make out in detail the subject adds another dimension to the online usage.  A key example would be of the United States of America, where each state, incorporated in a flash map, can be clicked on to recognize more data for that state.  This sometimes referred to as simply a ‘clickable map'.

Lots of of the top search engines on the world-wide-web use them to exhibit information for public viewing, like as Yahoo, Google and Wiki Atlas - a division of Wikipedia Encyclopedia.  Data and imagery are obtainable for certified downloads off the Internet or complied by specialist corporations to construct this exceptional feature.  Hiring a specialist, who will incorporate this resource into a website, will make sure proper set up and make the most of this software.   

It is much more aesthetically satisfying to interrelate with a map, than only use 2D feature as technology is capable of generating 3D descriptions and information.  

There are three core formats for flash maps:
•  A flash platform, which allows the data to be written in a mixture of world-wide-web languages, like JavaScript
•  Enabling interactive Flash Maps to be used with integral software in the web browser, thus with out the need for a Flash plug-in
•  XML - a web programming language for presenting ‘points of interest' data on top of a pre-programmed map

Using gadgets, widgets and satellite images are all features of interactive maps, which can demonstrate very informative for getting, calculating and analyzing information on a world map - condensing it to a specific position.  A large amount of an interactive Flash Map is controlled by rolling the indicator, via a pc mouse or comparable apparatus, over the map, as the pointer identifies an section, or in the case of a map of the USA - a state, this is then enlarged to give exact information.  Often there are other features to enhance the flash map, like a dragable marker, to highlight a road, multi point driving guidelines to plan a complex trip and increase/decrease level control.

For impressive Flash Maps that will enhance any visitors experience to your site, another idea would be to integrate a flash map into flash websites.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Browser-based Map Application For Easy Creation Of Maps

A Browser-based Map Application For Easy Creation Of Maps

Nowadays enterprises utilize Flash map to display the locations of branch offices across the regions, as well as showing sales performance to company's shareholder regularly. For personal users they can display a map sharing their travel adventures, with a mouseover tooltips displaying additional information.

In the past, Adobe Flash software together with Flash editing and programming knowledge were a must to create a Flash interactive map, while many non technical users refrain from doing so because they were too busy to learn Flash or they thought it was too technically challenging. Therefore, many people just outsource the map development task to the professional map developers and designers which involved a considerable amount of money. Nowadays, everyone can take full advantage of the advanced technology and create a professionally looking Flash map in a matter of minutes using digital map builder. The map builders provide a lot of ready made map templates and an easy-to-use interface for users to pinpoint location, modify colors, add labels and display information box. With online map builder, you can customize maps with points of interest that appear as beautiful static or animated icons. For example, you can use footprint icons to label and locate the places you have visited; transportation icons include icons of various transport facilities that can be used in logistics, tourism and transport industry. Those icons in the icons gallery are of high quality and you can even import your own custom icons in JPG, PNG or SWF format according to your own preferences.

However, most of the digital map builders available in the market are designed for Windows Application, which means those Mac and Linux users will not be able to enjoy the ease-of-use and simplicity offered by those programs. Apart from that, users need to register a webhosting account prior to upload the Flash interactive map and make it publicly viewable, and embedding the map into some content management systems may not be possible sometimes as those systems will prevent you from adding the embed code.

Comparing to the traditional map program that is solely designed for Windows application, the advanced digital map builder doesnt leave out Mac and Linux users. All the maps are made via the browsers so there is no software to download and install, and the tool is free of any operating system conflicts. The user-friendly map builder is also compatible with different popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Besides, everyone entitles to a set of username and password upon registration; user can save the Flash map online directly and reopen the map in any computer with Internet connection. Unlike other map program in which web hosting signup is required to store the map, the digital map builder expedites your web hosting process dramatically. Once the map is published, a set of embed code is generated for users to integrate their map into the website easily. No signup of web hosting service is needed. The most important thing is, even if your computer crashes the maps will not be done as they are saved online. All maps are saved in the map server in which user can access to their saved creations anytime anywhere.

Here are the major features of web based digital map builder: - Allows editing of maps right from your browser, no need to download and install any program - Save your map projects online and re-open it on any computer for further update - Easily embed the map into your existing HTML page/layout - Compatible with different Operating Systems such as Mac, Linux and Windows - Runs in various platforms - PC / Notebook / Netbook - Select the ready-made map template and simply customize it according to your preference - Map hosting is included - No prior map design skills or software tools required - Flash map can be displayed on all major browsers with

Visit our website today to download a free trial version of interactive map software that does not require coding and programming to create an interactive map. You can also find web design software including a flash gallery, music player, video player and flash website creator.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Nokia Ovi Maps is Free and Reliable

Nokia Ovi Maps is Free and Reliable

Google wowed the world of navigation last October with Google Maps Navigation, available for free, initially on the Motorola Droid, retailing at $ 199.99, and then the rest of the smartphones powered by Android.  Nokia has stepped in with Ovi Maps, bettering Google's application by providing turn by turn direction for worldwide locations that are voice enabled and free –in contrast with Google's application, which only works in America.  While the Nokia Ovi Maps has a somewhat confusing interface, it performs well, and functions easily; this is the only navigation device you will need.  This fact alone would sway most people considering the purchase of a Nokia smartphone that is unlocked, but beware some unusual limitations, UI related.
This application if free: no upfront cost, in contrast with TomTom and Navigon; no monthly payments, as there are with Verizon, Sprint and AT&T; and no costly updates, like there are with complete PND vendors.  It provides Navteq maps and navigation ability for 74 countries, including Canada and the United States, as well as event guides, including Michelin and Lonely Planet.
It is available from navigate there, and select Download Ovi Maps.  Next, find your handset from the dropdown list and then just follow the instructions.  It will soon be available preloaded; Nokia has stated that all of their new smartphones enabled for GPS will have this app.  Currently, it works with the majority of the newer Nokias, including the Navigation Edition, available for $ 299.99; the X6; the N97 mini; the E72 for $ 359.00; the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, $ 359.99; the Nokia 5230; the N97, $ 599.00; E52; and the E55.  A Nokia N97 mini smartphone, with an AT&T SIM card, was used for testing, and bear in mind that, should you already own a Nokia device that is compatible, monthly fees are no longer necessary.
Its chief menu display 9 icons, in the pattern of a gird, and it is here that you locate your own position; locate other places; share your current locations; access your favorites; get directions for either driving or walking to a destination; check the weather forecasts; scan local events; and gather information from Lonely Planet.  A little navigation bar at the bottom of the page will display a list of settings for various categories.  The N97 will switch this bar to the right hand side of the screen when titled, and the menu will then enter landscape mode also.
Accessing POIs and entering addresses is a rather strange process, however:  the application becomes an elevated Search box.  Whether it's a street address you're looking for, or directions to the closest Chinese restaurant, your search terms are keyed in and the process begins.  This works well if you're making use of a QWERTY keyboard, but falls short when the handset is on a windshield mount, since you cannot then access this keyboard.  It is surprising that no virtual, onscreen keyboard exists, with the application offering only a numeric keyboard like those used for texting; or that of handwriting recognition which is slow, at 1 letter a time. There is no easily accessible list of your recent destinations either, disabling 1 touch access.  The only way to get around this last feature is to save each location as a favorite.
To make a long explanation short, you will need to enter your desired address while holding the phone, and only then place it into the N97 mini's windshield mount and connect it to the power cord.  Going somewhere else will necessitate you disconnecting this cord, removing it from the mount, and once again entering your new destination.  Although this procedure will not be as onerous with all handsets, users should keep this in mind.
You are able to view a 2 dimensional map; satellite and terrain information before you enter your destination, as well as simply selecting one from the map displayed.  Once you're on your way, Ovi Maps will show your current speed; the upcoming street's name; the distance until your next turn, and all with very clear map graphics.  In contrast with Google Maps Navigation, Ovi Maps keeps information locally, in the same way that the TomTom does for the iPhone and the Navigon MobileNavigator does as well.  Because the phone is no longer utterly reliant on signal strength, navigation accuracy is improved.  You cannot pilot via a 3 dimensional satellite view, however, and this is an element that Google Maps Navigation does offer.  There are also no indications of speed limits; nor are lane assistance graphics, useful for complicated highway interchanges, available.
In spite of these slips, the application performed comfortably during navigations tests.  The directions it provided were accurate, and accompanied by accurately pronounced street names.  Google would do well to take note of Nokia's audio tuning, with its delivery of timely prompts in excellent English.  Should you access the Ovi Maps Options menu while driving, 12 images allowing you to change routes; check traffic information; repeat the directions as well as view other trip data.  Nokia also provides online route planning that might lure potential Microsoft Streets & Trips clients too, since the latter retails at $ 69.99.  Registering for an account at the website will allow you to list your favorite routes and destinations; add new places you've found to an already existing map; and synchronize routes with your phone.
Nokia Ovi Maps is a dependable program, with no clear competitors, and is the new default choice for phones running Symbian Series 60.  However, should you purchase an Android phone which runs an OS version of 2.0 or higher, like the Google Nexus One or the Droid, you have the option of running Google Maps Navigation, which is also free of charge.  This application offers excellent voice enabled searches, and better satellite views during navigation, as well as other great features, but it is not as efficient in routing.  The iPhone does offer more GPS application choices, many with far simpler interfaces, but none of these is free.  There's always the choice of PND less than $ 200, the 5 inch TomTom XXL 540-S or the 3.5 inch Garmin 265T being 2 examples of these; but neither of these has free POI and map updates.  These do, however, grant the user bigger touch screens; POI searches that are easier; and perform more consistently on the road than other GPS applications.

Jose  is a writer and is interested in topics related to technology. He is a part-time author at

Local Search Marketing, Local Seo Marketing, Google Maps Phoenix

Local Search Marketing, Local Seo Marketing, Google Maps Phoenix
Local Search Marketing

As You Read These Words -There is a Massive Paradigm Shift
Taking Place Right Now in Regards to The Google Local Search
Engine Algorithm - This Paradigm Shift Directly affects ALL BUSINESSES in there respective markets. Your Business can Directly Benefit from this Shift or Risk being left behind by this New Technology as well as your competition. To prevent this from happening to you and your business, you should get educated regarding local search.

Google launched Place Pages last September for more than 50
million places around the world to help Googler's make more informed decisions about where to go and who to do business with, from restaurants and hotels to dry cleaners and bike shops, as well as traditional service businesses like plumbers, painters and roofers. Place Pages connect people to information from the best sources across the web, displaying photos, reviews and essential facts, as well as real-time updates and offers from business owners.

Whether you are a business owner relying on walk-in traffic or you are a local business who wants more customers to meet with, Google Maps is the new "sweet spot". The organic listings which are displayed directly underneath the map are still great, as a matter of fact they are now a catylsyt in getting a top listing on the map.

Get on Top of the Google Map

A top listing on the map typically will mean a flood of new business for you. Think about how your customers might be searching for you. If Google displays a map and you're not on it, you could be missing out.

Studies have shown a 42% increase in phone calls to your business just by having the top position compared to 18% for the second map marker. Visitor activity diminishes for the lower listings. Even worse is not being on the map at all!

Trying to get a listing on your own using Google Local Business Center can be time consuming and frustrating. Even though you do your best to make your listing as complete as possible, including pictures, videos and reviews, you just can't same to make it to the top of Google maps. You are not alone.

We are that sure that we will be able to get you to the top of Google Maps. There are more than 15 different critical points we have discovered and we use software to monitor each one of those on a daily basis. You will also receive a report from us each and every month showing your positioning over the previous month.

William Smith is an SEO Expert and the Founder of Datastream Technologies LLC and DataStream Marketing which was established in 2001

Visit to see how having a First Page ranking in Google is Imperative for today's local businesses and to learn more about search engine optimization.

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The Earth in 3D View via Google Maps

The Earth in 3D View via Google Maps

Google has just introduced a 3D mode in Google Maps. To see these images, you will need a pair of old-fashioned red glasses, bring up the world in Google Maps, and click on the Pegman with 3D glasses on the left side of the screen. As far as we know, this feature is available anywhere in the world. Thanks to Google Maps by Microsoft, such beautiful sceneries as Taj Mahal, Sydney Opera, or Table Mountain can be seen directly by our eyes:


Eifel Tower in France


Pisa Tower in Italy


Taj Mahal in India


3D buildings in San Francisco


Grand Canyon in Arizona


High buildings via Google Maps


I am a web developer. I love technology and have a passion of writing articles about technology news, especially new products.

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Find Contacts Of Import On Maps

Find Contacts Of Import On Maps
Desktop applications of the day can facilitate viewing any contact listed in Outlook or Salesforce on a map. You get a street or aerial view of the business contact you are planning to visit maybe, on a map. These apps also enable you to add contacts on a map; the map gives you a list of all contacts in Outlook or Salesforce. Generally the contacts are displayed on the map with predefined color coded icons on the basis of geocoding accuracy. You can also print the portion of the map displaying your contacts as well.

You also get Trip Planners from the maps to take you through the best route between contacts. The Trip Planner enables you to find the most convenient route between contacts in Outlook or Salesforce. Now if you have multiple places to visit, then the Planner also tells you the best itinerary to follow. You can ascertain where to start your journey from, what should be the next point of your visit or stop, and so on, till you reach your final stop. Also the best sequence to come back to where you started your trip from can be ascertained too. Custom addresses i.e. stops not stored in Outlook and Salesforce, can be added to a trip. You can also print driving directions with route map.

Salesforce is predominantly about customer relationship management (CRM) products. Its a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company distributing business software. CRM is about management and maintenance of customer-company relationship, which includes strategizing to secure present customers and wooing potential customers by integrating business processes, technology and people. Microsoft Outlook is the famous personal information manager, known more as an email application, but also has a host of other applications including Contact Manager.

These desktop applications are add-ons to Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce. Map Outlook Contacts, a desktop application of CoolApps the next generation of mash-ups that exploit new features of GIS platform - is an add-on to Microsoft Outlook 2007 which facilitates locating selected Outlook contacts on map. Whereas Map Contacts, another CoolApps application, is an add-on to Salesforce which enables on-map viewing of listed Salesforce contacts. These maps are products of ESRI ArcGIS Online Street and Aerial mapping services, having all the aforesaid features including those of Trip Planners.

Log in to for availing of the desktop applications - touted as the best for Outlook and Salesforce Contacts - called Map Outlook Contacts and Map Contacts.

Robert Alfred is the contributing writer of He is specialized in writing articles about Desktop Applications.

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Using Maps To Find Out The Way Forward

Using Maps To Find Out The Way Forward

If you have a bricks and mortar enterprise, having a internet site is essential. It happens to be all the far better if you're able to supply illustrated maps to reveal potential buyers where to discover you. By using a road plan and many map illustrations, it's always simple to do this.

There are several superb on-line programs that make it easy for you to create custom maps. A high-quality cartography illustrator program will permit you to generate a map that does not just simply reveal geographical places but also destinations of interest.

Any fantastic map will permit the individual looking at it to have the notion of the area and identify their way by comparison and by location. Using many on line applications out there can aid to put the final touches to a online site.

There are many versatile map making packages which will help you to put together the best map. Whether or not you have to spotlight street names, architectural illustrations or anything else, the most effective application makes it simple.

It happens to be also attainable to create overview maps which will give you various concepts of the way the area looks from above. Or you may create panoramic maps which exhibit the area from the mindset of someone who is standing in it. Furthermore, you can actually create campus maps for first time individuals.

If you are looking to produce a campus illustrated map to display a new student where the critical university places are, then the best map producing application will make your task a great deal simpler.

You'll find many uses for map producing computer software, from the practical to the creative – including using it to generate cityscape art. You are able to demonstrate certain places from a diverse point of view and produce a eye-catching piece of art.

City Maps Illustration can allow you to personalize a current map by adding to and removing from it to display exactly what you have to indicate and nothing more. This is extremely valuable for all consumers.

A campus map can be helpful for any student. Learn about illustrated maps at our website.

Best Handheld GPS Makes Maps Obselete

Best Handheld GPS Makes Maps Obselete

Garmin GPS technology has changed society forever. With the new Garmin eTrex Venture HC Handheld GPS, traveling in your car or backpacking up a mountain just got a whole lot easier. Instead of using large and annoying maps that flop in front of your face while your in your car, try using the new Garmin eTrex Venture HC Handheld GPS. This new model will make your traveling experience wherever you are, more enjoyable and less stressful.

The Garmin eTrex Venture HC Handheld GPS has a very bright yellow design and is very easy to use. The Garmin eTrex Venture HC is easy to use with one hand therefore you can get other tasks done at the same time. This device is essential for navigation excellence. All travel locations (500 way points and 50 routes) are easily accessible in the device. On the other hand, the routes on maps are spread all over and it is difficult to decipher which route is which. The WAAS enabled GPS receiver allows the system to quickly determine your exact location so it can give you the correct directions. The best handheld gps tells you exactly where to go unlike a map which you have to figure it out yourself. The Garmin eTrex Venture HC is the best handheld gps because it serves as a great guide to wear you are going and it is worth it to buy it.

This device is also waterproof so it can be taken fishing or boating without worry of ruining it. Just think what would happen if you dropped a map in the lake: completely unreadable. The 1.7 by 1.3 inch LCD screen makes it easy to view the screen and be able to see the exact direction where you are going. The TFT display screen is extremely helpful because it changes the tint of the screen in relation to the time of day. This makes it easier to see at night or during the day when sunlight can be very glaring. The device runs on AA batteries and has a long lasting battery life of 14 hours. With all of these features the Garmin eTrex Venture HC is the best handheld gps unit that garmin has to offer.

So whether you are driving, hiking, backpacking, or boating the Garmin eTrex Venture HC is the perfect guide and it can get you to your desired location swiftly without stress. With this new unit, reading a map will be like using a type writer. The Garmin eTrex Venture HC Handheld GPS is clearly a great value and the best handheld unit garmin has to offer. With an easy to view screen and navigation excellence, why wouldn't you buy one for your car.

Read customer reviews with a star rating system for the Garmin eTrex Venture HC Handheld GPS by visiting: Best Handheld GPS

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List your website in Google Maps to achieve best traffic from Google

List your website in Google Maps to achieve best traffic from Google

You can list your website in Google Maps to achieve the best traffic from Google. You can add the name of your business house as well as the place of your business in Google Maps. These maps have become a hub of online business. Small and big business houses now can understand how important these maps are. In the same you will also come to know its significance once you enlist your business center with them.

The first thing about these Google Maps is that they are a means for driving more traffic apart from your SEO optimization. There are numerous visitors who run a search with keywords. You are free to list all the details of your business in short on these maps. For example you may want to put up your working hours and a photograph of your store or shop.

You can upload videos as well if you want to. All this will only help you in helping a potential customer have a thorough knowledge of your business. You can do this by linking your website to these maps.

In addition Google collects the information of your viewers. This helps you in generation of leads in the long run. This is why these Google Maps have become so very popular over the years. These days' people know about it as a place to develop business relationships in the best possible way.

The best part about Google Maps is that these are free. Hence you can list your business in these maps and conquer the world. However there are advanced features that you may avail for which you may have to pay a minimal amount of money. The motto of these maps is to provide maximum information to help your visitors have a better understanding of your products and services. The choice is yours whether you would like to go ahead with a paid service or not.

To list your website in Google Maps to achieve best traffic from Google you also get special privileges from Google. Google provides special coupons for businesses that are listed with it. As an alternative you can also avail paid tagging for these lists. In other words you get a variety of choices for your internet business to flourish.

Joanna Gadel is associated with a reputed SEO services in Sydney and her articles on smart SEO optimization techniques educates her headers.

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Cartoon Maps Attract the Attention of Readers!

Cartoon Maps Attract the Attention of Readers!

Cartoon Maps...

Most of you might not be familiar with the term cartoon maps but might have actually encountered them several times already. By definition, a cartoon map is an illustrated map of a certain place, be it a city or a town. The difference of cartoon map from all the other kinds of maps is that it contains caricatures and illustrations of landmarks, people, transportation, and everything in between. Cartoons are meant to catch and hold the attention of its target audience with its colorful illustrations and funny, sometimes witty, depiction of events or situations.

Maps are powerful advertisement materials. Because they are fun, colorful, and non-threatening, people respond to them positively. A good cartoon map also entertains its viewers while making its message stick to their memory for a long while. For those who want to attract attention to their business or service, cartoon maps can provide the ideal solution.

I have had ample experience in making cartoon maps. I have designed some pretty simple ones and some huge, complex ones. And I have dealt with all kinds of people from varied industries and sectors. This has allowed me the flexibility to cater to whatever creative demands the client has.

As usual, the process starts with the client telling me all that they need me to do. They do this by sending me a brief, detailing me with all every specifications they want. Cartoon maps may be built around a central theme or a central place, or might just feature several businesses that need to be promoted. Random activities may also be depicted, to provide humor or visual interest, whichever the client specifies. Depending on the complexity and size of the project, I will make the preliminary sketches on the soonest time possible. The client gets the first look and may ask to tweak a detail or two. When approval for the whole image is given, the final product is made and delivered.

The advantage of making cartoon maps is the seemingly infinite possibilities derive from it. Apart from observing relative accuracy of landmark and street placements, virtually anything can be done and included in it. Clients can choose to make caricatures of people they wished to be emphasized in their cartoon maps. Illustrations depicting business goals or organization goals can also be done. Maps can be informative or downright funny, depending on whatever concept or message the client wishes to be conveyed. Cartoon maps may contain texts to further enhance its informative quality or none at all.

As promotional strategy goes, cartoon maps are not only effective, they are also cheap compared to traditional promotions. They don't take weeks to plan and finish. It is because of this affordability and convenience that has made cartoon maps quite popular when it comes to visual promotions.

Having long-term experience in this profession has also allowed me to produce high quality products. This means no confusing or ambiguous image or illustration. You will truly get what you pay for, and more. I can guarantee a product that not only draws eyes but maintains the viewer's interest, too.

Richard Duszczak has been a freelance cartoonist for nearly 30 years, drawing cartoon maps, cartoons for educational books, motivational and training, advertising, PR, magazines and the web.
Cartoon Studio Limited
Tel: +44(0)1246 209034
"Working to make you and your clients smile!"

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What's The Difference Between Google Maps & Google Places?

What's The Difference Between Google Maps & Google Places?

If you are wondering what the difference between Google Maps and Google Places is- here's the quick answer. The former is a mapping service to easily locate your local business with Google's online maps while the latter is a more detailed listing of your local business.


It is suggested that instead of just using the Google Maps, local businesses should opt for an optimized listing in Places.  It's a free service for local businesses to create their profile including all pertinent information necessary to attract your target market, get themselves listed and have their location marked on Google Maps service.


When you want to appear in the front page of the Google search engine when your target traffic conducts a local search, you should make it a point to have an optimized business listing in Places.  You will find it simple and easy to have your local business listed in Places.


An optimized listing in Google Places will go a long, long way for your business.  It is proven to be an effective traffic generator and the traffic that you will be able to get from Places is the kind that actually converts.  It helps to include as much as possible location specific information in creating your listing.


You also have to ensure that all the information you have included in your listing are accurate and reliable.  With an optimized business listing in Places, you are assured that every time an online user searches for products or services that are covered by your location, your business gets to appear on the front page at the top position of the search results.


Another difference between the Maps and Places is that the latter is an interactive avenue where your customers get to leave reviews about how satisfied they are doing business with you.  The more reviews you earn on your listing, the more favorable it is to your Google ranking.


One important aspect in using Google Places is for you to build your information based on the right keywords that your target traffic use to find your business online.  When you have identified the right keywords to use, you can now build your local business listing optimized for Places.


Are you spending thousands of dollars on your website and you are nowhere to be "found" on Google?

Download free Google Places video tutorial that will show you how to easily add your business to the Google Maps and Google Places Listings. Also, checkout our Search EngineMarketing services, it may be a great fit to you.


Your Business In Google Maps

Your Business In Google Maps
Are you looking to maximize your business by driving more visitors to your website and feature on top ten Google search results? One of the easiest ways to do such web marketing is using Google Maps application. For the geographically specific organizations, this application can bring loads of traffic. You should learn how to use it for the benefit of your business and improve the results of Google Maps ranking.

How to Improve Results of Google Maps Ranking

The experts of search engine optimization are still finding the best ways to improve Google Ranking results. However, there are certain aspects that have proven to bring results. If you do not have local listings, then claim for it. Google is not fully sure with their Google Maps data. When you make claims for listings, then Google realizes that your organization already exists. Create your listings with your company details, logo and images. If you provide images and logo of your company, then the possibility of your listing to rank higher increases.

Reviews on your Listing

It is important to get some reviews on the listing. Let the visitors to write reviews or ask your customers to write testimonials on your listing. Send your customers a link to your listing so that they can easily write the reviews directly on the listing of Google Maps. You can use such reviews and testimonials on your website and other publications to increase awareness.

Convert Visitors into Customers

Google Maps listing that comes with review ranks higher than the ones that come without any reviews. With these reviews, you can impress your potential target audience and convert visitors into customers.

Google Maps for Searching Local Businesses

Many people use Google Maps for searching local businesses. Have you noticed that the listings of Google Maps appear on the normal search results of Google sometimes? When you search for something on Google in a particular location, you generally type in the keyword and put in followed by the location. On the result page, you get a small map at the top followed by certain results. Those map results are listings of Google Maps in your preferred location.
Therefore, using Google Maps can enhance the web marketing potential immaculately for your business. At BusinessRise, we can help you get the best advantage of Google Maps and search engine optimization. Our experts will guide you how you can utilize the advantages of local listings and increase the prospects of your business.

Businessrise writes various articles on web services and specialized in custom website design and Flash design. For more visit

The Pros And Cons Of Google Maps

The Pros And Cons Of Google Maps

Users embedding a Google map on their website will not only make it more user-friendly but also enable people to access your business location with more ease. It does not matter which business you are in- education, hotel business, travel and tourism, or offering services and goods to your customers. These maps can augment the interactive quotient of your website. Thus, more and more people would be interested to visit your site.

When you consider the advantages of Google maps, the first thing that comes to mind is the ease with which you can reach your desired destination. Since different map views are available for Google maps, the user can choose from the options of a terrain view, normal map view, or satellite image view based on his/her individual needs.

Another advantage of Google maps is its ability to get directions based on your own mode of travel. Thus, irrespective of whether you are walking, using public transportation or your own car, you can get the directions for a hassle free journey. Businesses can use the software to find missing locations, which are not shown in traditional route maps.

One more point needs to be counted upon when you are talking about the advantages of Google maps. If you need directions that include numerous stops, you can add a new destination to the Google map with only a single click.

If you are now thinking that the entire scenario related to Google maps is rosy, think again. Despite their advantages, these maps have their own cons too. Typically,many webmasters are concerned about the quality and accuracy issues of the maps. Many people complain that the content and data as shown by the web maps are not as accurate as they would like them to be.

Since Google maps need a high bandwidth, they may not be accessible by many users having poor network connection or those who use handheld devices to surf the internet. Users who own hand-held devices with small screens like Smartphones are especially at the receiving end as the entire map of an area can't be displayed optimally on the screen sizes that measure only a few inches. Another threat that works against the usage of Google maps is the chance of copyright infringement where anyone can steal your maps and its data without your permission.

Though much has been said in favor of and against Google maps, it goes without saying that these maps are here to stay, thanks to their interactive nature and user friendliness.

Godfrey Ko, website developer and software author since 1996. Some of his software creations including a online Flash Video Player, and Interactive Map Builder.

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Architecture is a Highlight on Asheville Maps

Architecture is a Highlight on Asheville Maps

While Asheville North Carolina is best known for its eclectic culture and stunning mountain views, it can also be appreciated for the many unique architectural styles throughout the city. Simply by following a tourist map of Asheville, its easy to spot the numerous churches and buildings designed in Victorian vernacular styles. Looking at a vacation map may lead travelers to regularly visited destinations, and it may also lead to less noted architectural masterpieces.

Take the St Lawrence Basilica for example. When looking at a tourist map of Asheville, it is between Battery Park Hotel and the Civic Center, close to the Montford neighborhood. Designer Raphael Guastavino was invited to Asheville to participate in the planning of Richard Sharp Smith designs, such as the beginning of what is now Biltmore Village. The St. Lawrence Basilica is made of self-supporting arches using thin layers of mortar and interlocking tiles. It is said to be the largest freestanding dome in North America, and is the precursor to what is now called "Guastavino Style" or a "Tile Arch System". It would be certainly worthwhile to learn more about the basilica through Asheville tourist information or on an Asheville map.
Other more notorious attractions that can be found with a vacation map are throughout the Biltmore Village area. The most famed being the Biltmore Estate designed by the architects Richard Morris Hunt and Richard Sharp Smith, and by the landscape designer Fredrick Law Olmstead. Originally built on 125,000 acres, it was designed in multifaceted approaches of late 19th century architecture. The most predominant is the French chateau style of the Biltmore House. Close to the Biltmore Estate on one of the Asheville maps are the highly influential creations of Richard Sharp Smith such as All Souls Church and Parish Hall and the Biltmore Depot. Smith designed these in course stone and heavy timbers, materials that are now used in most of the surrounding buildings.

As most of the prominent buildings and churches visible on illustrated maps were created in the early 20th century, the influences from the historical Arts and Crafts Movement are visible. In fact, many of the primary figures of the movement spent time in Asheville at some point in their careers. The style is apparent in downtown buildings like the Grove Arcade and Battery Park Hotel. Architect Douglas Ellington's City Hall employs a flashier and more colorful Art Deco style building as evidenced in the angles and tile patterns. The design itself is praiseworthy, but to see the building against the mountain silhouettes at sunset is magnificent.

About 6 blocks away when following any one of Asheville's illustrated maps is the indoor arcade designed by visionary Dr. Edwin Wiley Grove. His ambitious project to build a tower above the arcade was never completed due to economic problems of the Great Depression. The elaborate Tudor Gothic Revival designs still attract many to visit what is a important commercial center of downtown Asheville. Whether travelers are consulting Asheville maps or speaking with the locals, many will attest that these architectural works of art make the city a truly unique scenic destination.

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How GIS Maps Are Used Today

How GIS Maps Are Used Today

GIS refers to technology known as geographic information systems. These systems capture, analyze, and present data based on location. The presentation is usually in the form of a map, but can also be output in other forms for analysis or to convey information. These systems are used by many industries, state and local government authorities, the Federal government and the military. Most of the systems are fairly similar, with the exception of the military which has different uses for the data. The use of GIS mapping has actually been around since the 1960's with the early computers. However, due to the massive amounts of data involved in these applications, there use did not become more widespread until the early 1980's.

This is when the computing resources became significantly faster at an affordable price. The earliest application of GIS technology was in Canada for a mapping project conducted by the federal Department of Forestry and Rural Development. The technology was used to develop detail mapping of rural land throughout Canada. The government was interested in determining where land was available for various purposes including agriculture, recreation and forestry. With the introduction of less costly and higher powered technology, the uses of GIS maps has grown significantly.

The applications have gone beyond simply presenting a map of land by type of use, to characteristics and demographics about the land. In the retail environment, companies will develop maps integrated with census and other data, to identify locations for building new stores or conducting various marketing activities. Governments can create maps to identify where services are needed, for example, locating areas where that are underserved by physicians or hospitals.

Law enforcement agencies have been using GIS to create maps identifying areas with criminal activity in order to increase patrols in that area. Events like 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina have allowed emergency responders to identify escape routes and relocation facilities. The advantage of GIS mapping is that it produces output, in the forms of map and other data, in a single place. By linking this data, it provides an easy to understand representation of the information. As computing capabilities increase the available applications will also grow.

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Demographic Analysis With Flash World Maps

Demographic Analysis With Flash World Maps

An individual's demographic characteristics like age, gender, race, tenure and education are considered important variable from a psychological perspective, as these attributes directly effect an individual's performance, satisfaction etc. Some people also believe that attribute such as characteristics, perception, attitude etc are also important as they help in understanding of consumer behavior. These attributes can also assist in determination of various sociological problems and thereafter aid in determining appropriate solutions. Demographic study of just one individual or one community is of little significance hence it is done on a wide scale to cover a large geographical region.

Many demographic studies are undertaken on a global level. A large number of these studies are undertaken by institutions such as UNO and World Bank. The primary aim of these studies is to ascertain the level of poverty, malnutrition and illiteracy. From an economic perspectives world wide demographic surveys are undertaken to determine population density, distribution of natural resources, industrialization etc. Sociologists and anthropologists are interested in facts like distribution of native tribes, cultural composition of a region etc.  

These days, even business organizations have started to take serious interest in global demographics. They use global demographics as a basis for making crucial business decision. With glottalization become rampant, large corporations are keen to sell their products globally. Hence, these companies use demographic studies to determine the feasibility of investing in a certain country. Acquiring valuable information from quantitative data is not an easy task and involves a great deal of analysis. Data visualization is one of the technique used for quantitative analysis.

Data visualization facilitates analysis through graphical representation of quantitative data. It helps in determination of prevailing trends by depicting data on charts or graphs. Conventional methods of data visualization are also applied to demographic data. This however, doesn't help in analysis since demographic data is associated with geographic locations. The problem of visualizing demographic data can be countered though use of data-driven maps.  

A Data-driven map displays quantitative information associated with various regions. Flash based world maps can be used for displaying data pertaining to global demographics. There are numerous advantages of using a Flash based world maps these include; interactivity, color coding, drill down etc. Apart from being visually appealing, Flash based world maps are capable of dispensing data effectively. Presently, Flash based world maps are widely deployed by both corporate houses and governments. The chief reason behind their popularity is the fact that they make quantitative analysis easier.

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Use Fall Foliage Maps to Help You Plan

Use Fall Foliage Maps to Help You Plan

There's a lot to be said about jumping in the car on a given fall afternoon and heading for the hills to see the beautiful leaves changing colors.  Think about it - cares to the wind, no schedule, fill the tank and off you go.

With a little luck you'll find a nice restaurant along the way and be able to see nature at its finest.  And chances are you're going to see a great deal of majesty in the fall colors if you're in the right area of the United States. The northeast is simply spectacular during the fall.

But too many times we get back home only to hear from a friend, and maybe even see some of their pictures on Facebook, of foliage even grander than ours!  How is that possible?  Could be they planned a little bit using a fall foliage map.  Now these things are easy to use and readily available and provide time saving tips along with the very best areas to see the fall colors.

Fall foliage maps are created using the reports of hundreds of people and official observers for the meteorological departments across the areas in the United States.  What is fascinating is that the leaves don't change colors at the same exact time every year.  Dry summers, rainfall, humidity, temperature all play a big part in when the leaves will be at their peak colors.  Reports of these changes are sent in and the fall foliage map is updated.

There's no doubt that a fall color road trip can be one of the most memorable for the family.  But think of how much more special it can be if you plan a little more using a fall foliage map to make sure you're in the right areas where the colors are perfect.  It's a great tool that should be used each time you plan to see the leaves change in the fall.

One of the other great benefits of a fall foliage map is that people take pride in showcasing the other attractions in the area.  For example, along with the route to the best colors, you'll find if they are having a fall festival. These can be fun and exciting for everyone in your family.  And if your trip takes you down the road for long, there are many bed and breakfasts that go out of their way to make your stay special.  They know you'll be back next season.  They can also be a wealth of information about the local area and best routes.  It just makes sense to stop in, stay, and then ask for help further planning your fall foliage car trip.

Finally, many of the same sites that have foliage maps have other information about the area, namely lists of great restaurants along the way and recommendations of off the beaten path places of interest.  So yes, it is a lot of fun just jumping in the car and heading for the hills, but at the same time, a little planning will make your trip spectacular and have you returning with the best photos of fall foliage on your block! 

Dave Jackson has been writing about Fall Foliage since 2005 when he launched his USA Fall Foliage website complete with a fall foliage map. Chuck full of exciting places to visit, the site also accepts contributing editors to post their best fall foliage stories.

Benefits Of Internet Road Maps

Benefits Of Internet Road Maps
The Internet has opened up many possibilities for humanity. Add in the invention of the satellite, and Internet road mapping systems were born. Below you will find six benefits of Internet road maps.

Using the Internet, you can find directions to almost anywhere, versus the typical state map. Internet maps can give you directions from one state to another without having to switch maps. And here's a fun fact- some road map sites tell to swim across the ocean if you have to travel across the country (though I doubt anyone has ever tried this!).

Paper maps can easily be lost, but with today's modern technology you can easily access Internet maps from your phone or laptop from almost anywhere. Mobile versions of map generators are available for many different phones and enable the users to find directions while on the go, often for free or for a low cost.

When using a paper map, you have to decide for yourself where you are going, what route to take, and which route is the shortest or fastest looking. Internet road maps give you the options of whether you want the shortest travel time, fewer turns, or the most or least highway time. It will then calculate the best route suited for your needs.

Marking routes on an old road map with a highlighter can get confusing, especially if you have used a map for more than one trip! When you look up road maps on the Internet, your route will appear in a bright color to stand out from the other roads, and will also give you a list of the directions to print out with the map. You can always look up a previous route again without having to search through several hand-colored roads you put on yourself. This saves you time when you're trying to get to your destination.

Instead of having to search a paper road map over to find your destination, you can type in your current location and the address of the place you are going into an Internet map, and your directions instantly pop up. This cuts out the guesswork when trying to figure out exactly where on the map you will be headed.

Everyone hates having to fumble with a big, bulky road map when they are traveling. With the Internet, whether you print your map out before you leave or you look it up on your mobile device, you are able to access a road map that is less bulky and only contains the specific roads you need to reach your destination.

As you can see, Internet road maps have revolutionized the way we travel, making preparation time faster and easier than ever before. I strongly urge anyone who has not tried this method of getting directions to do so, because they are straightforward and anyone can figure them out. Get rid of the old maps that are cluttering your glove compartment and switch to a faster, simpler method of finding your way when you need to go somewhere that is unfamiliar to you.

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Google Maps Chiropractic Marketing Tactics

Google Maps Chiropractic Marketing Tactics

When people put the word "(your city) chiropractic" into Google, what every chiropractor wants is for their practice to be the top one that pops up on that searcher's local business map. Getting your chiropractic listing ranked first on Google Places (formerly Google Maps) is certainly an attainable goal. Here are six tips that you can use in your business listing to ensure that your office finds its way to the top for maximum exposure.

Multiple Reviews and Google Maps

It is extremely helpful to your rankings if your practice has multiple reviews. By "multiple," we mean as many as you can get. You want the volume of your reviews to overshadow those of all other chiropractors in your area. If others have five, 10 and 30, then you want 60, 70, 80 or more. Reviews are massive in terms of acquiring high rankings on Google and having your business highlighted on the map.

It is important that these reviews are real and they should be from your past or current patients. The best thing to do to facilitate this is to contact your patient-base and ask each of them to write a review. Use email to do this and give them a link to the review area.

The Power of Photos and Videos

Google Maps love photos and videos. Use as many videos and still images as you can and make sure that your company logo is on each. The videos don't need to be long. They can offer health tips, nutritional information and describe helpful exercises. Make each video subject specific, offering useful information in easy-to-understand, capsule form.

Photos can show you at the office, involved in charity or community work and even on a special trip. The photos and videos are all about connecting on both a professional and personnel level with prospective patients and keeping linked to your present clientele.

Keywords and Your Business Description

Using the correct keywords in your Google business description is important. Choose these words with care as they are designed to interact with the search engine, garnering you hits.

Utilize Keywords in Your Business Name

Hopefully you have keywords, such as '"chiropractor" and "chiropractic" in the name of your business. This technique is very powerful. Make sure that you list your keyword rich business name correctly with Google.

Connect through Back-links and Citations

Whatever and wherever you post something related to your business, you want to make sure that it links back to Google. Each one of your press releases, articles, blogs, photos, citations from other authority sites, etc. should have a link to your Google business listing.

Offer Limited Time Coupons

Google business listings allow you to upload coupons that can be downloaded by visitors. Offer limited time coupons that you change from time to time. Limited time coupons are a good way to get people to act since the expiration date on the coupon helps motivate people to take action. Keep changing your coupon offers and track which ones seem to work best in bringing in new business.

People will find you with Google Maps

Your Google business listing can be utilized to ensure that you garner hits, raising your search engine rankings and making your business pop-up on that prominent Google map. The great thing about Google Places is that people will find your chiropractic practice instantly and fast. Use each of the six tips above to access the power of this feature to get more new patients monthly.

Discover how to get an extra 10-20 New Patients / month using chiropractic marketing online. For the latest free internet and social media marketing tips that dominate Google, visit now!

How to utilise Google maps

How to utilise Google maps

We all know how friendly Google is for its users. In fact, most of us rely on Google for searching or locating almost anything in the universe. In its endeavor to satisfy Google has put forth Google Maps which enables users to locate a particular place or location in a jiffy.


For a novice, you could begin with logging on to the Internet and open the Google home page. Click on the Map link which is present on the top of the page. You could then type in the address or the location which you wish to know in the search bar provided on the top of the Google Map page. It would be of great help if you type in the area or city or state for assisting Google to conduct a more relevant search of the same.


After this, Google will display the desired map along with the additional information on the place and location if available. You could even get closer to the location or its nearby areas by zooming in and even save the location into your special My Maps account. If you wish you could even email it across to interested people. Apart from other information, you will also get detailed information on the location, address, contact details and website information too.


Google Maps have advanced features for you can get a satellite view or a terrain view of the map. They also enable you to view traffic on the desired location. In case you wish to view a satellite map you could always drag and drop the little stick figure at the top of the zoom features bar. You could also specify the direction at which you wish to see the road. You can access the street view photo and view it from many angles in case you wish to know where you are located at that particular location.


Google Maps are can be printed, sent and even linked to an email, a website and even an instant message. By using the Print button available on the Google Map page, you can always get a print copy of the map. In case you wish to send it across to somebody through email, you could always paste a link of it in your email. For those who wish to utilize the link within their websites which could help visitors to visit the onsite location can always do so by using it with HTML as well.


Google Maps can be used through mobile and they perform the function of GPS and assist you in reaching the right place in practically no time, you need not stop the vehicle a couple of times and waste time in asking for directions.


Google Maps are full of location related information and if used in a proper manner, you can retrieve information related to zip codes, latitudes, longitudes and even airport codes of a particular country. Google Maps are equipped with an easy to use interface which attracts more and more people to benefit from using it.


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