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Friday, July 28, 2017

Choose a Google AdWords Certified Manager For Your PPC

Choose a Google AdWords Certified Manager For Your PPC

Companies and Web site owners interested in adding pay per click management to their online advertising budgets may wish to employ the services of a firm specializing in PPC programs. While some businesses maintain strong marketing departments, work with certain types of online ads do require a special brand of know-how that comes with prolonged exposure to advertising models used by Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing. That each of the major search engines offers certification for users says much about the importance of experience.

Hiring PPC Management vs. In-House

Think of your own business and the methods employed in hiring new workers and integrating them into the company. Do you have training procedures, or orientation seminars? Depending on the scope of your business, training could take time, and it does cost money. Now consider having to train workers to better handle new paradigms in marketing. To ensure excellent service in pay per click advertising, you will want your employees to work at certified level.

Or, you can outsource a local PPC firm with certification to handle the work for you while your marketing department oversees the reports and approves the budget. You save the time it would normally take for your workers to become familiar with AdWords, and your marketers can concentrate on other aspects of work. Training for certification can become a gradual process while your PPC firm kick-starts the program.

PPC Advertising vs. Other Media

Why do Google and Yahoo and others offer certification at all? PPC advertising vastly differs from other media - with print and broadcast marketing one can deliver a message with impact using imagery and sound. PPC text ads offer an abbreviated space to relay a message, and the words used must be chosen carefully. Not only will the ad's words determine whether or not a visitor clicks through to a site, but the relevancy of the ad on the keywords bid can determine the overall cost of the ad. Training to better understand how the ads work can help you not only craft an ad that works, but help you get the most out of your daily spends.

If your marketing department has no certified ad consultants on staff, outsourcing a firm specializing in AdWords and other search programs is a good way to maintain a successful PPC campaign for your business. Let those who know which words to use create the ads that drive your traffic.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on local PPC advertising firms and professional SEO writers.

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A Quick Guide To Picking The Best Google Adwords Manager

A Quick Guide To Picking The Best Google Adwords Manager

No matter what they've been telling you, managing a Google Adwords campaign is no child's play. Of course it's not difficult to set up a campaign. Thanks to the very friendly, step-by-step setup process, starting a Google Adwords campaign is indeed so simple that almost anybody can do it in a matter of minutes.

However, setting up a campaign is only half the story. The real challenge lies is making it successful, in profiting from it. And that, believe me, takes a lot more than just a sketchy understanding of the process. Theoretically, as long as a company is willing to pay for traffic, then it should be relatively simple to utilize the interfaces that each of the search engines offer. In practice, however, the nuances associated with managing a profitable Pay-Per-Click program are considerably more complex.

It's no wonder then companies frequently feel the need to appoint a dedicated Google Adwords manager to not just manage their PPC campaigns, but actually profit from them. Unlike organic Search Engine Optimization, search engine marketing (such as running an Adwords campaign on Google) involves expenses which need to come back as profits for the company. The ROI (Return on Investment) of the campaign, therefore, assumes a very significant role in the scheme of things.

One of the best ways to ensure that you get a high and consistent return from your PPC marketing is with dedicated and diligent Google Adwords campaign management. Most companies don't have the kind of in-house expertise that would let them strike gold with their search engine marketing campaigns. Under such circumstances, the best alternative is to outsource it to a third-party management service.

Appointing a professional Google Adwords campaign management company for the job comes with many advantages. For one, such a company would have access to many tools and formulas that will facilitate the creation of the most profitable Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Some use very sophisticated Micro Management formulas that enable campaigns to be built from the ground up, starting with the most targeted key terms possible and expanding. This process allows for the campaigns to be managed from a strict ROI standpoint.

A competent Google Adwords manager would target "Buyers" and not just "Browsers". Such an approach proves to be immensely profitable for typical clients and results not just in a higher click-through rate but actually larger conversions.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Why Hire An Adwords Campaign Manager?

Why Hire An Adwords Campaign Manager?
An AdWords campaign manager is a highly sought professional in today's world and the reason is not hard to understand. Ever since Google launched their hugely popular pay-per-click based search engine advertising program, businesses everywhere have been signing up for it in ever increasing numbers. The rewards were instant visibility and plenty of targeted traffic in a short time.

However, these goodies awaited only those who played their cards right. In order to make a PPC campaign successful, one needed to have an in-depth understanding of how it works, study the competition closely and then select the best keywords for the job.

This, unfortunately, was easier said than done. Most of us either lack the time or the expertise to do it right. So what's the best alternative?

Simple, it's hiring a dedicated PPC campaign manager to take care of things on your behalf.

As one starts thinking about it, appointing an AdWords campaign manager makes a lot of sense. One of the keys to success in PPC advertising is constant monitoring. In-depth competition analysis is also a very critical aspect to setting up a powerful campaign. A skilled and trained AdWords campaign manager would use typically have access to a host of analytical tools that would enable him or her to better understand what your competition is spending, their estimated traffic, estimated bid prices and more, and then advise you one how to set up and run a better and more effective campaign.

Just think about it; being successful with your AdWords campaign is no walk in the park. You need to spend time monitoring and analyzing your campaign, and then make changes to it accordingly. And if you don't have that kind of time to spare, why not hire somebody who does?

Finding a competent and skilled AdWords campaign manager is not hard these days. A quick search on Google will yield the names of hundreds of such professionals in an instant. Some of the best ones are even certified by Google as bona fide Campaign Managers. So go ahead and hire. If you are serious about the success of your PPC campaign, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of appointing a dedicated campaign manager.

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