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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Why Would You Need One Of The Major Article Submission Software?

Why Would You Need One Of The Major Article Submission Software?
People who have considered going into online marketing may have likely uncovered the value of article marketing for the success of their business. Once we remember that people go to the Internet to search for free information, it is quite simple to see why articles are essential. Having plenty of content on different sites is definitely a great method to reach to them. Nevertheless, it is also essential to understand that article> is a key element in the process of search engine optimization or SEO, which is important if you need your website to be noticed among your many rivals. A simple principle in SEO is the significance of backlinks, which are links to the website being promoted that are located in other sites. Such is one of the main tasks of the process of posting articles to different websites and directories and therefore, it is recommended to seek advice from today's leading article submission authority to make sure that you have the best kind of software.

The procedure of submitting articles to numerous reliable sites is essential because if your website's URL is not seen on the initial page of the search results, you have very minimal opportunity of having a significant amount of visitors to your site. If you truly want your site to have a better than average probability of being found on the top page of the search results, you need to have more backlinks because search engines have a high regard for them when determining the dependability of your website. The sad thing about it is that submitting articles demands a lot of time. This is why applying an article> tool that will carry out the tasks for you is important. However, care is crucial because it is more complicated than that. You cannot simply select any website and submit your content.

If however, you post your content on those web sites that have low rank in line with the analysis of the algorithms of the various search engines, they are going to pull down the ranking of your site. {You need to find those websites that have high ranks and this is one of the crucial features of the article> that you'd want to work with.|It is essential that you consult sites like in order that the software you select will only post to sites with good rankings.|Getting information from websites that give attention to this task like

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

What Are The Major Differences Between Static Websites And Blogs?

What Are The Major Differences Between Static Websites And Blogs?
Generally there are two types of website has been develops online.

1. Static web-site
2. Blog web-site.

Static websites are those where you would required to create every single page for your end user called as static webpage, these pages need to created individually basis and need to write with HTML or web suitable web-language for programming. To develop any static HTML webpage or entire website from scratch, you would need to use software like Dreamweaver or FrontPage where you can edit and develop page codes for browser. Some software developers still prefer to use notepad for editing/developing websites. HTML is simple web language, you can get free tutorial on w3c schools website if you are not aware of this.

Blogging platform is little bit different than static one. Regular bloggers would required to post content every single days so creating static pages for every post would be tedious work. Thats why CMS platform came in picture. Such platform like WordPress built with such way so that they get organized by dates and categorized with recent content posted by users with use of keywords and tags.

Static websites works with HTML other web language suitable for programming, to develop any static HTML webpage or entire website from scratch, You would need to use a software like Dreamweaver or FrontPage where you can edit and develop page codes for browser. Some software developers still prefer to use notepad for editing/developing websites. HTML is simple web language, you can get free tutorial on w3c schools website if you are not aware of this.
Blogging websites works on CMS (content management system) platform like WordPress. These types of platform have been developed from users point of view to provides simplicity and faster content uploading and updating features. These websites will work with permalink features in which you wouldnt require to develop multiple pages for your articles/content. It will create dynamic pages based on keyword or tag you allocate for your content.
Blogging website comes with ability to post content pages as homepage but you cannot create static homepage for your website instead of that you need to select any particular page to be static for your readers. You will find this feature under general tab of your admin page.
WordPress Widgets: WordPress become most popular for making blog website within bloggers, there are thousands of plug-in made by developers and makes it free for WordPress users. Plug-in is a short script written to work as particular function. This section makes WordPress simpler than any other CMS platform. You will find huge list of plug-in under WordPress plug-in WordPress directory, SEO pack, ping updates, xml sitemap these are few good one I always use for my own blog.
Search Engine loves unique and updated content than static one. Thats why they index blogs post often than any other static webpage. You must activate ping list for your blog. Ping list is the list of blog directories and search engines where your blog will get submitted for indexing. By default WordPress pings to pingomatic but you can also add multiple ping lists.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Backlinks Are Still the Major Website Traffic Stream

Backlinks Are Still the Major Website Traffic Stream

Let's start with this experiment.  Go to Google, Yahoo or MSN and type "get it here" in the search box. Note the results on the first result pages and try to deduce why the results came out what they are!

Being on the first page of results on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo or MSN for certain keywords is the purpose of every search engine optimization project. Being at the first page, will bring free organic traffic and of course more business and value to the website.  When optimizing for search engines, most optimizers concentrate on optimizing the website itself by enhancing titles, keywords, descriptions, image alts, page text and other factors that with no doubt are very important for any search engine optimization project. However, I noticed that webmasters get lazy when it comes to the most important factor that brings websites to the top of the search engine results.

At the time of writing this article, both Google and Yahoo returned in the first position for the "get it here" keyword. MSN returned the Adobe flash player page. The least amount of results was 354,000,000 search results.

When you go to either the adobe flash player page or the quick time player page and take notes from a search engine optimization prospective; "get it here" is not in the domain name, not in the title of the page, not in the keywords, not in the meta description, not in any alt of the images nor anywhere else in the pages text or html source code! Further, you can bet that you will get the same notes if you looked at all the web pages on the first result pages of Google, Yahoo or MSN.  The question is: how did these pages get to rank high in search engines in such a way in spite the fact that they are irrelevant and not optimized for that specific keyword?

The domain name, title, meta description, keywords, image alts and page text are all important seo factors but they are obviously not the answer. The major search engine optimization factor is backlinks.

Optimizing your website's elements such as the keywords and your page texts is just the beginning. Those elements are important but they should only be considered as a preparation phase. The real work starts right after finishing this phase.

Adobe flash player and quick time is used by millions of users. You probably have encountered something similar to this sentence "This page requires flash player. If you do not have flash player installed get it here". The "get it here" is a backlink to the flash player page. Millions of websites have a link to the Adobe flash player page with "get it here" for the text of the link and with no doubts that's why adobe flash player is number one for the "get it here" keyword.

An important thing to notice here is that the benefit of having backlinks to a site is not only by bringing the website to the top of search engine results. A backlink also brings even more website traffic from clicks on that link. If you have paid for a pay per click marketing campaign, then you know how much a click is worth! Millions of users click the "get it here" link and go to the Adobe and QuickTime website at no cost to either! You do the math!

Backlinks are with no doubt your primary source of website traffic. Backlinks bring you to the top of search engine results. Backlinks establishes your website popularity. Traffic to your website is the value of your website, backlinks are what creates traffic and therefore, building backlinks should be on the top of your marketing campaign priorities to maximize the traffic and value of your website.

Backlinks are simply the links that you get to your website from other websites. If you do not have sufficient amount of links pointing to your website, you will keep striving and paying money to get a small portion of traffic that probably will not cover your expenses nor will it be worth the time you spend using other search engine optimization methods such as optimizing your website content. Even if you have the best website with the best content, if you do not have backlinks, you will not have any significant website traffic.

By: Hassan Sayed
Webmaster at a place for webmasters to find everything needed for a website. offers lots of website resources and tools and a complete webmaster resources directory Also offers, web design, website hosting, professional website templates, web directory, article directory webmaster resources and tools.

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