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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Ray Harryhausen - Creator Of Movie Magic

Ray Harryhausen - Creator Of Movie Magic
Harryhausen's Career Path Begins
In 1933, Harryhausen saw the film King Kong and also the expertise proved to be a important point in his life. Entertained by the stunning special effects utilized in the film, Ray dedicated his time to learning as a lot of about these effects as possible. It wasn't long before he contacted Willis H. O'Brien (the person behind King Kong) to be told more concerning stop-motion photography.
Harryhausen's initial work with special effects was on George Pal's series of Puppetoon shorts for Paramount Pictures. This successful experience opened the door to an opportunity to figure directly with Willis H. O'Brien and Marcel Delgado on the 1949 film Mighty Joe Young.
In 1953, Ray Harryhausen experienced what would be the most important break of his career when he was appointed by Warner Brothers to work on the camera work for the movie The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms. The challenge was a nice one because of the limited budget for the film with Harryhausen having to depend on his ingenuity to produce the quality camera work desired by the studio.
Innovative Special Effects And Techniques
His work on The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms enabled Harryhausen to introduce the 'split-screen' technique. The utilization of this new special effect technique created it doable to integrate extraordinary creatures into a real-life background. The end result was the creation of a science fiction film that is thought of to be one amongst the most enjoyable films released throughout the 1950's.
His next project was for Columbia Pictures and was titled It Came From Beneath the Sea. This motion image featured a giant octopus wreaking havoc in San Francisco bay and destroying the Golden Gate Bridge. Released in 1955, the film was an on the spot hit. Three more successful science fiction movies followed because the movie-going public loved his work.
In 1958's The seventh Voyage of Sinbad, Harryhausen was given a probability to utilize his split-screen technique in lovely color! The addition of color proved to reinforce the films fantasy and mythical creatures. While not the budget limitations of black and white films, color splendidly highlighted the brilliance of his work with special effects.
Due to the intricacy of the work needed to finish the detail of the entire stop-motion animation sequence, the filming amount may be substantially lengthened. 1963's Jason and also the Argonauts, that was most likely Ray Harryhausen's most notable film, featured a sword fight against seven skeleton warriors that took four months to complete.
Career Highlights
The 1960's would offer a number of Harryhausen's most creative work. Throughout this decade he worked on some of his most spectacular films, like Mysterious Island, The 3 Worlds of Gulliver, and One Million Years B.C. The technical success of this decade triggered additional inspiration on Ray's part and he followed with the production of The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (1974), Sinbad and also the Eye of the Tiger (the last of the 3 Sinbad films), and Clash of the Titans (1981).
Ray Harryhausen has achieved iconic standing in his career as a computer graphics genius. His films are often called Harryhausen pictures, together with his work providing a heightened level of liveliness and energy to a motion picture.
Harryhausen's introduction of visual film magic deserved to be immortalized, and in 1992, the Academy of Motion Image Arts & Sciences presented Ray Harryhausen with an Oscar for his many decades of artistic contributions to the motion picture industry.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Convenient Tricks In Putting Magic In Our Keywords

Convenient Tricks In Putting Magic In Our Keywords
Who doesn't want convenience? I believe that by following the simple and convenient tricks provided in this article, it will definitely help you discover the power of "expanded keywords". First, let me share with you the nature and how essential keywords/phrases are. Importance? You should start educating yourself with the different online terms so you won't be lost as you progress. Keywords/phrases are vital if you want to rank HIGH in search engines. These are organic words/phrases that people type in the search bar if they're trying to look for something. For example, if you're looking for free keyword research tools, you'll be typing FREE KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOLS and not PAID KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOLS, right? See the principle behind it? So moving on, after acquiring data of high ranking low competition keywords/phrases, you then analyze it. By doing so, it should make your life more convenient in giving you direction on where to put your focus.

In the world of Internet Marketing, thousands of people compete to a particular keyword/phrase like "weight loss, beauty tips, etc". If the volume of the competition to a specific keyword/phrase is way too high, then it's wise to just drop it and move to another one. That's a skill that successful internet marketers implement in their strategies. Joining a quantifiable amount of people struggling to rank with a really powerful keyword/phrase is by far a waste of time. For example, there are almost a million people fighting for "weight loss". So as a newbie, joining that pool will simply put your efforts to the drain. We don't want that. You don't want that. So here's the magic spell that you need to follow, you just have to be creative in researching your market and only select words that ranks high but with low competition. It is wiser if you do that.

Now here's a magic trick if you want to rank high in search engines, all you need to is learn how to EXPAND YOUR KEYWORDS/PHRASES by being more creative in researching about your target market. Don't settle to only one keyword. Learn how to EXPAND!

Online word tracker tools will show you how to "magically" expand your keywords.

1. First, find long tail of keywords based on your topic. As an example, if your topic is about on Laptops or Online Business, do not settle with these organic keywords alone. There are so many websites about laptops and are competing to be on top. You can research the following topics for you to expand your keywords:

a. Top 1000MG silver laptops sold in Norway
b. Best Online Home Based Business Opportunity
c. Best Business Studies Online, etc.

Make sure that all your keywords are searchable.

2. Second, find related keywords/phrases based on your topic. Research on related keywords that after thorough demographic research you believe your target market will definitely search. Provide the viewers what they are looking for. As an example, search on the following topics that will help you come up to various keywords that are related to your topic:

a. How to Use Laptops Properly
b. Benefits of Using Laptops
c. Famous Laptops Models
d. Top 1000MG silver laptops sold in Norway
e. Best Online Home Based Business Opportunity
f. Best Business Studies Online, etc.

By doing these convenient tips, you'll definitely amaze yourself with the magic of expanding your keywords. Remember to put yourself in the shoes of your target market to really know what they really want. By using available online tools, you'll definitely see convenience all over the place. See you at the TOP!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wordpress As A Cms? Use Wordpress Magic!

Wordpress As A Cms? Use Wordpress Magic!
Precisely what is Wordpress Magic? Wordpress Magic is a collection of Wordpress plugins that really work together not merely to retrieve content for your site, but to let you monetize it with just a couple clicks.

Envision building a thousand-page website inside an hour, fully monetized! If you can imagine that, consider the potential for creating a stable of websites constructed with Wordpress Magic.

Wordpress Magic 2.0 is close to launch and promises to blow away the opposition for autoblogging plugins for a selling price that simply can't be beat for the features it includes.

You most likely haven't heard of Wordpress Magic yet, but when you are interested in putting fresh, relevant content for your site, Wordpress Magic is the answer.

Yes, there are many autoblogging plugins available on the market, but none come near to having the features of Wordpress Magic, for the purchase price.

Neither WP Robot, WP Mage nor Autoblogged allow you to add appropriate comments for your posts to make your content even more unique. None of Wordpress Magic's competitors allow you to customize the layout of one's posts, give in-depth reporting as your content is being generated or have inline guidelines to help you use Wordpress Magic the proper way, the very first time that you use it.

The plugin suite has three components: Magic Content Wizard, which will populate your website with posts featuring revelant articles, videos and also comments, all based on your chosen keywords, quicker than you could ever envision.

Magic Post Wizard allows you to immediately monetize your site by inputing your html or javascript banner code or textlinks into MPW's template feature and adding them to your posts, instantly.

The newest addition to the suite, Magic Feeds Wizard, brings related vendor feeds from merchants such as Amazon and Ebay and shows their items on your posts. In contrast to various other autoblogging software, the display options for the feeds portion are not set to default mode, and you can actually configure MFW to display just what you want.

Maybe most importantly of all, Wordpress Magic leaves no discernable footprint that immediately identifies it within the eyes of the various search engines. You cannot say that about a competitor's $ 1300 product!

Wordpress Magic wasin beta testing for months and the 50 testers have pushed the product to the limit. Their particular direct feedback about Wordpress Magic was considered to make Wordpress Magic the optimum autoblogging plugin on the market, especially for less than $ 150.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Magic Of Cms

The Magic Of Cms
Have you ever heard of the term content management system? Well, as you can see, its a technical term use by those computer people (when I say computer people they can be the IT specialist, webmaster or everyone that has strong link on this word). However, as a person without too much background about how things work regarding computer manipulation and stuff, lets try to dig in on to how this content management system or simply CMS, works.

First we need to know what this term truly means. As I did browsing in the internet, I found out that this is a kind of system that is used to manage the content of a website, basically used for the control and editing of content, even without any background in website designing and hypertext markup language (HTML). Content includes electronic files, images and video based media, audio files, electronic documents and web text. The main concept behind a CMS is to make these files available for editing inter-office or over the Internet. With this, the content manager will be able to manage the creation, modification, and removal of content from a website even without completely knowing the language.

Moreover, aside from editing and controlling the website content, this CMS also functions as documents archive (archiving). Most of the companies use this to organize and store files in public form. Also, using this system, everyone in the business can share content with others easily, as most systems are server based. Some Content Management Systems provide the ability to control business flows and processes, like email alerts and automated business document flows. This is ideally a collaborative creation of documents. A CMS or document management system provides the business a way to control and publish to and from group of documents in a logical and organized manner, content, like images and multimedia items.

As one of my colleagues said, there are a lot of things that should be discussed regarding this broad term but I think with these little knowledge that I presented, at least we already have some idea on how this stuff works and how important it is for an organization and for the people as well.

Yes, we do not know exactly how to make a web site or even the language of editing but with the use of this system, everything will be made possible. Aja IT people! Dont be afraid to push the buttons!

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Auto Blog Creator - The New Improved Magic Bullet 2.0

Auto Blog Creator - The New Improved Magic Bullet 2.0

The Magic Bullet 2.0 is a way of automating your Internet business and one of the main features is the auto blog creator. An auto blog uses software to pull content from other sites and populate your blog without you ever lifting a finger. Here is how it works.

I first started using the Magic Bullet System in January of 2010 and the new and improved version is coming in January of 2011.

One of the first, totally cool, features I learned was the auto blog creator. Basically all I had to do was decide on a product or service that I wanted to promote, pick some keywords, click on a theme I liked and click go.

The auto blog creator then put all the pieces together for me and within minutes I had a very nice, professional looking blog that was filling with content. It truly blew my mind the first time I did it!

The nice thing about an auto blog is that the content is provided for you and if you have ever tried to sit at your computer and write content, you know how challenging it can be.

Now think about being successful online and the fact that you will need to have multiple blogs going at the same time. If you were manually providing the tons of content you need to get your blog to rank well in Google, you would spend the entire day writing.

Of course, if you spent all day writing you would have no time for analysis, product evaluation or tracking and you would not make any money.

If you are going to be promoting products or services and you want to be able to have time to drive traffic to your site then you will benefit greatly by having an auto blog and if you don't know how to set one up then I recommend that you get a system like the Magic Bullet 2.0 to do it for you.

You may still have questions about how to get autoblogging to work for you and how to make it fit into a system that will make money online. When I started Internet Marketing one year ago, I got all of my education from the guys behind the Magic Bullet System and I learned a TON from watching their FREE launch videos. Now you can do the same...

Get in on the launch of The Magic Bullet 2.0 - Watch the free launch videos, learn about autoblogging and automated traffic and tracking. This was my springboard into successful Internet Marketing that now brings me over 4 figures each month: Get in on The Magic Bullet 2.0 launch.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Social Site Magic

Social Site Magic

Today you come across many social sites on the Internet that you can join absolutely free of cost. Some of the most popular sites that you can join are MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. All these sites are accessed by millions of people across the world. Apart from the main goal of making friends and socializing virtually with people, these sites also offer other advantages as well such as helping you build your business.

You can now promote your blogs through these websites. A blog refers to an on line space where you can write about a niche such as your business. You can also promote your business website through these social websites. You can also join special business groups and interact with people from the same field. Hence the Internet and the social sites in particular help you a lot in making your business successful. You can increase your network as well. You can use anything from email to instant messaging to blogs to chat to make your business successful.

Technology has grown at a fast pace over the last few years. Members as young as 16 year olds are joining the social networking sites. In fact these young guns have started their business from home by using just a computer and an Internet connection. On social networking sites you can expect total communication anonymity and gratification. The social networking sites have become the next wave in communications. You can just introduce any content you want to your profile and even post messages in a group and within an instant it will be uploaded for everyone to see.

People today have come to know the impact of these sites and how they have set ground making standards for business on the whole. Also you will be able to experience the talent and expertise of other people on the sites as well as to how they are promoting their products and services. Competition is fierce and you always have to stay ahead of competition. Today people share their ideas on the social networking sites and they stand to gain a lot of knowledge. People are adopting these latest technologies to bring forth their business name and you should not fall behind. You have to adapt yourself to these technologies and implement what you have learned from the social networking sites.

Through these sites you can go for two types of communication, e.g. one to one communication and one to many communication. In case of one to one communication you interact with one person on a personal level while on a one to many communication you interact with a group. Both forms of communication have their advantages and you must optimize the benefits of both. Sites like LinkedIn have 11 million people who have joined the site purely for business purposes. These people represent about 150 major industries and many more sub industries under these major industries. So you can just imagine the impact of these positive sites on businesses.

Paul Dawson and his business partner Julie Garoni run a blog teaching people how to correctly use Social Media for Business and for getting free traffic.
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