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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Product Listing Ads Campaign On Google Adwords

Product Listing Ads Campaign On Google Adwords
Product listing ads can be created in any ad group. Product listing ads depends on information provided in your product feed. To setup product listing ads, you need to link your campaign to your Google Merchant Center to see the Product Listing ad. Product listing ads are available only for google search and some search network sites. (it may take up to 12 hours from the time you update your settings for your product listing ads to appear).

Steps to set up product listing ads:

1.Link your AdWords Account to Google Merchant account.
2.Sign in to your AdWords account.
3.Create a new campaign where you'd like to create product listing ads. Make sure that the campaign includes "Google search" under Network settings. Product listing ads are only available on and some Search Network sites, so the campaign must be opted into one of these networks in order for these ads to run.
4.Under Ad extensions - Products, select a linked Google Merchant Center account to associate with your campaign.
5.Click Save and continue.
6.Create your first ad group within this campaign on the next page. You can either create a product listing ad only by selecting the Product listing ad radio button, or you can create a product listing ad in addition to a text ad. Youll add the "All products" product target by default on this page.
7.Click Save ad group.

To set up product listing ads in an existing campaign, first make sure the campaign has a Google Merchant Center account associated with it. You can then create a new ad group within the campaign, and the ad group will include a product listing ad and the "All products" target by default. You can also add these manually to an existing ad group from the Ads tab and the Auto targets tab, respectively. For more details visit google adwords support.

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