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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Register A Limited Company: What You Should Know

Register A Limited Company: What You Should Know

If you have decided to set up your own business for the first thing, you need to register a limited company at Companies House. A limited company can be registered via the paper process or electronically.

A limited company is an organization in which the liability of the shareholders is limited. The company and owners are considered as two separate entities. The company is considered as an artificial person, with its own set of rights, which are different from those of its owner(s). In the event of bankruptcy, the personal wealth of the owner and shareholders remain safe. This is why it is one of the most preferred forms of company incorporation worldwide.

Register a Limited Company: Types

A limited company can be basically divided into two categories: public and private. In most cases, small companies looking to become a limited company become private limited companies and not public limited companies (PLCs).

The differences between the two are explained below:

A private limited company cannot sell its shares on the stock market, whereas a PLC can. A private limited company need not necessarily have a specific number of directors, shareholders or a company secretary. On the contrary, a PLC must have a minimum of two directors, two shareholders and a company secretary. In case of a PLC, a minimum of 50,000 of share capital is required. Conversely, a private limited company does not need minimum share capital to get incorporated. It can be started even without share capital.

A private limited company is also called an unlimited company. If a private limited company decides to go public, it will have to go through a re-registration process.

The other main categories of limited companies are:

Private Company Limited by Guarantee Private Company Limited by Shares

A private company limited by shares can convert into a PLC, but it will need to re-register in order to do this.

Register a Limited Company: Requirements

The elementary requirements to register a limited company are:

Think of a name for your company Check if it is available File an application of registration Appoint a director for your company Appoint a secretary for your company Get a registered address File the essential documents online

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