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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Guitar Lessons for Dummies

Guitar Lessons for Dummies

For people who want to learn to play the guitar, follow these guidelines below and become a guitar player in no time. So now let us begin.

First thing on this guitar lessons for dummies is a run-through on the parts of a guitar.

Basic parts of a guitar include:

the body – holds all the parts together and has a hole in the middle
neck – the long stick with many divisions
the frets – the dividers on the neck
tuning pegs – the six heads at the base of the neck
bridge – the steel bar found at the body of a guitar

After you have familiarized yourself with the parts of the guitar, the next agenda in this guitar lessons for dummies is for you to learn strumming.

Strumming is done by hitting all 6-string of the guitar with your fingers repeatedly. Strumming has two strokes, the up stroke and the down stroke. Practice this with variations and find what you like most.

Next thing to know would be the chords.

Learn the basic A, B, C, D, E, F and G then try playing these with a song you are familiar with. Find the simplest song to play, any song that is made of 2-3 chords. Finishing the song would mean you have completed your first song ever! So congratulations to you!

After you've been able to play a nursery guitar song, to advance in this guitar lessons for dummies, you now have to learn the chords sharps and flats then proceed to harder ones like minor 7th. Remember not to skip a step and master the initial steps first because this will serve as your foundation. Mastering the basics makes learning the variations fairly easy. Start with open chords first before proceeding with closed chord because closed chords require more skill.

Subsequently, scales should be learned. Basic scales are the major and minor scales. Intermediate levels are the pentatonic, Phrygian and many others. After learning scales, you can proceed to variations and then you are basically done. Remember to take it step by step as learning is not a fast thing. If you really want to become magnificent, then work really hard.

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Friday, August 25, 2017

Internet Marketing Ideas and Lessons to Learn to Be a Successful Internet Marketer

Internet Marketing Ideas and Lessons to Learn to Be a Successful Internet Marketer

Here are some "conclusions" that will help out just about any entrepreneur, especially internet marketers:

IDEA #1 - Online video is powerful.

EXAMPLE: Steve Lindhorst, a successful internet marketer, put up a short video about paper airplanes and while he did mention it on his blog (which got him several hundred views) the crazy thing about that video is that it had gotten over 33,000 views in a matter of a few months from random traffic on

It's also ranked very well on Google for the keywords used. Several of his other videos are getting great results too. The best part is that MAKING VIDEO IS SIMPLE.

LESSON: Video gets clicks and traffic.

IDEA #2 - Knowing how to think is far more valuable than knowing how to do the work.

EXAMPLE: I'd estimate that 90% of everyone that sets out to profit online is thinking that the key to success lies in having a big pretty website that is search engine optimized.

This is an EXPENSIVE and INEFFECTIVE way to think.

I've spoken and emailed back and forth with countless people that are burned out and broke after taking that path. A quick lesson in HOW TO THINK about the Internet has been priceless for them all.

LESSON: Simple strategies like info products, growing a mailing list, doing joint ventures, and finding your audience BEFORE you develop a product seem like common sense to many of us, but these are revolutionary ideas to most people.

FILTERED IDEA #3 - Have a community to help you.

LESSON: By joining an internet marketing group and/or forum whether it's FREE or paid, it's a great way to bounce ideas and get help from like-minded people as well as to get encouragement and motivation.

IDEA #4 - It's easier to keep customers happy than it is to find new customers

LESSON: Don't ignore your past customers once they buy from you. Most of your most rewarding future business is likely with them.

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