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Monday, November 20, 2017

Improving the Quality of B2B Leads

Improving the Quality of B2B Leads

You as a business owner may have already experienced that you are pressed for time and money in order to get more quality leads. And who would blame you as getting more B2B leads can affect your business' growth in a lot of good ways. So what would you do if the company budget is already stretched at its limit and sales leads seem to be more elusive than ever?


There are methods and processes wherein progressive gathering of B2B leads would be more cost-effective and cost-efficient in their approach towards lead generation. These methods would prove that these methods would focus more on the goals in hand and can be reached through carefully sequenced and planned out procedures. Also, these methods prove to boost the rate of income through direct marketing and optimizes sales team productivity all throughout the entire business organization. You can get leads by telemarketing or you can buy leads.


In order to properly be successful in getting quality B2B sales leads is to have the whole campaign be constantly managed and improved. Also, the cost per lead and customer conversion should require a vast amount of preparation and understanding as well as constant follow-through for each qualified lead. These are some guidelines and methods in order to outlay the foundation of sustaining a constantly improving lead generation program for qualified B2B leads.


Constantly Focus on the Quality of Leads Being Generated Well as the Cost Per Lead

To start focusing on your B2B leads you should first target your prospect leads. By creating a list of your target market you can better associate with those leads that you will be able to qualify. Once you have a clear view of your target leads you will then also have a clear view of an increase in your rate of income. If you gather leads that would be in your target market area then chances are that these leads will be easier to qualify among others since these leads have a clear commonality between your company and theirs.

A lead generation campaign to get qualified leads should not only be measured by the number of leads it generates but also the cost per conversion of each lead and not just the cost per response. This is because when the focus is on cost per response from the leads it would mean that leads that will be generated would get more emphasis on the quantity rather than the quality.

Outsource to a Professional Level of Support

There are times that you may not be able to handle the many tasks of managing a lead generation campaign. Therefore outsourcing to a professional support or service would be the next best thing as these professionals already have substantial knowledge and experience in gathering quality leads for your company. Also, once you outsource you can the focus more on other pressing matters at hand as you can leave the lead generation processes to these professionals instead.

Always Control Lead Flow

Once you get the number of leads that have already been qualified, always control the flow of incoming data that will be sent your way. This is to make sure that chances of mixing up valuable data would be kept to a minimum. If you think that the number of incoming data from leads is getting a bit too crowded, you can stop lead generation processes for a while to get things organized once more.


You can also start with these steps for your lead generation campaign to be successful. Once you get on the right track you can ensure that your rate of income or ROI for your company would grow even before the campaign ends.

Sarah Barnes is a telemarketing expert with 11 years experience as a sales leads analyst for small and medium companies. Sarah invites you to visit for more information on pre-qualified sales leads and appointments.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Business Database: The Key In B2b Leads

Business Database: The Key In B2b Leads
Why are B2B leads so hard to find? Well, there are a lot of things to consider. After all, telemarketing isnt exactly the goose that lays the golden egg these days. Lead generation can be a sluggish challenge, with the chances of success small. Still, the rewards can be great when it comes to success. Its how to manage the different factors of a telemarketing campaign can we be able to decide if the entire endeavor is a success or not. These factors, when left on their own, can easily wreck the whole operation.

The first factor to consider is the telemarketers doing the call. Not everyone can be a telemarketer. It takes a lot of guts and patience on the part of those making the calls in order to get those successes. And since this type of work is particularly stressful, telemarketers must have a very high tolerance for it. Conversely, only the best and the toughest agents would be able to last long and still be able to get the job done. But since theyre also human, they are bound to hit some problems. To reduce those problems, telemarketing services provide them with a comprehensive contact list that they can look up when they make the call, or when they need some fast information.

The target market is another factor to consider as well. B2B leads are best obtained from firms whose decision makers are very responsive to the telemarketers offers. Thats why it takes a lot of skill from telemarketers just to get the right prospects to do business with. Of all the things that can make a campaign difficult, its the reluctance of the prospect to accept just what exactly the business had to offer. Oftentimes, the end result is an outright rejection. Even so, its still good for you to keep on doing it. There is still the chance that a call can be a success, so just continue calling up those prospects.

Next in the list is the sales pitch. Everyone knows that it takes a lot of research and careful planning to execute a successful telemarketing campaign. Making a sales script is no exception to the rule. Often, the main reason why a call fails is because the telemarketers use a script that does not reflect the way a prospect wants to hear about an offer. Frankly, there is a need to put things in a perspective. People like to listen to a conversation that flows smoothly. A canned speech patter merely irritates them and turns them off. A skilled telemarketer would be able to handle that, and succeed in making a successful attempt to make a sale or generate B2B leads.

Lastly, its the products and services themselves that need to be examined. As a telemarketer, you should take a good look at what youre offering to prospective customers. Poor products make for poor performance, with the accompanying complaints from customers who buy them. This is what you should avoid, since bad publicity can destroy not just what youre selling, but your reputation as well.

Now, to get things going in the least possible time and effort, there are many business database providers who give round-the-clock information to interested parties. These firms are at the forefront of information gathering and analysis and they are the best source of contact list for their campaign. Telemarketers around the world swear to the dependability of these businesses. Not only did they make their lives easier, they also made the job much more profitable. Truly, a wise investment anyone can ever make. Its high time for you to try it out now.

Alice Clark is a sales and marketing consultant specializing in business contact database management. Alice invites you to visit to learn more about business contact lists and databases.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How to Get Network Marketing Leads in Spite of the Google Ads Changes

How to Get Network Marketing Leads in Spite of the Google Ads Changes

Google Ads has made it clear they are going to come down hard on network marketing opportunities that are more suited to 'traditional' forms of advertising. Bad news for my Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing cousins. Good news for genuine network marketers.

PPC marketing has always struck me as a refuge for those who don't really want to network, but who are good at 'closing' the sale. The PPC advert has done the pull (or push depending on how you view PPC) part for you. The really big earners who use this method are good sales 'closers'.

What's interesting is that Mike Dillard author of Magnetic Sponsoring the book that invented the term attraction marketing says in most of his videos, if you have the money PPC is the fastest way to grow your business. Well Google are saying 'no longer'. They are going to come down particularly hard on affiliate and replicated sites. I predicted this very move 3 months ago in my Blog. Am I a fortune teller? No, I am a contrarian thinker, I have always been told this.

One of my previous Managers called me a 'Cassandra'. My Greek mythology being rusty I resorted to Wikipedia:"The term originates in Greek mythology. Cassandra was a daughter of Priam, the King of Troy. Struck by her beauty, Apollo provided her with the gift of prophecy, but when Cassandra refused Apollo's romantic advances, he placed a curse ensuring that none would believe her warnings. Cassandra was left with the knowledge of future events, but could neither alter these events nor convince others of the validity of her predictions."

It was obvious to me that Google would 'slap' this type of business hard. My reasoning was quite simple. The business opportunities were happy to call their representatives, Business Owners, Partners, Colleagues etc. but still wanted the dominant role. A partnership implies equality, and let us be absolutely clear on one thing. When you join a network marketing opportunity you are not a partner. You are at the mercy of your Sponsor if you have never done marketing or been self employed before. So if you get a bad sponsor what will be your natural inclination when wanting leads? You will become a hunter and seek out your prey. A lot of people did this by using PPC keyword phrases to attract people to adverts and then sales pages with testimonials of self-made millionaires and images of chests full of money etc.

In addition they made the 'fatal' promise, 'you will never have to phone a lead again'. Well call me contrarian but if real success in network marketing depends on having a solid front line team then not talking to people seems a weird way to network.

The second problem with PPC is it is a skill rather than a marketing approach. You are unable to ensure all your team will achieve even a basic level of competence in PPC. Why? Because people like me hate the thing. It's a logical mind game that fascinates some people and bores others. I am firmly in the latter camp.

PPC is going to become the province of businesses that have products to sell to customers pure and simple.

This means that if you are going to get leads for people to join your network marketing team you will have to use one of three methods:

Cold calls - Using various sources (both on and off-line) to identify a segment of the workforce that will potentially have the skills to be a good network marketer. Salesmen are not necessarily good network marketers by the way. Good network marketers are 'leaders' first. You will find leaders amongst already successful business people, mortgage broking, real estate, managers in most organizations. You need someone who has worked in a team, has led a team and knows how to build a team. Most sales people are driven by commissions and 'money now', they are 'sharks' continually looking for the next meal. They do not have the time or patience to be coached or to build and develop a team before growing their sales organization.
Offline networking - This would be local Chambers of Commerce, organizations like Business Network International and various other professional bodies. Here you are looking to make sure you get 'their' business card as well as give yours. The point being the person may not be your lead but they remember you should someone in their circle want the opportunity you offer.
Social web marketing - Some statistics to digest. Last year 1 in 8 marriages in the USA were couples who met on Facebook. Facebook added 100 million users in 9 months, Radio took 38 years to reach this level in the USA. Only 18% of TV advert campaigns give a positive ROI. The fastest growing demographic on Facebook is the 55 - 65 age group. Twitter is growing at a faster rate than Facebook did at this stage in its development. If Facebook were a country it would be the 4th largest country in the world. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

Now you can see why I stopped PPC and for the last 5 months have been developing my skills in social web marketing. Is it easy? No. Can anyone be coached how to get leads through social media - yes provided they put in the time and wait. All you have to do is two things:
Provide interesting, humorous and informative content for your audience
Syndicate your content by broadcasting it to your networks. If you listen to your network first, see the sorts of problems people talk about and then provide answers to those problems your content will go 'viral'.

Now all you have to do is 'engage' with your audience, identify potential leads and pick the right time and way of approaching them about your opportunity. This is nearly always through your social web Hub - your Blog. The beauty of this approach is Google loves user generated content making the more links you get to your Blog the higher up the natural rankings it goes. Your Blog does your pre-sorting and people choose whether to go to your sales page.

Andrew Peel is the owner of APeel Solutions an Internet Direct Marketing Consultancy specializing in providing premium solutions for clients that allow them to achieve financial freedom.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Generating New Leads Online Using Local Web Marketing

Generating New Leads Online Using Local Web Marketing

If you're a small business owner you need to set up a local listings acount on Yahoo, Bing, and Google. It's one of the best ways to generate more leads, prospects, and customers!

Directories for local listings have been around for only the last few years. They are a wonderful service that can provide your business with easy, quick, and free direct response advertising.

Best of all, after you setup your accounts, you'll be able to include a direct link to your website or landing page, your direct email address, your physical address, your phone & fax numbers, and much, much more.

There are tips and tricks to help you find the ideal optimization for your site. One sure way to do this is to be sure and develop a mafia offer. What this means is make potential customers an offer they can’t refuse. You’ll want to put together an offer that none of your competitors are doing. Make it something that is so simple and brain-dead easy for a person to accept that they really can’t turn it down.

This is what you want to focus all of your marketing around. You want to be seen as different and you want to make it very, very easy for customers to come in and do business with you. This mafia offer can be included on your actual local listings or you can put it together on a landing page that you develop with a video and maybe and opt-in form.

Make sure you develop a landing page for your listing. If you don’t know how to do this, there are a lot of resources on the internet. The idea is that to remove 100% of the distractions that are typical on a business homepage. If a customer is unable to find what they are looking for on your site quickly, you stand the chance of losing them. You’ll want to drive customers to one page that has a very specific call to action-it might be your phone number or it might be an opt-in form. It must definitely have an offer you want to make to the person visiting your site.

Be sure and take advantage of the traffic that you’re going to be getting from these local listings and drive customers somewhere which very specifically states what you want them to do. Don’t just drop people on your homepage, they’ll get lost, they’ll get into other things and they’ll forget why they came there in the first place. You want to make sure you convert these people into customers.

It is worth the effort to take the time and develop this very special offer, because in the end you want to make sure that people not only come to your page and learn about your company, but they take that next step; they call you, they contact you and they do what you want them to do. Making this offer helps you to stand out from your competition, which as you know is not an easy thing to accomplish. Follow these simple guidelines and enjoy the fruits of your labor with active leads. Don’t let any lead go to waste.

If you're a small business owner who needs more new customers, leads, & prospects, check out the Local Biz Bully local business listings home study course at

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Search engine optimisation can increase leads generated by landing pages

Search engine optimisation can increase leads generated by landing pages

Companies looking to make the most out of the traffic their search engine optimisation strategy attracts should ensure that their landing pages can generate leads, an expert has warned.

Justin Rees, director of marketing and partnerships for LeadPoint UK, has told Econsultancy that it is important that companies not only focus on attracting traffic but on converting these into solid leads.

He said that a growing number of brands are finding themselves in a position where they need to take online lead generation (OLG) seriously, especially when they are selling a product that a customer can purchase online.

"Products that are fairly generic where the consumer typically searches for the product or service rather than a specific brand are generally better for OLG campaigns," he explained.

The fact that only a small number of the consumers hitting a company's website submit their information means that it is essential that websites are designed to attract as many visitors as possible, he suggested, which could include deploying an effective search engine optimisation strategy.

Mr Rees explained: "This means you need a large number of potential consumers to generate quality leads in any volume."

He added that there can be additional problems with lead generation in those instances where sites are selling niche products, as the smaller customer base can present companies with problems.

This further emphasises the importance of using search engine optimisation in order for the company to be exposed to as many potential customers as possible.

Mr Rees said that it is a wise move to assess the benefit, cost and efficiency of deploying a lead generation campaign before committing to the process as it does not suit every business and product type.

Those companies which have reaped the rewards of an effective search engine optimisation strategy and an intelligent lead generation campaign must also ensure that they follow up this information correctly.

Jamie Klein, author of Lead Domination, has told Sales and Marketing magazine that the leads generated from this type of initiative are useless without an effective follow-up strategy.

He advised that these often have a limited shelf-life, making time of the essence for the sales teams tasked with converting potential customers into concrete sales.

Mediarun is a search engine optimisation company in London providing search engine marketing, pay per click advertising and social media services to clients with quality traffic.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Generate Sales Leads with Google Adwords Promotional Code

Generate Sales Leads with Google Adwords Promotional Code
It worn to be very time consuming to create transactions causes for a custom. You can discover further details here But likewise the time concerned, the rate was a great compact more concerning and might certainly regulate the number of leads that you could make. These being you can use the Internet to erect sales leads. -lt;p-gt;The Internet affects it easier, more affordable, and more hurriedly to find skilled leads. It also lets you spread markets or surroundings so were previously very hard and too classy to access. Google AdWords is an angry way to make sales instigates on the Internet. You can make embattled sells leads sweet hurriedly with such lowbrow erect of advertising. -lt;p-gt;And it can loss you simply a portion of how a great compact more materials do. Google AdWords is a pay per click form of advertising in which you make a bid on a particular keyword. This bid can reach anyplace from a few cents up to numerous dollars per click depending on the competition in the souk. -lt;p-gt;The most heavy bidders will have this advertisements shooting in prominent positions on Google's search engine engine fallout page; thereby resultant in more clicks from searchers. Millions of searches are conducted on Google every day and to get enough leads, you solely difficulty to take a very small slice of that pie. -lt;p-gt;When you appear at it that way, the opportunities appear endless and properties are. You can use AdWords as a sales instigates generation platform and a good compact if it was your just platform, you would like spectacular fallout in a effective outlay; so greatly compared using traditional offline advertising. Your tactic for making the most of capturing sales affects paying for Google AdWords is to work out how to use AdWords. There is a lot to it, but the rudiments can be cultured in audibly a day or two. -lt;p-gt;Then you must inquiries keywords that you think your prospects procedure to be probing for. These are the keywords overly you will bid on. There are many tools so will assess keyword drop and competitors for you, but you given that also do a link of tribunal and slip tests to see what the buck bid appraise is that you can get elsewhere using while still free to get conversions. Your website should to be convincing enough for people to want to testimony up. -lt;p-gt;When people click from AdWords to your hallway page, you solely undergo a few seconds to capture their awareness. Your opt in ability should be solely evident and you should end up using incentive for them to inkling up to your slope. You can get limitless Internet Marketing Preview Ebook @

Ayesha Hamilton works for Pay Per Click Advertising Services. You can obtain extra details here