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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

How to Add RAM to your Laptop

How to Add RAM to your Laptop

Laptop is a most convenient way to do your work and computer stuffs anywhere you want. It is very convenient to use since it's portable and you can bring it anywhere. You just need to charge the battery for a few hours and you can already work remotely. Compared to a desktop it is easier to use though because you can carry it whenever you want without leaving behind some important files that you need.


But the only problem with laptops is it has a limited amount of Random Access Memory (RAM). If you buy a laptop 2 years ago you will notice that it goes slower and it's getting outdated. Although this is not a problem anymore because you can already increase the RAM of your computer by yourself.  You just have to choose a correct RAM that is compatible with your laptop because laptop is just as the same as desktop though it is different in physical appearance.


The first thing you have to do if you already have a chosen RAM, you have to remove the existing laptop memory for it to be replaced by a new one. There are some things that you have to consider before getting a new RAM. You have to know the RAM capacity that your computer can accommodate. You can't just buy the fastest RAM that you can find in a computer store because it will just be useless if your computer's model cannot handle its capacity. You have to know what is necessary for your laptop model and version.


Then once you're ready to install the new RAM. You can remove the old RAM from your laptop. Open the laptop carefully using a screw and check the correct slots where your RAM is located. Remove the old RAM carefully so you will not be able to move other parts because it might give you more problems once other parts get dislocated.


After you remove the old AM you can now carefully insert the new RAM in the slot. Note that you can still use your other RAM and just add another RAM since laptop has an extra slot for additional laptop. In this way you can save money and increase you computers speed conveniently.


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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

LeapFrog's My Own Leaptop Laptop Review

LeapFrog's My Own Leaptop Laptop Review

Young children always want to play with the toys that adults or their older siblings get to play with, and so they absolutely love it when they get their own versions of these toys that were built especially for them.  So while you may not let a two year old child play around willy nilly with a full adult laptop, you can definitely give them an age appropriate laptop experience by giving them the "My Own Leaptop" by LeapFrog, an imitation laptop computer designed specifically for young children.

The "My Own Leaptop" computer system is designed to be an extension of the My Pal Scout and My Pal Violet electronic plush puppy toys that are very popular among children.  There is both a My Pal Scout, and a My Pal Violet version of the leaptop, and each makes use of the puppy characters in order to engage the child's attention.  Just like the puppies, the leaptop can learn the name of its child user and engage that child personally.  It relies a lot on sound, since it's meant to engage children who aren't yet skilled readers, and either Scout or Violet's voice will issue from the speakers in order to provide the child with a fully immersive and interactive experience.

Adults can hook the system up to a PC or Mac in order to calibrate the leaptop for the child's name, and can also send the child special email messages that will be read out by either Scout or Violet when the child presses the email button.  The leaptop can also play songs which can be downloaded onto the system by the parents, including a very special customized song in which the child's name is spelled out for him or her.  This will encourage the child to learn about the alphabet and to gain an understanding about how the letters relate to the spelling of his or her own name.  During the child's name song, the letters spelling the name will appear on screen.  During other songs, Scout or Violet dances to the beat of the music.  There are over 20 songs that parents can select from to download onto the leaptop computer for children to play and enjoy whenever they wish.

There's even a "blog" button where either Scout or Violet reads out cute little blog entries that will engage children in imaginary play with these wonderful characters.  Learning activities involve learning about the alphabet and animals, and there's even a music maker mode where children can participate in musical activities. All the buttons on the leaptop are built for child sized fingers, so they're quite large and colorful in order to help hold the child's attention.  The casing for the leaptop is made of heavy duty plastic, and colored specifically to the pre-set puppy character: green for Scout, and purple for Violet.

For plenty of learning fun in the form of a pretend laptop computer for young children, the LeapFrog "My Own Leaptop" computer is a wonderful product.  Children love the interactive nature of the system and will happily play with the buttons in order to see all the different interactions available.  With plenty of fun and educational appeal, this is one product that parents can feel good about.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Looking at Pink Laptop Skins

Looking at Pink Laptop Skins

While most people who buy laptops do so with sheer performance in mind, there is evidence that a shift is taking place to aesthetics. This is because we are a visual society and humans in general are gravitated towards appearance as well as functionality. This holds true for laptops. Style and uniques play into the way customers make their choice when shopping for a laptop. That is why many manufacturers have transitioned to trendy designs and are even making it possible for shoppers to pre-select the color of their laptop well in advance of shipping. While colored laptops are more costly than their standard counterparts, the prices are dropping as more manufacturers join the fray.

Laptop skins

It is now possible to just change the color of a laptop at a whim. This can be done courtesy of laptop skins which come in a variety of innovative colors and designs. These are easy to install. Simply stick the skin onto the back of the laptop. These are ideal for people that do not want to maintain a permanent color and want the freedom change colors. Skins also act as protective shields against the elements of weather.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages include the ability to alter the look of a laptop instantly. This is a huge hit with the young because they can customize the skins whichever way they want. One can have easily have their own picture, a picture of their favorite musician, movie star or sports figure or simply put artwork. The choices are endless. Other advantages include the fact that the laptop skins act as a protective coating against scratches and damage.

On the flip side, the stickers may damage the laptop finish. In hot climates, the stickers may melt and refuse to peel off. This leaves unsightly marks on the back of the laptops. Criminals can also steal laptops and easily alter their looks by using latop skins.

What to look for

When buying skins, it is recommended that you go for the same color as the laptop. This gives the laptop a uniform look. This is not written in stone however and one can go with the skin that best suits their tastes.

Differing tastes

Generally, laptop skins come in two distinct types; one is solid while the other is translucent. Sold skins come in a solid color. Some may even include pictures or artwork while others are plain. Translucent laptop skins come in more creative and elaborate designs. These may or may not fully cover the laptop.


Skins can vary in cost depending on the quality, the design and even the manufacturer. With between $ 30 and $ 40, one can get a great quality laptop skins. Custom designs may cost slightly more but the price rarely goes over $ 50.00. Where to buy

Today, most computer stores also sell laptop skins. Other sources include online stores which also allow for customization of the skins to include whatever artwork the buyer wants.

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The popular Laptop Skins

The popular Laptop Skins

The fantastic point about a customized laptop skin is that its design, which helps make it unique as well as your laptop. Given that more than 90% of laptops are probably gray, dark gray or black, we need all the help feasible to personalize your laptop to provide it some 'personality.

If you are tired of 's appearance on your laptop as usual, then you have to look at making a laptop skin for it. It 's a fantastic method to customize and create a unique look. Withlaptop skin, you can say something about his character which is what you select to display.

The fantastic point about a customized laptop skin is that it is dependent on what you have to utilize for any design. It might be considered a photo of friends, family, or pet. Or it could be considered a team sport, celebrities, film stars, a band, or perhaps a photo of your favorite model?

Some game enthusiasts like to put pictures of your favorite game titles like Halo3, World of Warcraft, or Grand Theft Auto. Others woulduse a graphic design and design of one in the qualified prospects to they support, from politics to green peace.

Laptop skins can suit practically any laptop, no subject if you're making utilization of a PC as well as a MacBook. might be made to accommodate what your laptop is. as well as to defend your laptop from bumps and scratches. Because the skin in the laptop is dropped simply and leaves no residue, your laptop will always appear to be new.

When you are tired in the skin, you can easilyreplace it with a new design. Laptop skins might be removed but not reused. You can expect the average laptop skin for about 6 weeks or extra before it begins to show wear. But this also is dependent on your personal laptop pc and what might be delivered. If your laptop spends the majority of his time at his desk, rather than being constantly loaded in the pc bag or sleeve, there is much less standard put on and should be maintained as new, evenlonger.

Installing a laptop skin is not so difficult, it only requires much lower than a minute. you can also find numerous videos of laptop skins are putting in so you can see for yourself how uncomplicated it really is. Also included is recognised being just a little kit to help prepare the surface area prior for you put your laptop skin over a laptop.

The laptop skin is recognised being a fantastic method to defend your laptop as well as your customized view and fresh. With countless possibilities, itslaptop skin will retain your MacBook as well as a seem and style.

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