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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Google Takes on Software King Microsoft

Google Takes on Software King Microsoft

The disturbing announcement, for Microsoft, came in the form of a blog post on Google's website on the 7th of July, whereby a plan to launch their new operating system named Chrome OS later this year had been revealed. This could be seen as a direct attack on Microsoft, with several key factors playing a role in the reason as to why this will soon become a fierce battle between the giant corps.

Microsoft's PC operating system has a total market share in the area of 90%, which brings in roughly half of its annual income at $ 11 billion annually. If Chrome OS is to disrupt this money flow, Microsoft will be looking to take serious action to make up the difference in other areas of the computing world, which in fact, is already the case.

Bing, a new search engine from Microsoft has been launched, which is now partnered with yahoo search in order to compete with Google. In this particular field, Google are the current champs with 65% of US market shares, with Microsoft climbing the ranks with 8.5% added together with yahoo's market share could take them up to a total of roughly 30%. This could majorly disrupt Google's main money making program, with $ 10 billion yearly revenue from search advertising at stake.

The list of competing products does not end here however, with YouTube vs. Msn being another. YouTube had been bought out by Google in 2006 for a sum of £1.65 billion, which is now offering branded channels and such to turn it into a profitable business. Msn also offers advertising, whereby Microsoft is taking a keen interest in TV commercials in the form of web video, as Google have a huge edge in this field.

Next on the list, is the e-mail. Microsoft's Hotmail have more than 300 million monthly users according to comScore. Advertisement revenue from this kind of traffic can be substantial, and so Google have now officially launched Gmail which has roughly 150 million users monthly, according to comScore. Google's E-mail platform will have many added features in the near future which could get the attention of many more e-mailers, particularly from the younger generation.

And still, it goes on. Facebook vs MySpace. Microsoft has purchased a small share of Facebook, with 250 million monthly active users, for a sum of $ 240 million, plus $ 150 million for advertising rights. Meanwhile, Google have made an agreement with Myspace in a search and advertising deal worth $ 900 million over a three year span. Myspace have 130 million active users on a monthly bases.

So it seems that Microsoft are still winning the fight as it stands at the moment, but Google still have some tricks. Chrome web browser, Google Docs and mobile phone operating systems. Also, Google have spent an outrageous amount of $ $ $ in acquiring a number of small companies, which will all be playing a role in the upcoming battle.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Search Engine Optimization Point The King Of Internet Advertising

Search Engine Optimization Point The King Of Internet Advertising
When you accomplish the end of the process and you have a website you are in high spirits with, you might think you are at the end of the process, you have an effective method to reach prospective customers.

Really, having a website is just the primary step, even if you have the most excellent website in the world, without anybody visiting the site, it may as well not exist. You now want to get visitors to your website, and you want as much as you can obtain. There are lots of ways to get people on your website; the major way is through the search engines. Search engine suggest two type of advertising PPC (Pay per click), or traffic though the natural listings that does not cost you anything. The method to get your website to come at the top of the natural listings is known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

There're advantages and disadvantage of both Search Engine Optimization and Pay per Click (PPC); Pay per Click advertisement is instant, while Search Engine Optimization will take a few months. If in the click from PPC doesn't gives any result in a sale, then this is totally wasted of money. It can be very simple with PPC to rapidly spend your budget. We have had clients coming to us that has accurately got them in a bit of difficulty as they have got in to serious dept with Pay per Click (PPC) and got not genuine return.

After the Search Engine Optimization process has in use place, there is very little further money to spend on the maintain the positions and the chance for free traffic is far extra cost effective. Towards the end of it you have invested in your website, giving it more status through the search engines. Latterly of Pay per Click (PPC) if you have not made the sales, you're not in well situation again than when you started, except beyond pocket.

In excess of the years Pay per Click (PPC) has got assign more expensive, the improved competition plus the introduction of make better criteria for enhanced costs has sometimes prices a few people out of the market. The beginning of quality score by Google has made it difficult to accomplish low cost per click straight away and for brand new account this is still difficult.

According to our experience in Search Engine Optimization is beyond a doubt the best way to get visitors to your website, if done right in just a few months you can rapidly be receiving a high quantity of targeted traffic on your website and you do not have to pay for the process. To get good quality position in search engines is not just for long established websites and when done correct results can swiftly be achieved. Is not it regarding time you started to plan your next
Search Engine Optimization campaign?

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