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Sunday, October 15, 2017

4 Indications That it's Time for an Internet Marketer to Hire Extra Help

4 Indications That it's Time for an Internet Marketer to Hire Extra Help

Internet marketers can often find plenty of stuff to do in order to keep busy. They have conversions to track, email lists to build, niche websites to put up and statistics to go over to see how well they are performing. For someone just starting out in the field that only has a couple of sites to monitor or a couple of lists to build, the work can usually be done by him or herself only without using any extra outside help. However, there comes a time when an Internet marketer may need to outsource some of their work or they may need to bring on an employee.

Here are 4 indications that it's time for an Internet marketer to hire extra help:

The Internet marketer can no longer spend an adequate amount of time on one or more of the niches that they are marketing online. If days go by without spending any time on a niche or it starts to fail due to the lack of effort, the person might be too busy to handle the full work load themselves.
The marketer does not have the technical or creative skills to handle one or more aspects of the business. For example, the marketer might need a website built that is out of their technical realm or they may need a lot of content written that is optimized for the search engines and they do not know where to start. In these instances, outsourcing the jobs that the person does not feel comfortable doing themselves is a good option.
One of the niches that is being marketed online goes viral or takes off very quickly. In this case, the extra help may be temporary until things calm back down again or it may need to be a permanent solution.
The marketer needs a little time off or wants to take a vacation. While it is true that those who work online can often set their own schedules, being away from the computer and the monitoring of how everything is going might be difficult at times. Due to this, outsourcing some work or hiring temporary help might be needed.



I have been working in Internet marketing, search engine optimization and freelance writing for nearly 4 years after leaving a position with a financial institution. I love the freedom it gives me and I get to do something new every day!

Saturday, October 14, 2017 Review - Reserve Your Url Before It's Too Late! Review - Reserve Your Url Before It's Too Late!
About.Me is the latest marketing concept from the San Francisco based company who have designed a way for users and members to create their own "Splash Page." The company has created a free, super high quality, one page site that contains built in social networking links to your personal web presence throughout all of your accounts. A.J. Meijer of "Inside Acting Podcast" has referred to it as a 'Digital Postcard', a description I really like. Basically, this is a dynamic profile landing page that points users to your content around the web. The group of developers wanted to create an easy way to organize and centrally locate all of one's social profile pages that are scattered around the internet from places liked Linked In and Twitter to Facebook, Blogs, and personal websites.

Now those of us who are interested in marketing on the web and all things technological are always up for another promotional outlet, interface, and more personalized web presence. About.Me is no exception to the internet junkie's narcissistic fix. Now this new social media interface is definitely for everyone - as long as you are over 13 years old - and is not a social networking site. It is simply a landing page where you can garner more internet presence. You don't have to be a professional networker or marketer to enjoy this new media interface, as I would recommend any business owner or public figure across all industries to seriously consider reserving your URL now before it's too late.

What Do You Mean Reserve?

About.Me is currently in 'Private Beta' stage and the company is currently sending out daily invites. The software is "feature complete" and this basically means that they are in a prototype stage where they are testing the impact and usability of the software. All you have to do is to go to their website About.Me, enter your email and choose your About.Me URL (i.e. About.Me/PaulHMoore). Shortly afterwards you will receive an email confirmation that will let you know that you have successfully reserved your username with their pre-registration. Once the company publicly launches you will receive another email asking you to finish the registration process for your page.

"The Software Club"

This whole process has reminded me of those times when all you want to do is enter the club and be a part of the scene. Direct, exclusive access to the hip, cool, and trendy place to be. Where everyone goes to see and be seen. Where a bottle of Vodka goes for $ 300 and the misfits wait outside in long lines monitored by men with muscles and suits with power, while the streams of Barbies and their Ken's waltz right in to add fuel to your sidelined fire. This 'Private Beta Stage Club' has people waiting for months before access is finally granted to enter - all of which, I assume, is based on your own personal public value. The company is backed by some major Venture Capital Firms and private Angel investors including: True Ventures, Radar Partners, Freestyle Capital, Scott Kurnit, AOL Ventures, David Mahoney, Founder Collective, & Ron Conway.

Track Your Visitors

About.Me also offers the user a Personal Analytics Dashboard, which will allow you to understand how many people see your profile, where they're coming from and what they do on your page. There are blog plugins that have similar functions, but About.Me has it all built in for you! So should you get an account? Why not? The pages look great and it will offer you a professional sounding URL without having to employ any other domain 'masking', 'forwarding', or URL 'Bit crunching.' Most of us have Facebook profile pages, but your URL is too long to be used on any business card (even after shortening the URL through But how does About.Me/PaulHMoore sound? Not bad. In this author's review I believe About.Me will most likely create a large internet 'Splash.' This About.Me Review says 'reserve your URL name before it's too late!'

Paul H. Moore, M.F.A., M.Q.P.
Actor/Medical Qigong Practitioner/Energy Entrepreneur

Sunday, October 1, 2017

It's Time to Maximize Marketing Opportunities Or Could it Be Bad News For Ad Agencies?

It's Time to Maximize Marketing Opportunities Or Could it Be Bad News For Ad Agencies?

Bad news sell newspapers - well whoop de do for newspapers! It certainly doesn't do the rest of us any favours. The UK's red tops struggle to find a front page headline unless Amy Winehouse slaps someone or a Big Brother contestant farts on air unless there's a sensational crime to write about. Failing that it's a case of let's follow the broadsheets and create gloom and doom in the UK by reporting on every last snippet of bad news from the high street.

This desire to sell newspapers regardless of the messages sent out by the news articles creates further gloom and despondency in the high street which spreads throughout the land to create a massive downturn and a countywide malaise. And what for? Just to sell newspapers? That may not be entirely true but it is not without some credence and it is a fact in the UK that bad news will rise to the top of the pile to be reported before good.

Look at this example: the source is the BBC News website and you might think that the headline is from last week - but no, it is in "mid-boom" on 24 May 2005 and the article reads:-

Profits and sales tumble at M&S

Marks & Spencer saw its profits fall by almost a fifth last year and has admitted that the outlook for the business remains "challenging".

The retailer's annual pre-tax pre-exceptional profits fell 19% to £618.5m... Chief executive Stuart Rose said conditions were tough but insisted the company was "on track". "Clearly it is tough. The economic climate has turned out to be tougher than we forecast but we are on track."

But as it turned out, M&S definitely was on track and in May 2006 posted profits of £751.4m which was a 35% rise on 2005. In 2007 M&S posted profits of £965.2m which was 28.5% up on profits in 2006. Pre-tax profits for the year to 29 March 2008 were £1,007m and sales rose to £9 billion.

This was the first time in 11 years that M&S profits had topped the £1 billion mark. You might think, "Well that's great news for M&S" but what was the headline?

This is from the Times Online May 21 2008:

Marks & Spencer profits reach £1bn but there may be trouble ahead amid downturn

In the Telegraph 3 July 2008-07-10 Marks & Spencer shares tumble as retailer issued profit alert Chairman Sir Stuart Rose said that in the past few weeks "consumer confidence levels have deteriorated markedly and market conditions have become more challenging."

Retail analysts will downgrade forecasts on the back of the profits warning. In a flash note to clients Nick Bubb, retail analyst at Palli International, cut his pre-tax profit forecasts for the current year from £850m to £800m "at best".

How about if the headline had read: Forecasts say that M&S will make over £2,000,000 profit a day this year Or M&S profit forecast for 2009 is £244,000,000 better than the last time it said that the economic climate was tough in 2006!

What I am getting at is that if you want to look at things in a pessimistic light then just read the papers and then panic. However, things are not all gloom and doom and we can interpret so many facts and figures in a more positive way. No matter how dark the outlook is being painted by the newspapers and other news media, there are always opportunities to do well if you are willing to look for them and to make the most of those opportunities when they present themselves.

I work in an industry that is closely allied to advertising and marketing and it is at times such as these that the industry feels the pinch. Corporate budgets are cut and the first in line for the chop is often the advertising budget which is absolutely crazy. Still, I would hate to see newspaper headlines that read: Agency Closures due to forecasts of reduced profits and would much rather see: Agencies bring client success despite forecasts (not much of a headline but it might make the trade press). However, in order to achieve client success agencies will have to work harder to make their sales and marketing campaigns stand out and get noticed.

One area in great need of improvement in effort is direct marketing. I am still receiving letters form credit card companies, insurance companies and so on that have not changed one iota in style for years. And yet if there is a squeeze on, shouldn't these direct mail pieces be screaming at me rather than offering the same old lame format that is unquestionably heading straight for the bin.

For years, one company has been spreading the message that companies should try harder to make their marketing efforts really work. Maximize your opportunities by ensuring that your marketing efforts really do hit home. That company is Whitney Woods, specialists in promotional products which are based on cardboard engineering techniques and a UK market leader in interactive marketing products and pop up mailers. This company's product range offers different ways in which to beef up a direct marketing campaign in order to give it maximum effect and increase the chances of the campaign becoming a great success.

The company's range can be turned to all kinds of advertising, marketing and promotional applications and UK agencies should consider these ideas before making plans for future promotions. It will certainly give air to some new ideas and perhaps make the difference between success and failure in what are supposedly difficult times for the industry.

Article by Paul Whitney.

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