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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Introduction to Blogging Part 1 - What is a Blog?

Introduction to Blogging Part 1 - What is a Blog?

For the benefit of everyone who is new to blogging, I have decided to start a 2-part series on the subject. Basically, it is everything you will ever need to know about blogging - what it is, why you need it and the strategies involved to maximize its potential.

As some of you would have known, the term "blog" really comes from the shortened definition for weblog. In retrospect, weblog refers to a form of website which is used to keep a "log" on everything that is known under the sun.

Only as recent as several years ago, this form of website is mostly only used as a form of online journal which curtailed every detail of their lives which was then shared among their family members and a select group of friends. While this is still the case today, it has grown to be THE most popular form of website to be found over the Internet for all Internet users and even search engines.

Nowadays, "weblogs" are an effective form of content publication with as wide a topic there is to be published - topics related to parenting, sports, personal interests, Internet marketing and..just about any and every imaginable topic there is really.

Simply put, a blog is a unique form of website which is used to publish whatever form of content at the owner/creator/blogger's convenience. In addition, it allows for an interactive relationship between the visitors/readers and the publisher in the form of comments in relation to the published post. From here, you would have already spotted one of the differences between the "new form of website" to that of a conventional static website whereby the content of the latter often remain the same from the very start generally speaking.

On the other hand, the former is seen as an more effective tool of marketing since it allows for interaction between different parties - publisher and audience; as well as audience among themselves whereby the comments of readers are "quoted" by a different reader(s) who provides his/her additional feedback to the topic as well as comment in question. These comments can be used by the owner to gauge the performance of his/her company or product/service in question and with that, serve as a basis for further marketing strategies.

We have come to the end of the first part of our series on blogs and blogging. Stay tuned for the next part which will look into the reasons for its popularity.

Pinky is a mom with 3 school children. A Systems Engineer, an Independent Medical Billing and Coding Consultant. Her blog focuses on stay-at-home moms, dads and students who wants to work at home, build homebased business or just browsing her blog with a lot of information to gain! Visit her useful blog at and website at

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Introduction to Search Engine Marketing

Introduction to Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is the major current opportunity in online marketing, which, given the increasing popularity of search engines for researching products, services and organizations, is hardly surprising.

Search usage is continuing to rise among consumers, professionals and self-employed internet marketers who are using Google, Yahoo and many other sources to find what they're looking for.

In February, in the U.S. alone, there were 13.5bn searches which is estimated as only 10% of the worldwide total.

The main challenge is to tap into the search behaviour of your audience and find out which keywords you need to focus on. This requires great skill, and,in addition, you need to secure top ranking for your selected keywords. Anyone who has tried SEO will know how difficult this is.

Constant innovations from rival search engines and increasing activity from your competitors means that your approach and tactics have to be very good if you are to rank well.

The major risk in SEM is that algorithm changes can seriously damage your traffic, and we've all heard the tales about being top one day and nowhere the next. In addition, you have to manage the risks of your pages not being included in the search engine or being barred for breaking their rules. So how can you ensure this doesn't happen to you?

In my next few articles I'm going to try and provide some of the answers to try and enable you to maximise your opportunities and minimise your risks.

You always have to remember that web users love to search in the constant desire to acquire information and you need some idea of the type of information they're looking for. Now this obviously varies from person to person. They could be looking for information on products, entertainment news, seeking to compare vendors and services, looking for love or a second hand car or a myriad of other things. But all these goals usually start with a simple search enquiry.

The use of keywords or keyphrases helps users find exactly what they want and modern search engines are designed to deliver relevant results to users. Relevance is the target of all search engine engineers.

So it is vitally important that all marketers understand the importance of keyphrases because a search engine such as Google will attach most relevance to a specific phrase which matches a user's search term. Search engines also assess other occurrences of keywords and synonyms on a page and also websites and pages linking to a page.

A final point in this article. The number of searches being made is still increasing massively; in 2006 there were 183 million per day and by now that figure has increased significantly so it is easy to understand the importance of this subject.

Bill Harvison, once the owner of a successful textile business, is now a renowned UK Internet Marketer with a vision to help as many people as possible in the intent work. Coming from a background with no computer skills whatsoever, he has used My Internet Business to develop all the tools to coach people to their own success. To find out more information on this topic please visit or alternatively find out more about him at

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