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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Ppc Basic Account Structure How To Effectively Group Keywords By Purchase Intent

Ppc Basic Account Structure How To Effectively Group Keywords By Purchase Intent
Effectively Grouping Keywords for Pay Per Click

One of the most undervalued PPC Tips for driving down costs and increasing conversion rates generated through paid searches in Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns is knowing how to effectively group and segment keywords.

This particular article will cover one of many PPC Tips used for grouping keywords effectively for PPC Marketing: Grouping Keywords through Purchase Intent.

Grouping Keywords by means of Purchase Intent

Basically, the dynamics behind grouping keywords by means of purchase intent is predicated upon the proper creation of campaigns and the structuring of Ad Groups in line with the way consumers research and purchase products or services. This can be accomplishing through segmenting keywords with the use of modifiers. What are Modifiers? We know them to be adjectives or words that describe other words, especially core keywords. Some examples of modifiers that show purchase intent are listed below:

~How to's - These are informational modifiers that people use to search for information on "how to" do certain things. They are usually
people (browsers) searching for ways to learn something about a potential purchase.

~Compare - These are usually people looking to not only compare products but also search out new information. It wouldn't be unfair to classify them with 'shopping' phase of the purchasing cycle. Whenever a potential buyer or searchers is inquiring about a comparison of various products they are actually showing that their choices have been narrowed and looking to learn more about a few products.

~Buy - This is what you call a transactional modifier because the individual is obviously prepared to make a purchase. They are in the 'buying' phase of the purchasing cycle. These are the type of modifiers and others that are similar to them that can be used to establish a more formal grading of groups.

This particular structure can be created easily with Microsoft Excel software for any given paid campaign. The organization of keywords
can be used as follows:

*Purchase Phase - This will be the beginning segment used to store various modifiers (browse, shop or purchase).

*Modifiers - Here is where a certain segment focusing on a particular modifier is created; for example, how to or what is.

*Systematically Grouping Sub-segmentations - After you have established a "how to" category, you cannot be satisfied with throwing valuable keywords into campaigns or ad groups just because they are sharing a certain modifier. There is more work to be done, like creating additional segmentations for modifier groups; for example "buy a parakeet" versus "buy a French Poodle".

SEO Book provides an excellent worksheet consisting of modifiers that can be used like a group of seed lists for directing keyword strategies to various sorts of intent. Here is the link:

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