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Monday, November 13, 2017

Create an Inspired Life

Create an Inspired Life

Inspiration is often misconstrued as only being available to a few gifted individuals, and yet we refer to films or books as 'inspiring' or 'inspirational', which proves we all feel the effects of inspiration.

Wayne Dyer describes inspiration as being 'in spirit', which I interpret as being authentic and true to who you really are. When you feel inspired, you make choices about the things you do based on what makes you feel good rather than on the demands and expectations of others. When you're feeling good, you're a positive role model, encouraging others to feel good about themselves too.

Inspiration is like the eye of the hurricane. It's difficult to feel inspired when there's chaos all around you. You need to find calm. If you're looking for ideas, you may travel somewhere special to find inspiration - but inspiration doesn't come from your surroundings. It comes from the time you spend by yourself, with no distractions, immersed in - and yet separate from - a tranquil environment.

When you create an inspired life, you make conscious choices about the things you do, and about the way you feel when you're doing them. There are always going to be tasks which we find less pleasing than others. We then have the choice of whether to do them with grace, or stomp our feet and hold our breath hoping someone else will do them!

Inspiration is a catalyst which prompts you to do something you might not otherwise do.

In a seminar in London, Bob Proctor commented: "when you feel inspired, you don't need anyone to motivate you to get out of bed in the morning, because you can't wait to get started."

Think about a time when you were looking for a job, because you couldn't stand the one you were in. Did you find the jobs adverts inspiring, or was it difficult to motivate yourself to apply for them? You probably had to adopt a more positive attitude before you could feel inspired by other possibilities.

Inspiration is about feeling moved to do something, rather than looking for some thing to inspire you. Inspiration isn't passive. It's an active choice. First you have to make the decision to be inspired within the life you have, and then seek to change it for the better. Inspiration isn't 'out there', it's inside you. It's waiting for you to find it!

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