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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Seven Summits Trader Discount Link (Inside)

Seven Summits Trader Discount Link (Inside)

Registration page is officially open for the Seven Summits Trader (and I think there's still some extra ‘Fast Movers' Bonuses available).

==> Visit Seven Summits Trader Official Website

Between the added trainings, extra software plugins, 12-Month Price Assurance and super discounted pricing, it really pays off to register before the crowds (and before all the giveaways go away!).

So make your move before they're all gone. Click the link below for the full list of awesome 'stuff' and the discounted registration link to get started:

==> Visit Seven Summits Trader Official Website

Also, if you missed any part of their Live Release Webinar yesterday, make sure you visit the SST blog and get on their mailing list (they always email out a copy of the recording).

Click here to see if it's up on the blog:

=> Seven Summits Trader Blog

The Seven Summits Trader (SST) comes from NetPicks – NetPicks, a well-established trade educational and system development company. The SST revolutionizes the way traders will work across multiple trading markets, including Forex, Futures, Stocks and Exchange-Traded Funds (EFT) and in multiple time frames, such as day trading or swing trading.

Designed around the concept of scaling the highest and hardest mountain peaks on each of the seven continents—a feat not unlike successful trading—the Seven Summits Trader will arm a trader with the right tools to master the seven keys to trading success, which are:

1. Multiple Markets, Multiple Timeframes

2. Dynamic Entries, Targets and Stops

3. Scale and Trail

4. Exact Trade Plans

5. Capital Preservation

6. Total Immersion Training

7. Consistent Profits

"The SST is unlike anything we've released before at NetPicks," explains Troy "TJ" Noonan, co-developer of the SST. "This strategy can not only catch the smaller points and pips of profit, but with its unique ability to ‘trail,' it can also capture extremely large wins. And since it comes from NetPicks, the SST comes standard with superb training and a customer support culture second to none in the industry."

The SST takes full advantage of high-percentage fixed targets while also providing an opportunity to soar with a dynamic "trailing stop strategy." And as new opportunities present themselves, the SST allows for traders to scale in and add positions. Trading, like scaling the highest summits, represents high risk, but the spirit and management approach to the SST is to get traders in a risk-free position as quickly as possible. While no one can prevent risk in trading, the SST helps traders take advantage of market movement from a safe position while still being able to profit from market price action.

"This system is designed for active traders," says Noonan, "from beginners and intermediate to the advanced, and this system excels in a wide range of account sizes. However, it simply is not a ‘get rich quick' system."

Rob Trader - Forex Expert

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