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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wide-format Digital Inkjet Printing Industry And Print The Course Of Development Principles -

Wide-format Digital Inkjet Printing Industry And Print The Course Of Development Principles -
Changing the current printing market in China and increasing competition, but also full of opportunities, including large format printing is a promising market. Some report that, in the commercial printing company can provide all potential value-added services, large format printing is the most potential, is also the most easily overlooked opportunities.

HC screen Special Indian network Carried out in a variety of large format printing material Print Demand more and more Advertisement Companies, design studios, poster posters, indoor and outdoor POP advertising and retail display of logos and business applications have needed large format technical support, and many commercial printers are missing in the field of large format printing for large gains.

1, wide course of development of printing technology
Five or six years ago, many people predicted, the impact of digital printing technology, screen printing will soon disappear. But today, screen printing is still vibrant, business is booming. This in the end is a temporary phenomenon or prophets who prophecy itself is wrong?

1. Digital printing continues to grow
Digital printing process of the growth rate and growth not as an expert in the 90's as predicted, but we do see the power of wide-format digital printing is growing. 5 years ago, the forecast is the reason why failures, because the wide printing market forecast is that it is really difficult to form a market, it is the companies use different images for the various hybrid technology to the field of customer service. To predict, you can not only observe the number of existing users, but also must identify and analyze non-users and potential users of digital printing equipment.

2. Wide format digital printing growth only in the individual printing company
From the new rate established in the printing shop of view, with wide-format photographic image printing lab, labels, etc. in the workshop and copy shop reached its peak between 1985-1990, has been in decline in recent years. Look at digital printing, digital printing will be found only continued to grow, but there is no wide-format digital printing press just a few years ago when the growth is faster to install Bale. To this trend with the data obtained from the government compared to that, although the European image markets continue to grow at a rate of 15% per year, but the wide-format images, and printing and screen printing suppliers who were slow decline in the total number of . This lack of market trends

skills, innovation, digital technology or financial company is extremely unfavorable to the declining competitive position. In the past, those who engage in simple production printing, image lab and label companies can rely on control of the local small market, get some old customers, but to the era of digital prepress technology determine who is the winner of wide format printing images. Professional image studio, copy room, screen printing or label manufacturer, to win customers. But digital printing different, since all these images using digital pre-press markets, communications and imaging technology, whether in the traditional areas are still in the new field should be competing.

3. Foreign Market Analysis In Europe and the United States, these problems will continue to shape the wide printing equipment and consumables market itself and its structure. Many manufacturers and suppliers of printing process has been envisaged as a non-technical, a lot of the new company will produce, numerous existing printer wide format digital printing will be used as a natural expansion of their company direction. This seems to lead to a huge market, but the market is water-based ink and expensive.

Slow inkjet machine images related industries, but also seems to lead to all the local services market, but that does not seem realistic.

Wide format printing companies have traditionally found themselves than to start digital printing seems to facilitate the development of new companies. And when the existing users to increase and re-investment, the purchase of machinery types for different meanings. A simple rule is to be successful with different capabilities wide-format digital printing volume of business. This is to increase the included machines with production capacity that can be directly printed on conventional substrates rather than expensive special substrates machines. This trend will inevitably lead to a number of companies had to reduce the number of expected production volume of substrates to meet the actual demand. The actual needs of the current level has reached twice, if not lower production will result in a large number of product mix.

In short, the digital revolution, it has been the traditional supplier of wide format printing, such as screen printers, image studio and label printing shop such a huge impact. With the progress of the times and the technology matures, the future of digital printing is an inevitable trend of development.

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