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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Import Points If You Want To Register Your Golden

Import Points If You Want To Register Your Golden
If you are considering purchasing or have already purchased an akc golden retriever congratulations! I know of no other dog that is as well rounded in its skills, agility, intelligence and manner than a golden retriever.

There are lots of smart dogs out there, lots of agile dogs, lots of intelligent and skilled dogs, but few combine all of these things with such an easy and sweet personality as the AKC Golden Retriever.

The AKC Golden Retriever is superb family dog, assuming you dont want a watchdog, and an excellent companion overall. This dog is easy to train, loves to play, love kids and craves the attention that a family typically heaps on any dog.

You should ask yourself, however, if a purebred is really what you need? Aside form the premium you will pay, is it really necessary to bring another dog onto the planet? If you are planning to show the dog or get sophisticated obedience training and perform with him or her in AKC shows, then you need a purebred. If you want a kind and gentle family dog, then a trip to the shelter would be worth your while.

Assuming, however, for whatever reason you have decided on a purebred akc golden retriever there are some things you should know. First of all, you need to be aware that in order for you to be sure you have an eligible purebred, the parents and the litter must be eligible purepreds. The breeder you are using must actually register the litter that your pup come from with the AKC.

Also, the person you bought your Golden from must provide you with an application for registration specific to your dog. Dont panic if they cant provide this right away, you will eventually need it but sometimes it can take the breeder a little while to get it ready. There is however a checklist of things you need to make sure you can register your AKC Golden Retriever puppy.

The seller needs to give you in writing a bill of sale with the identification of your dog on it in full. He or she must also provide the following in writing as part of the bill of sale:

-a clear indication of the breed
-birth date of your akc golden retriever
-the sex of the pup
-coloring and markings
-the registration details of sire and dam (male & female)
-the AKC litter number - you cannot register with AKC without this.
-the name of the breeder
-breeders signature
-and the date on the invoice

Its very important that you get all of this in writing. Your breeder may not have everything ready the day you pick up for your pup, but be sure you get this things in writing so as to be sure you are dealing with an AKC golden retriever, a purebred and one that can be registered.

Your choice of breeder or seller is also very important. If you have done some research ahead of time odds are you have found someone you trust. Still, its best to remain formal and ask for the things you need. There can be no misunderstanding and you wont be disappointed when you attempt to register your pup.

Bear in mind also, the AKC requires your pup be registered within 12 months of the litter being registered. So if you plan to show your purebred with the AKC, its best to get the registration done as soon as possible, again to avoid disappointment and possible hefty late fees.

No all thats left to do is train your puppy properly and start to think about which shows and events you may wish to show her in.

John Banning is a Golden Retriever Expert. For more information on AKC Golden Retriever

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Find Contacts Of Import On Maps

Find Contacts Of Import On Maps
Desktop applications of the day can facilitate viewing any contact listed in Outlook or Salesforce on a map. You get a street or aerial view of the business contact you are planning to visit maybe, on a map. These apps also enable you to add contacts on a map; the map gives you a list of all contacts in Outlook or Salesforce. Generally the contacts are displayed on the map with predefined color coded icons on the basis of geocoding accuracy. You can also print the portion of the map displaying your contacts as well.

You also get Trip Planners from the maps to take you through the best route between contacts. The Trip Planner enables you to find the most convenient route between contacts in Outlook or Salesforce. Now if you have multiple places to visit, then the Planner also tells you the best itinerary to follow. You can ascertain where to start your journey from, what should be the next point of your visit or stop, and so on, till you reach your final stop. Also the best sequence to come back to where you started your trip from can be ascertained too. Custom addresses i.e. stops not stored in Outlook and Salesforce, can be added to a trip. You can also print driving directions with route map.

Salesforce is predominantly about customer relationship management (CRM) products. Its a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company distributing business software. CRM is about management and maintenance of customer-company relationship, which includes strategizing to secure present customers and wooing potential customers by integrating business processes, technology and people. Microsoft Outlook is the famous personal information manager, known more as an email application, but also has a host of other applications including Contact Manager.

These desktop applications are add-ons to Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce. Map Outlook Contacts, a desktop application of CoolApps the next generation of mash-ups that exploit new features of GIS platform - is an add-on to Microsoft Outlook 2007 which facilitates locating selected Outlook contacts on map. Whereas Map Contacts, another CoolApps application, is an add-on to Salesforce which enables on-map viewing of listed Salesforce contacts. These maps are products of ESRI ArcGIS Online Street and Aerial mapping services, having all the aforesaid features including those of Trip Planners.

Log in to for availing of the desktop applications - touted as the best for Outlook and Salesforce Contacts - called Map Outlook Contacts and Map Contacts.

Robert Alfred is the contributing writer of He is specialized in writing articles about Desktop Applications.

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