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Thursday, September 21, 2017

How To Choose A Web Host For Wordpress Blogs?

How To Choose A Web Host For Wordpress Blogs?
Web hosting is undoubtedly one of the key features for running a website. In order to run WordPress, you need web hosting as well. But are you aware about the specifications required for running a WordPress?

Well, this might come across as a surprise package for you that WordPress is a very light-weight script for a normal blog account, compatible with almost all web hosting providers. WordPress essentially requires PHP 4.3 or greater, MySQL 4.0 or greater and the mod_rewrite Apache module. Generally a majority of Linux web hosts come pre-installed with WordPress, so you can stay relaxed and not worry about the requirements of WordPress.

WordPress, being a light-weighted script, does not require you to have a dedicated server. Many shared hosting websites are also offering unlimited resources these days, you can look for. However, if you are unable to find a service offering unlimited resources, you need to first evaluate your requirements, such as web space you would need, to accommodate your downloads and images on your website, if any. A WordPress website can operate effectively under 100 MB disk space. Then you would also need to estimate your websites bandwidth usage needs. You would like to be on the front page of social media networks and get huge web traffic. It is advised to start low and later upgrade your bandwidth, when required or when your blog makes a mark in the industry.

Some of the well-known web hosts for WordPress who offer unlimited specifications are HostGator, Super Green Hosting, Host Monster and Blue Host. HostGator offers a wide range of plans to its clients worldwide, and have hosted more than 2 million domains. Super Green Hosting is very user-friendly to WordPress as well as environmental-driven quality service provider in the industry. Host Monster is again a reputed name in the web hosting industry, while Blue Host too has proven its name and quality services to its users for a long time now.

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Forex Mastery 2.0's Expert Creator To Host FREE Live Webinar

Forex Mastery 2.0's Expert Creator To Host FREE Live Webinar

I just got the news that OU Forex Trader will be demonstrating Forex Mastery 2.0 for the FINAL TIME this year.

Since it first launched, hundreds of Forex traders have used this system to push their trading accounts to the next level.

Their results have been impressive, to say the least…

Now, Gary R. Albrecht, the mastermind behind the powerful M3 Navigator Software, has created 2 powerful new enhancements and a NEW indicator affectionately called…

The SLINGSHOT Indicator.

He calls it this because when it sets up the right way, you'll see a ‘Slingshot' of a trend reversal, nearly 100 % of the time!

And you can see a demonstration of the system during a live webinar, tomorrow, September 23rd, 2010 at 12 PM  then again at 9 PM EDT.

Follow this link to register:

==> Visit Forex Mastery 2.0 Official Website

Your Hosts will be "Forex" Joe Atkins and… as a Special Guest… Gary R. Albrecht, Creator of the M3 Navigator Software, the key component of the Forex Mastery 2.0 system.

Here's the web page with the details:

==> Visit Forex Mastery 2.0 Official Website

Forex Mastery is a system which contains a course and software tools to help traders of all levels place more high probability low risk trades. This is a Support/Resistance type system but it uses proprietary levels called Bias and Key numbers.

This system has 3 main parts:

I. A 5 module video training course which covers everything from Forex basics, working with brokers and charts, understanding and utilizing bias and key numbers, to managing your trades and minimizing risk to make sure you continue to trade high probability trades without crippling losses.

II. The M3 Forex Navigator proprietary software which makes it easy for you to see Price Actions, and Entry Points according the the Bias and Key numbers so you can easily trade the market. This is an easy to use software which provides a great visual experience.

You can watch a quick short video which shows how the developer of this system used the M3 Forex Navigator to turn a $ 25,000 account into a $ 291,000 account in 2 years. You will also see how this software can help you to:

Discover how to ‘Balance Fear and Greed'
Find trades with ‘Multiple Time Frame Alignment'
How to trade ‘Half Pikes', ‘Channel Hops', and ‘Gravy Grains'
Find trades if you're a Scalper, Day Trader, or Swing Trader

III. The Market Scanner software which is a sort of trading dashboard which allows you to quickly see what sort of trades may be lining up for you across the various currency pairs without having you looking through charts and wasting time poring over them.

==> Visit Forex Mastery 2.0 Official Website

Rob Trader - Forex Expert

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Best Blog Host For Your Site

Best Blog Host For Your Site

Usually when someone hosts your blog in his or her own web server, is called a blog host provider. It is actually very frustrating when you want to choose the best for your internet site.

Blogging is one of the most remarkable business online, and it's important to choose the best for your blog's good future.

When you are looking for a host, you need to look for only couple of things. E.g., if you are a technical person or not, does your site require too much disk space and bandwidth, and what other facilities you may need.

If you are not experienced with HTML, then you could look for a host that provides an user friendly control panel to make it easier for you to create posts. Or you could go with a company that gives you full control over your blog, and gives FTP server access as well.

The issue with free companies are, they are very strict. You will soon realize that to develop your blog, and to grow the potentials of your overall site, you need to use more stuff, and customize it. Since, free providers don't give you that facility, your blog might not ever get that exposure.

But if you register with a paid host, they will give you full control over your site. And you should be able to install custom designs, galleries, shopping carts, upload files and edit server files if you have knowledge in those fields.

And also, don't forget the added bonus you get. Sometimes you will receive a free domain name, discount coupons or free software to aid you in your business.

Simply put, if you need full control over your blog right now, then go with a paid host. Because they have the same features as the free ones, but if you want total control, they will be glad to let you take over.

I have been with this best blog host.