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Friday, November 17, 2017

Honeymoon Aboard a Private Yacht

Honeymoon Aboard a Private Yacht

Are you and your romantic partner about to be married soon? If so, have you started planning your wedding?  Although it is important to focus on the planning of your wedding, you may also want to take the time to plan or at least think about your honeymoon. After all, there are many individuals who feel that their honeymoon is just as important, if not more important than their wedding.

If you have yet to decide on a honeymoon destination, you are urged to examine private yachts.  Yes, private yachts.  In the United States and even all around the world, there are a large number of individuals and companies that have private yachts available for charter.  When you charter a private yacht, it is also like you are renting the yacht.  Many times, the only difference is that you are given your own personal yacht crew.  In fact, that crew is just one of the many reasons why you should think about chartering a yacht for your honeymoon.  

As it was previously mentioned, most private yacht charters come with a yacht crew. This crew most commonly includes a captain and people who are often referred to as deck hands.  Depending on the particular yacht chartering company that you choose to do business with, you may have a number of other professional onboard. These professional may include a maid or even a personal chef.  What does this mean for you?  This means that by chartering a private yacht for your honeymoon, you could really get a five star service; five star service that is often found in luxurious hotels or vacation resorts.

Speaking of luxury, luxury is another one of the many reasons why a privately chartered yacht may be perfect for your honeymoon.  If you aren't already aware, yachts are like traditional boats, but they are larger and they tend to have more onboard amenities.  It is not uncommon to find yachts that have dinning rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and even a laundry room!  It is also important to note that many yachts are luxurious in nature.  It is not uncommon to find the cabin of a yacht decorated elegantly or with hardwood floors.  In some cases, luxury yachts have even been compared to five star resorts.  

It is also important to note privacy. Privacy is the whole reason why people decide to charter private yachts.  It enables them to have a private vacation, trip, or honeymoon.  In fact, as it was mentioned above, the only other people aboard your yacht should be trained staff. You may also take comfort in knowing that most yacht chartering companies require that their onboard staff sign non-disclosure documents.  This means that they are legally barred from discussing any part of your vacation with anyone, whether those people be their friends, relatives, or the media.  While you might not necessarily be worried about your honeymoon being leaked to the public, it may still give you comfort in knowing that it will not be.

A honeymoon aboard a private yacht sounds absolutely amazing doesn't it?  What is even more amazing is that you can also get married aboard a privately chartered yacht, if you want to.  A number of couples have been known to do so.  Depending on where you are, location wise, you may be able to have your ceremony in the open waters, slightly off the coast, or you can even get married aboard your chartered yacht when it is still docked in the port; the decision is yours to make.  If you haven't already started planning your wedding or if your plans aren't set in stone, you are at least encouraged to think about having your wedding ceremony aboard your privately chartered yacht.  It would likely be a ceremony that you would never forget.

As you can see, there are number of different reasons why honeymooning aboard a privately chartered yacht may be right for you.  Of course, the decision is yours to make, but you may at least want to give it some serious thought.  Traveling, privately, on the open waters may be the perfect way to romantically celebrate your new union as husband and wife.

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Honeymoon Spots In India

Honeymoon Spots In India

India, also known as Bharat, is a Union of States. It is a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic with a parliamentary system of government. India is known all over the world for its various tourists destinations. India is also a popular Honeymoon spot and is thronged by many newly wed couples.


Begin your dream Honeymoon in Nainital with a boat ride on the Naini Lake. Have a good time on together on your Honeymoon in Nainital admiring the panoramic views from the Naina Peak, Dorothy Seat, Tiffin Top, Land's End or take a Cable Car to the Snow View to get an exalted view of the snow-capped mountains. Plan excursions to Bhowali, Jeolikot, Ramgarh, Gohrakhal, Bhimtal, Sattal, Khurpatal, Naukuchiyatal, Corbett National Park, Almora, Ranikhet, Ramgarh and Mukteshwar to continue with the excitement. The most exciting part of Honeymoon in Nainital is shopping for woolens, candles, woodcraft and local handicraft, which make for perfect souvenirs and gift items.


There are plenty of romantic HONEYMOON SPOTS in India, where you can take your beloved for a blissful journey. But, there is something truly unique about ‘God’s own country’ - Kerala. On a honeymoon in Kerala, you can relish the combination of luxury, security and seclusion to the complete satisfaction. You cannot really picture this beautiful southern Indian state without its tropical glory. The scene of rich wildlife, stretches of golden sand blankets, pristine riverbeds, crisscrossing water channels, tall palm trees and rural life thriving on the shores; seem all so effervescent and captivating. There is so much to explore, admire and absorb in Kerala that you would not wish your Honeymoon in Kerala to come to an end.


Panchmarhi is the popular HONEYMOON SPOT in India. Honeymoon in Panchmarhi will provide you with tremendous opportunity to know each other better along with various sightseeing options. Visit the Bee Falls, Big Fall, Bison Lodge, Cahuragarh Dhupgarh, Catholic Church, Christ Church, Duchess Fall, Jatashankar, Mahadev, Pandav Caves and Priyadarshani Point. Enjoy your Honeymoon in Panchmarhi with including quiet nature walks, trekking and rock climbing in your itinerary.


Terraced barley fields, fruit orchards, wild rhodhendron forests, fruit tree clusters and aromatic tea plantations treat you to magical hill Sikkim, East India that is the ideal place to get to known your mate in a special way in the midst of nature and the much needed privacy in your HONEYMOON SPOT. Enjoy breathtaking vistas of the glorious Kanchenjunga, which is the highest Himalayan peak in India. Adventure sports and Sikkim go hand in hand. What better way to enjoy each other's company than to feel the thrill of gliding, trekking, jungle walks and mountain climbing together.

 The UAE travelers can visit the well known honeymoon spots of India. There are number of low rates flights between UAE and India. The interested travelers can book the flights according to their convenience.

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