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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Are You Happy With Your Adwords Ads Conversions? No?

Are You Happy With Your Adwords Ads Conversions? No?

Many things go into successful PPC campaigns; however we must say that ad copy is extremely important. You could say that it is the cornerstone of your entire PPC campaigns. In this article we shall be looking into a few ad copy writing tips to create powerful AdWords ads that attract clicks.

Avoid being cute or clever with ad copy – make your point and give solid information. Also just consider the very limited space you have in any PPC ad. Google, and others are similar, allows you only 25 title characters and 35 main body characters; and that includes spaces, too! Your PPC (classified) ads must out of necessity be short and to the point. How much time will your fabulous ad copy have to convert someone? Oh… 3 seconds, maybe? So before they move away to another page, you should be able to get them to look at your ad. For example, if you’re selling a certain product, you may give away the selling price in your ad, so that only those who are genuinely interested in buying your product click on the ad. Obviously price matters, no kidding, so it’s important to know that anyone who clicks on your ad with the price in it should be accepting of the price. If he doesn’t really have the budget, then there’s absolutely no use for him to click on your ad as it wouldn’t deliver any value to you.

You can actually benefit from doing certain things with the URL that gets displayed to the public. Many advertisers today tend to ignore the importance of their display URL. However, it’s a known fact that the display URL can have an effect on click through rates. There is some wiggle room with the destination URL, and the only thing to remember is that the primary domain be in each one. Ok, use your keywords for different destinations and use them as a directory or folder as a backslash.

When you’re testing your ad’s copy, make sure you first test the headline.

Take your time and create about half a dozen headlines you can use, and then begin the process of split testing. How well you convert is what really matters in the end. Your final offer in your sales process is extremely important, and so you should put several offers together and test them against each other. Just keep in mind that the best and really only way to find out if something is good to do is test it. The best path to success and high performing PPC ads to split test as many things as you can think of. If you get a lot of impressions, then that’s great because you can get a higher sample at a much faster rate for testing.

Hopefully after reading this article you have a better idea of how to write Adwords ad copy that is compelling and powerful. Classified ads are just like PPC ads, so do some Googling about it and continue to learn all you can.

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