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Sunday, December 3, 2017

How to Create a Guitar Solo

How to Create a Guitar Solo
How to Create a Guitar Solo - Important Tips

The key factor that an acoustic guitarist should remember while creating a guitar solo is ‘how to play the solo’ instead of ‘what solo to play’. Many a times there is nothing wrong with the way many guitarists play their solos. The only things they lack are certain key elements of solo playing. As a result their solos don’t seem to attract the audience. In this regard, certain valuable tips are enlisted that will assist you to know how to create a guitar solo.

Guitar phrasing

This is one of the most important elements in any guitar solo that most acoustic guitarists tend to overlook. A proper guitar phrasing can do a world of good to your solos. As such you need to master guitar phrasing at any cost if you really want to be a professional solo guitarist. One of the best ways of mastering phrasing is by carefully studying your professional singers’ solo performances. Watch them playing their solos and observe how professionally they execute guitar phrasing i.e. how they play their notes and phrases. This will help you grasp certain valuable inputs and phrasing techniques.

Bending notes

Movement between notes is quite essential in case of solos. Singers can bend notes in both directions. However, most of the acoustic guitarists prefer to bend notes ‘down’. However, for an effective solo performance you also need to bend notes ’up’.

Delaying vibrato

Another most common practice that most guitar solo players end up doing is starting to apply vibrato as soon as they begin their notes. Though there is nothing wrong in it, but this trend has become quite a norm. Most professional guitarists, on the other hand, prefer to apply vibrato only after a few minutes of beginning their notes. This is quite effective and you can also follow suite in your solos.

Avoid manipulation of expressions

Another important thing to remember is to avoid manipulating emotional expressions from before hand, during your solos performances. Instead you must try to execute your expressions on the basis of each note that you play.

These tips regarding how to create a guitar solo will help to make your solo performance a success. So consider them seriously and try to improvise on them accordingly.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

How to Read Guitar Tab - Free Guitar Tablature Sites

How to Read Guitar Tab - Free Guitar Tablature Sites

Guitar tab is a method of diagramming the fretboard of a guitar for the purpose of showing how songs, riffs, scales, and other musical portions are played.

Guitar tab, also known as tablature, is really a method guitar players have invented for sharing music without having to learn to read music in the traditional sense.  Knowing how to read guitar tablature is an important part of learning how to play the guitar, especially if you wish to emulate the style of your favorite performer. 

Learning how to read guitar tablature will help the most if you have already heard the song or riff.  It is not a very good way to learn a new song, because there are no indicators about timing.  Basically it is just a diagram of fingering.  It looks similar to a traditional staff, but the similarity ends there.  Instead of 5 lines, guitar tab has 6 lines, which correspond to the six strings of a guitar.

When you are learning how to read guitar tab, you will notice numbers on the lines.  Those numbers do not refer to your fingers, but to the fret your finger needs to be on.  However, you should read all the information given with any guitar tablature, because sometimes the notations refer to different things.  Guitar tab is not a standardized method of writing music and varies with styles and guitarists.

One of the biggest drawbacks with guitar tab is that it doesn't give you much input about the timing of the notes, and for this reason, you really should know the song.  In fact, if you are learning how to read guitar tab, you should read the tablature while listening to the song or riff.

Unlike beginning books for teaching yourself to play guitar, guitar tab will not tell you which finger to use on a string.  If you are a very new beginner, you may want to know the basics of chords and such before venturing into learning how to read guitar tablature.

The website "Guitar Tab Universe" ( gives tabs for many familiar songs.  In fact, it advertises itself as the Internet's largest collection of guitar and bass tabs.  One warning - you'll have to scroll through a lot of band names to get to the artist you want, and some of those names are obscene.  If obscenities bug you, try a different site. gives you access to tabs or chords for 631 songs by 111 contemporary Christian bands and artists. provides you with tabs, lyrics, and/or guitar chords for many country songs.

In general, if you are searching for online guitar tabs, you need to specify the type of music you desire or you will probably get a lot of listings for rock tabs.  Fortunately, you are sure to find just the songs to use to teach yourself how to read guitar tab. 

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Guitar Lessons for Dummies

Guitar Lessons for Dummies

For people who want to learn to play the guitar, follow these guidelines below and become a guitar player in no time. So now let us begin.

First thing on this guitar lessons for dummies is a run-through on the parts of a guitar.

Basic parts of a guitar include:

the body – holds all the parts together and has a hole in the middle
neck – the long stick with many divisions
the frets – the dividers on the neck
tuning pegs – the six heads at the base of the neck
bridge – the steel bar found at the body of a guitar

After you have familiarized yourself with the parts of the guitar, the next agenda in this guitar lessons for dummies is for you to learn strumming.

Strumming is done by hitting all 6-string of the guitar with your fingers repeatedly. Strumming has two strokes, the up stroke and the down stroke. Practice this with variations and find what you like most.

Next thing to know would be the chords.

Learn the basic A, B, C, D, E, F and G then try playing these with a song you are familiar with. Find the simplest song to play, any song that is made of 2-3 chords. Finishing the song would mean you have completed your first song ever! So congratulations to you!

After you've been able to play a nursery guitar song, to advance in this guitar lessons for dummies, you now have to learn the chords sharps and flats then proceed to harder ones like minor 7th. Remember not to skip a step and master the initial steps first because this will serve as your foundation. Mastering the basics makes learning the variations fairly easy. Start with open chords first before proceeding with closed chord because closed chords require more skill.

Subsequently, scales should be learned. Basic scales are the major and minor scales. Intermediate levels are the pentatonic, Phrygian and many others. After learning scales, you can proceed to variations and then you are basically done. Remember to take it step by step as learning is not a fast thing. If you really want to become magnificent, then work really hard.

Are you ready to discover the secrets on guitar lessons for dummies? Visit today and pick up a free eBook on how to play the guitar like a pro!

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Guitar Secrets

Guitar Secrets

The following are a few secrets, or tips, on learning to play the guitar. 

Everyone assumes that to play a guitar well, you must learn to read music, chords and tabs. Fortunately, this is not necessarily so. 

Guitar sheet music is very difficult to read. The good news is you don't have to read music or tab to play the guitar well. When was the last time you went to a concert and saw a guitarist with a music stand in front of him? Probably never. That is because most guitarists play by ear. It does help to learn some chords and scales, but most guitarists learn to play by playing along with recordings or other musicians. 

As far as chords go, you don't need to learn all that many. You can find chord books available that boast over 2000 chords.In reality you will do just fine if you learn about twenty five chords played in different positions on the neck. There are hundreds of chords that are rarely if ever used. 

Another secret is that you don't need to take lessons locally, to learn to play the guitar. I believe the best way to learn to play guitar now, is by using guitar teaching software. A good guitar learning software will have hundreds of pages of lessons and illustrations, but will also offer great multimedia tools. Learning by watching video is a good example. By imitating what you see and hear, you will be able to learn songs in no time. The videos will show you exactly how something is played, and you can rewind and review as much as you need to. The great thing about the guitar software, is that you can take a lesson when you have time, anytime of day.

Guitar teaching software will also include games, and even the ability to play along with other instrument tracks. This will teach you about playing with others, like in a band.

People that I know have progressed much faster using guitar software, rather than local lessons. The software makes it fun to learn, and most people learn to play a few favorite songs in as little as two weeks. The more time they put into it, the more lessons they take, the quicker they progress. 

Guitar learning software will also teach you about chords and tabs.The real power is in being able to take many lessons in a short time,  by having fun as you are learning, and by using modern high tech tools  to teach more efficiently. 

The secret is out. Using software to teach you, you can learn to play the guitar in as little as a couple of weeks, and you'll be having a lot of fun while you are learning.

Alan Orr is a musician of over thirty years and a digital composer living in the mountains of New York State.